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    <<6th June 2022 – Hong Kong>> On the evening of Thursday, 7th July 2022*, Chef Agustin Balbi of one Michelin-starred Andō will join hands with Chef Hideaki Sato of two Michelin-starred Ta Vie for their very first culinary crossover between two chefs of great minds. An exquisite gastronomic evening awaits guests, starting with a reception of specially curated snacks paired with crisp glasses of Krug Champagne at Ta Vie, followed by a relaxed, six-course off-menu dinner experience at Andō

    Priced at HK$2,888 + 10% per guest, the Ando x Ta Vie special 2nd celebration birthday dinner will introduce a menu of one-off dishes that are available exclusively for this collaboration.


    *Incidentally, the same month as Chef Hideaki Sato’s birthday

    A dining experience that blends the distinct cuisines of two award-winning chefs who have mastered the integration of Japanese sensibilities with other styles of cuisine, the full Andō x Ta Vie tasting journey is as below:


    AT TA VIE (630pm onwards)

    Wagyu tartare, yuzu kosho, squid in cracker

    Egg yolk mousse, furikake, monaka (caviar)

    Sato San’s Peking Duck

    Fried chicken Namban (caviar)

    Serve with Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne Service

    AT ANDO (730pm onwards)

    Bread from Ta Vie + butter

    Hokkaido scallop, uni, petit pois, citrus sauce

    Kegani crab with Japanese sweet corn

    Steamed foie gras egg custard, red eggplant, porcini mushroom

    Kurobuta pork, sweet potato, black truffle, mushrooms

    Sakura ebi,  rice


    Andō: Innovative Spanish x Japanese cuisine by Agustin Balbi

    Derived from Chef Agustin’s Latin surname Ferrando, Andō in Japanese connotes a sense of contentment, while in Spanish, it is the equivalent of ‘-ing,’ the verb partici ple to describe the act of doing in the present. Born into a Spanish and Italian family, Agustin’s love for food was ignited at his grandmother’s dining table, where fond childhood memories of his late lola’s homemade Latin dishes would inspire much of his innovative cuisine today at Andō.


    “I have always been a fan of Sato San’s approach towards cooking. The discipline and determination with which he works to produce a single dish is admirable, and is a testament to his respect for ingredients,” says Chef Agustin Balbi. “Since our restaurants are also so close to each other, I cannot think of a better friend to celebrate this special occasion with. I hope that our guests enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it together.”


    Ta Vie: “Pure, Simple, and Seasonal” original cuisine by Hideaki Sato

    Just three simple words outline the culinary philosophy of Ta Vie: “pure, simple and seasonal”. With two Michelin stars, Ta Vie is the contemporary brainchild of Japanese Chef Hideaki Sato. The name “Ta Vie 旅” reveals a double meaning, in Japanese meaning “journey” while in French translating to “your life”. In this way, the restaurant invites guests to embark on a journey of discovery to explore the range of possibilities brought by seasonal Asian ingredients and products; at the same time providing a destination for like-minded guests to meet and cross paths before continuing their journeys ahead. Combining classical French techniques and presentations with Asian flavours, Chef Sato’s original cuisine showcases simple cooking that allows ingredients to shine, connecting diners to Mother Nature with respect for the seasons.


    “Chef Agustin and I have a very high level of culinary synergy because our values are so aligned. I have huge admiration for this style of cooking at ANDO and this collaboration has been in the works for a long time, and we are very excited to showcase the final product to our guests – which I guarantee will surprise and delight.” says Chef Hideaki Sato.




    About ANDŌ

    Andō is Argentine Chef Agustin Ferrando Balbi’s first restaurant, launched in partnership with JIA group. Defying labels and bending genres, Andō’s modern tasting menus are a translation of Agustin’s own unorthodox journey onto the plate, one that nods at his ancestral roots in Italy and Spain, while gazing at the lands that shaped his craft – the USA and Japan.

    Address: 1/F, Somptueux Central, 52 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
    Website – www.andohk.com

    Instagram: @ando.hkg


    About JIA Group

    JIA Group is a Hong Kong based hospitality firm that is internationally praised and recognized for executing spaces and experiences rooted in style and substance. Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Yenn Wong, JIA Group has established a reputation internationally as an award- winning trendsetter in the hospitality industry. The current portfolio includes 14 venues in Hong Kong, full list of the restaurants and bars could be found on JIA’s website here. JIA Group is listed on the GEM board on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.




    “Pure, Simple and Seasonal” – just three simple words outline our culinary philosophy. We believe that only pure taste and flavours of ingredients make the strongest impression in anyone of us. At Ta Vie 旅, we allow the ingredients to shine through our menu, accentuating their purity and original flavours through simple cooking, seasoning and presentation. Experience the power these ingredients bring at their prime during peak season, as a form of respect and connection to Mother Nature with a tribute to seasonality. Restaurants offer creative takes, new interpretations, molecular techniques, unique combinations and interesting presentations. We wonder if guests are satisfied with these? And only these? For us at Ta Vie 旅, nothing is more important than the taste of food, all other elements are, and should be secondary to that. This is our beginning, and our goal for now, and ever.


    Address: 2/F, The Pottinger Hong Kong, 74 Queen’s Road Central
    Website – https://www.tavie.com.hk/

    Instagram: @ta_vie_hk