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    [2nd August 2022 – Hong Kong] On the ground floor of The Fleming hotel in Wan Chai lives Osteria Marzia, a vibrant coastal Italian celebration of the ocean’s bounty. As spring gives way to the hot summers, the southern coastline abounds with sun-ripened vegetables and fruits for the picking. Osteria Marzia’s new seasonal dishes take guests on a culinary trip through the blooming months of Italy’s seaside towns from Campania through Amalfi and down to Puglia.


    New Seasonal Tasting Menu Experience at Osteria Marzia

    The new six-course seasonal tasting menu immerses guests into the slow, sun-drenched, and utterly delicious way of Italian coastal living. For HK$788 plus 10% service charge per guest, experience the finest ocean-inspired fare from Chef Luca – reminiscent of diving into the crystal-clear depths of the Adriatic Sea or frolicking on the white sand beaches of Sardinia.


    The new tasting journey begins with the Italian cultural ritual of aperitivo, followed by the first course of Gambero Rosso, or Sicilian red prawns with trumpet zucchini and quinoa. From one seafood delight to another, Ventresca de Tonno features Spanish tuna belly with a Tuscan-style Panzanella salad, Taggiasca olive tapenade and celery. Calamarata, a tubular type of pasta given its name due to its resemblance to calamari, is served with brown butter, smoked oyster ragu and sweet garlic. For the main course, savour Pescato del Giorno all’Acqua Pazza, a fillet of market fish prepared with an exquisitely herbed broth of Hokkaido clams and date tomatoes. Dessert is a delectable affair of Freshly Churned Gelato and hand-made Cannoli Siciliani, a traditional sweet Sicilian pastry filled with ricotta, chocolate chips, cinnamon and candied orange.



    New Lunch Menu at Osteria Marzia

    Embark on an Italian seaside escape if only for a few hours for lunch at Osteria Marzia. The new lunch menu features the best of Chef Luca’s signature dishes, starting with Crudi e Cotti such as Hamachi with cherry tomato, olive and basil, Frutti di Mare with market shellfish, tomato and basil, and Oysters (MP) by the half-dozen with tangy Lambrusco mignonette.


    Paste features lovingly hand-made pasta dishes with Chef Luca’s twist on the classic Italian favourites, including Spaghetti with a rich and creamy Bronte pistachio paste and Sicilian anchovy, and Chitarra with juicy Boston lobster and cherry tomato, among other choices. Pescato Del Giorno, or your choice of signature preparation for Osteria Marzia’s daily market fish, highlights the seasonality of the ocean’s bounty using premium ingredients. Guests may choose among preparations of Simply Grilled, Siciliana, Salt-baked or Acqua Pazza. Best enjoyed with a selection of sides such as Broccolini, roasted with garlic, anchovy and chillies, and Asparagus, with garlic and lemon.


    Experience a curated three-course lunch experience with, Pranzo Osteria, which includes a selection of one crudi e cotti, paste and dolce for HK$548 plus 10% service charge per guest.


    New Seasonal Dish Specials

    Standout dishes of the season include Gambero Rosso (HK$318), a refreshing medley of Sicilian red prawn, trumpet zucchini and quinoa, Ventresca di Tonno (HK$328) Spanish tuna belly with Panzanella salad, Taggiasca olive tapenade and celery, and Calamarata (HK$328), a thick-ringed pasta that is served with brown butter, smoked oyster ragu and sweet garlic.

    For reservations or enquiries, visit www.osteriamarzia.com.hk or email reservations@osteriamarzia.com.hk.





    Osteria Marzia is a vibrant celebration of the ocean’s bounty, taking its cues from the diverse cuisine of Italy’s scenic seaside regions. From citrus-laced crudos and handmade pastas imbued with maritime flavours to whole fish prepared with techniques passed through generations. Seasonal and locally sourced seafood forms the foundation of a light, bright contemporary menu inspired by sunny holidays spent in coastal Italy. At the heart of the lofty, maritime-themed dining room is a raw seafood counter displaying the fresh catch of the day, complemented by an enviable cellar composed of Southern Italian wines.



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    Address: G/F The Fleming, 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai

    Opening Hours – Open Daily from 7am

    Tel – (852) 3607 2253

    Website – www.osteriamarzia.com.hk

    Email – reservations@osteriamarzia.com.hk

    Instagram – @OsteriaMarziaHK @BlacksheepRestaurants @Marinelliluca85