• Two Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room by Chef Vicky Lau unveils “Ode to Sauce” lunch menu

    In celebration of its 10th anniversary milestone, two-Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room by Chef Vicky Lau & team presents its 10thsingle-ingredient lunch menu to kick off the festivities. The new lunch menu – this time with the theme of SAUCES – will be served with Chef Vicky Lau’s signature French Chinese twist, every Friday – Saturday starting from now until end of August 2022.


    Following a successful series of single-ingredient lunch menus that started from April 2020 during the COVID-19 era focusing on Eggs, Rice, Tofu, Tea, Soy Sauce, Vegetables, Fruits, Mushrooms, Seaweed and more, Chef-patron Vicky Lau now shines the light on sauces.Whether glazed over a fine cut of meat, folded into soufflé, spooned over pasta, or blended into soup, sauces and their infinite derivatives are often the overlooked and unsung heroes of every great dish.


    “Without sauce, there is no salvation – there is no cuisine.”

    -Auguste Escoffier, Le Guide Culinaire 4th Edition, 1921


    Priced at HK$1,180+10% per guest, “Ode to Sauce” features seven courses of elevated interpretations of different variations of sauces, bridging familiar Asian flavors with refined French techniques. Each chapter of the menu presents a new type of sauce, from the five French mother sauces as coined by Auguste Escoffier, to their many modern derivatives.



    The menu begins with Mayonnaise, a quartet of amuse-bouche featuring versions of the mother of cold sauces: kumquat beurre noisette espuma, oyster sauce with fresh crudité, scallion sour cream and sourdough, and consommé created with ten different types of vegetables. The next course, Vinaigrette, or an Ode to Shrimp, uses verbena leaf oil balanced with lemon-flavoured asparagus velouté as the vinaigrette dressing for marinated sweet shrimp and caviar. One of the five French mother sauces, Béchamel is a creamy white sauce traditionally made from equal parts butter and flour (roux). Used for the crab gratin, the béchamel sauce is infused with Parmesan for an extra boost of umami.


    Fumet is the result of reduced and seasoned broth made from simmering fish, meat or vegetables. For the ode to Dover sole, fumet is created from concentrated mushroom and frog legs, served with Dover sole and pickled mushrooms.


    The next course celebrates the beloved Asian version of Espagnole sauce – abalone sauce. Ode to abalone features abalone supreme sauce treated with a touch of mandarin peel to balance richness, served with abalone ragout and puff pastry.


    When a roasted or sautéed piece of meat is sliced and reheated in sauce, the result is Salmis. For this course, Chinese sausage (lap cheong) is used to enrich homemade poultry jus to create TATE Dining Room’s own version of salmis, paired with pigeon and fermented mustard greens.


    For the final dessert course, Chef Vicky has created a light and refreshing Coulis of strawberry and tomato with yogurt mousse, served with fresh herb sorbet. The journey of sauces continues into the selection of Mignadises, comprising of custard, chutney and caramel.


    The full menu details are as below:





    “Amuse Bouche of Summer Vegetables”

    Kumquat beurre noisette espuma

    Oyster sauce with crudite

    Scallion sour cream and sourdough

    10-vegetable consommé



    “Ode to Shrimp”

    Verbena, vinaigrette with asparagus, marinated sweet shrimp and caviar



    “Ode to Crab”
    Parmesan Bechamel crab gratin with crab velouté



    “Ode to Dover Sole”

    Concentrated mushroom and frog fumet with Dover sole and pickled mushrooms



    “Ode to Abalone”

    Abalone supreme sauce with abalone ragout and puff pastry



    “Ode to Pigeon”

    Chinese sausage poultry salmis with pigeon and fermented mustard green



    “Ode to Strawberry & Tomato”

    Strawberry tomato coulis with yogurt mousse and fresh herb sorbet


    Mignardises of custard, chutney and caramel