A Chinese Restaurant with a Hong Kong Heart

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    <<7th June, 2022 – Hong Kong>> From the iconic wall of waving golden Chinese lucky cats to the sizzling sound of flame-fired woks heard down Elgin Street, Ho Lee Fook became a larger-than-life fixture on the restaurant scene and one of the most coveted tables in town. This May, Ho Lee Fook unveils a new menu of seasonal Cantonese dishes by Head Chef ArChan Chan, who takes inspiration from Hong Kong’s forgotten flavours.



    Following its top-to-bottom renovation, Ho Lee Fook began its latest chapter with newly appointed Head Chef ArChan Chan working alongside the seasoned Ho Lee Fook team that helped to launch the restaurant to cult status. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef ArChan spent the last 13 years earning her chops in some of Australia’s finest kitchens, refining her techniques and expanding her cooking knowledge.


    Now at the helm of Ho Lee Fook, Chef ArChan receives a unique distinction in Hong Kong’s culinary landscape as the only female chef in the city to head a high-end Cantonese kitchen. Female chefs have long been a minority in Chinese kitchens where male-centric cultures dominate, Chef ArChan is one of the few revolutionary female Chinese chefs to rise to the top of the kitchen ladder.


    Embodying the core ethos of the old Ho Lee Fook, marked by boundary-breaking flavours and buzzing energy, Ho Lee Fook 2.0 enters a coming-of-age proudly bearing its Hong Kong spirit as the team leans heavily into the restaurant’s roots, presenting a menu shaped by a deep love and appreciation for Cantonese cuisine.


    The new menu will continue to reflect the dynamic energy of the restaurant, featuring creative new additions dreamt up by Chef ArChan that serve as a love letter to her hometown. New salads to kick-start the meal include Raw Hokkaido Scallop (HK$168) served with pickled lotus, orange, aged soy and pickled ginger dressing, Shredded Mushroom Salad (HK$128) with cold mung bean noodles, cucumber, celtuce, okra, chili oil and sesame dressing, and Rolled Pork Belly (HK$138) with fermented broccoli stem, bamboo shoots, crispy carrots, and Chef ArChan’s ‘strange-flavoured’ mystery sauce.


    Showcasing Chef ArChan’s affinity for the wok, the newly renovated kitchen fitted out with additional burners affords the team more space to create, bringing to life a number of classic Cantonese dishes including Wok-fried Jade Tiger Prawns (HK$328) with asparagus, carrots, ginger and fresh lily bulb, Wok-fried Clams (HK$288) with garlic, ginger, and fermented black bean sauce served with crispy vermicelli noodles, and a vegan stir-fry of Three-Cup Fried Chinese Zucchini (HK$138) with king oyster mushroom, eggplant, and homemade ‘three-cups’ sauce.


    Staying true to the roast meat tradition of the original Ho Lee Fook, Chef ArChan and the team introduced the Ho Lee Duck ($668), a succulent early addition to the menu which undergoes a days-long marination and preparation process. Now, guests may add a supplemental option of Ho Lee Duck Salt & Pepper Duck Bones (+HK$118) with duck, garlic, spring onion, chilli, and spiced salt. Available in limited quantities and recommended to order in advance, the dish expands the restaurant’s signature roast meats selection, including crispy-skinned chicken and roast goose.


    A reinvention of one of Chef ArChan’s favourite childhood dishes, Hong Kong-Style Curry Beef Cheek Claypot (HK$388) features fork-tender savoury beef cheeks and mouth-watering potatoes served in a sizzling pot of Hong Kong-style curry infused with coconut, lemongrass floss and spices. Soak up the sauce with Chinese donut sticks served on the side.


    For dessert, Chef ArChan introduces the highly addicting Pandan Milk Bread French Toast (HK$118), which features Pandan milk bread French toast slathered with peanut butter, coconut sorbet, and desiccated coconut. Enjoy with servings of condensed milk and maple syrup on the side.

    A swaggering, fancy and boisterous affair, the new Ho Lee Fook is set to offer that kind of punch-in-the-guts dining thrill the city has been missing. The restaurant is an homage to the past, the present and the future, all at once, powered by an instinct for sheer entertainment and balanced by an extremely focused, finessed passion for the city’s homegrown cuisine. Guests who descend the narrow staircase are to abandon all expectations and instead prepare themselves for the kind of chaotic yet extraordinary ride that has come to define the Ho Lee Fook experience.


    Reservations can be made via www.holeefook.com.hk.





    Address – G/F, 1-5 Elgin Street, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong

    Opening Hours

    Monday – Sunday 6pm-12am

    Takeaway & delivery available via BLACKSHEEP GO


    Contact Number – 2810-0860

    Contact Email – info@holeefook.com.hk

    Website – https://www.holeefook.com.hk/

    Instagram – @hoLeeFookHK @blacksheeprestaurants @archan_n



    Ho Lee Fook is a Chinese restaurant with a Hong Kong heart, a flag-bearer for the city whose cuisine and culture it represents, a vibrant celebration of late-night, neon-soaked sophistication. Meaning ‘good fortune for your mouth’, Ho Lee Fook brings to life a deep appreciation and passion for Cantonese cuisine with a boisterous experience steeped in heritage, grounded by our shared love of good food and great company.

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