TATE Dining Room celebrates a decade of milestones with a special Then & Now anniversary menu for lunch and dinner from 8th September onwards

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    TATE Dining Room – 2012 / TATE Dining Room – 2022

    <<9th September, 2022 – Hong Kong >> Over the past ten years, TATE Dining Room has made its world-wide reputation with an innovative style of cuisine that fuses Hong Kong’s familiar homegrown flavours with refined French techniques. The decade-long journey of evolution began from TATE Dining Room’s first standalone restaurant on SoHo’s Elgin Street, to its exciting new chapter on Sheung Wan’s Hollywood Road. From winning the title of Asia’s Best Female Chef voted by World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2015, from acquiring one, then two MICHELIN stars in 2021, to ushering in the dawn of a new empire consisting of TATE Dining Room, MORA date by TATE and most recently, AN Soy, Chef-proprietor Vicky Lau has made an indelible mark on Hong Kong’s culinary scene. Then & Now celebrates the evolution of both Chef and Cuisine at TATE Dining Room, showcasing the restaurant’s most popular – and most formative – dishes over the years in an exclusive anniversary tasting menu.


    “Seeing and living the evolution of TATE Dining Room over the past ten years and being able to grow alongside it, has been the most rewarding experience of my career. I am grateful for every milestone, and look forward to the next ten years and more,” says Chef Vicky Lau. “Thank you to my wonderful team, for sticking together, persevering through the most challenging times, and coming out stronger every time. Thank you to our guests, whose support over the years helped us to achieve our dreams.”

    This September, two MICHELIN-starred TATE Dining Room will kick off ten-year anniversary celebrations with a new tasting menu that highlights a milestone dish from the years since opening. Serving from Thursday, 8th September onwards, the limited-time anniversary menu will be available for lunch on Fridays – Saturdays, and for dinner on Tuesdays – Saturdays. TATE Dining Room 10th Anniversary Menu will be priced at HK$2,480+10% per guest for dinner and HK$1,480+10% for lunch, with an additional HK$780 + 10% for 3-glass wine pairing, HK$1,080+10% for a 6-glass wine pairing or HK$1,480+10% for an 8-glass wine pairing.


    TATE Dining Room’s 10th anniversary menu begins with a selection of AMUSE BOUCHE, featuring Century Egg Mimosa created first in 2018 for a special Champagne event at the restaurant. The egg, which is naturally alkaline from its preservation process, provides a flawless pairing with tart and bubbly Champagne. The first chapter, ODE TO CRAB, highlights a dish that was conceived back in 2015 to pay tribute to the local seafood. The highly popular Hong Kong flower crab is paired with Green Crab bisque mousse, topped with luscious oscietra caviar. The combination of caviar and seaweed creates a harmonious range of flavours from the sea, enlivening the palate for the courses to come.


    ODE TO SEAWEED is a more recent crowd-favourite creation from 2020, featuring fettuccine-style cuttlefish noodles with creamy blue seaweed sauce. One of Chef Vicky’s favourite textures in seafood, the cuttlefish used here is fresh and sashimi-grade. The cuttlefish is warmed to 50 degrees Celsius, the optimal temperature for intensifying textures slightly and releasing its exquisite aroma. Dried squid powder and crispy silver fish add an extra dimension of texture and visual appeal.


    Ode to Crab – 2015 and Ode to Crab – 2022


    The third chapter, ODE TO FISH indulges Chef Vicky’s love for Chinese-style deep-fried fish paired with broth. First served in 2014, the dish includes pearlescent-fleshed turbot wrapped in crispy kataifi pastry with fruit tomato, served with a traditional Hong Kong-style abalone sauce. Next is the ODE TO KUMQUAT, a twist on the original dish from 2017 that used cold scallop. Now, the dish has been altered to feature instead a warm, concentrated scallop espuma with aged and salted kumquat Grenobloise-style sauce. The savoury complexity of the sauce is offset by the addition of rice crisps, that give a fun and nutty crunch. The delicate creation is served on a special plate designed by local ceramic artist Christina Liu (@christinaliuceramics).

    Ode to Fish – 2014 / Ode to Fish – 2022


    Chef Vicky always believed that every tasting menu should have at least one comfort dish. ODE TO NOODLE features a dish that amassed a cult following from its debut in 2014, making a comeback for the anniversary menu. For this version of the dish, hand-made chilli tagliolini is served with lobster broth, Sakura ebi and Shaoxing wine foam for a truly moreish bite. The next course, ODE TO TOFU is a throwback to the peak of the pandemic in 2020 when the dish was first created, followed by the launch of restaurant MORA. While many elements can make a dish, texture plays the most major role in Chef Vicky’s cuisine. Her attention was drawn to the versatile ingredient of tofu, which most people might find bland or boring. Chef Vicky made it her mission to prove them otherwise. This dish marries the common ingredient of tofu with luxurious black truffle and flavourful caramalised tofu essence, while herbs lighten the mouthfeel.


    From 2016, Chef Vicky brings back ODE TO SCALLION GINGER, which elevates the classic Cantonese pairing of scallion, ginger, and lobster. Using prized blue lobster from Brittany, the succulent lobster meat is served in a scallion ginger cream and with a homemade lobster oyster sauce that is served table-side. The other choice of main course is ODE TO PIGEON, featuring the beloved pigeon dish from 2018. An homage to the local cooking technique of steaming pigeon, steamed pigeon breast is served with fermented mustard green, chicken stuffing and sauce salmis, and is finished with an aromatic dusting of Chinese five-spice powder.


    For a refreshing palate cleanser, guests will enjoy frozen grape with High Mountain green tea custard that first appeared in the Ode to Tea menu in 2021. The first dessert, ODE TO THE SUN is a nostalgic creation from 2013 that features a sugar dome filled yogurt meringue and soft vanilla ice cream, topped with a fresh fruit sauce blend of passion fruit, mango, banana and pineapple. The sweetness is offset by the sharpness of the fruits’ natural acidity, bringing to mind the feeling of the intensity of the sun.


    The meal concludes with ZEN GARDEN, one of TATE Dining Room’s most memorable dessert experiences from its early days in 2014. The aesthetic edible garden filled with mignardise temptations was originally served on a plate, however this time, will be served in TATE’s signature mignardise chinoserie trolley.


    For reservations and bookings at TATE Dining Room, please contact 2555-2172 or email to info@tate.com.hk. For more updates on TATE’s 10th Anniversary, please visit https://www.tate.com.hk/.


    Editor’s Note – please enjoy the special 10th anniversary celebratory video of Then & Now, produced by Ron Chiu Productions on www.tate.com.hk.




    About TATE Dining Room

    Established in 2012, TATE Dining Room is a fine dining restaurant serving an eclectic mix of French and Chinese cuisine presented in a menu of “Edible Stories” – Chef-proprietor Vicky Lau’s exploration into culinary expressionism. The talented individuals of TATE’s team create dishes with not only the freshest and the most vibrant ingredients possible, but also the utmost attention on quality, flavour and every last intricate detail; serving up wholesome yet tantalizing dishes.


    TATE is founded by Vicky Lau, chef and owner of TATE who has always been a creative spirit. Having been a creative director at a design agency for a number of years, she was inspired to tap into an extra dimension of her creative vision – and her lifelong passion for food – and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu to obtain her Grand Diplome. Following her stint at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Lau officially made her maverick move from design to embark on her culinary career and began working at one of the most acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong. Having gained invaluable first-hand experience, Chef Lau realized her vision by combining the best of her instincts and talents in design and food into a space where guests are invited to share and experience her passion – at TATE Dining Room & Bar. In 2015, Chef Lau was named Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant, and the restaurant was consecutively awarded 1 Michelin star from 2013-2020. In 2021, TATE Dining Room was bestowed its second coveted Michelin star by Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau.


    Restaurant Information

    Address: 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

    Website: https://www.tate.com.hk/

    For bookings please call: (852) 2555 2172 or email info@tate.com.hk

    Social Media – @tatediningroom @chefvickylau


    Opening hours

    Lunch – Friday – Saturday, 12pm – 2pm

    Dinner – Tuesday – Saturday, 6pm – 10pm


    Awards & Accolades

    MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau – Two MICHELIN Stars – 2022

    World’s 50 Best Restaurants – Asia’s Best Female Chef Award – 2015

    Hong Kong Tatler Dining – Best Interior Design, Top 20 Most Impactful Restaurants of Hong Kong – 2022, Asia’s Most Influential List 2021

    The Best Chefs Award – No. 49 in the World – 2021

    The Best Chefs Award – The Best Chef Food Art Award – 2021

    OAD Top Asia Restaurants 2022 – No. 47

    Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong – Visionary Women Award 2021

    Prestige Hong Kong – – Women of Power 2021

    RELAIS & CHÂTEAUX – Member

    Feeding Hong Kong – Board of Directors