After 10+ years of working with world-class restaurants, bars and hotels across Hong Kong and Asia,
we have gained valuable industry insights into what works, and above all, what doesn’t.
The tough F&B landscape is dynamic as it is competitive – yet more often than not, the problems arise from within.
The most common problem we’ve discovered over the years?

With this realisation, The Forks & Spades was born. In an industry where the impact of employing the right people is so great,
the”Spade” functions as the perfect tool for digging out only the BEST TALENT for client needs.

Unlike traditional recruitment firms, we focus solely on our window of expertise in F&B, providing unparalleled recruitment services
within our niche. We have created a dedicated job portal based in Hong Kong to facilitate hospitality recruitment processes across all of Asia.
From servers, chefs, general managers, sommeliers, and more, we aim to fill roles with bright, passionate,
and fitting talent from our pool of carefully-screened candidates.

Among industry issues is a common shortage of floor, kitchen, and executive level staff in hotels, bars and restaurants.
To remedy this with a long-term solution, we have created an Entry Level Recruitment Program
to assist fresh graduates in selecting and entering a career that is the right fit for them.