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    <<20th September 2019 – Hong Kong>> Aulis Hong Kong, the brainchild of renowned British chef Simon Rogan, has won wide acclaim since its opening in late December last year. As summer comes to a close, Aulis development kitchen introduces a series of fresh and innovative creations to the ever-evolving tasting menu.

    The Aulis Hong Kong Experience

    Aulis Hong Kong invites guests to surrender their senses to the creativity of the chefs, who utilize the world’s most advanced kitchen equipment to create highly progressive dishes personalised to the tastes of only 12 guests at a time. The ever-evolving 10 course creative menu (with up to 15 course servings) offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in Rogan’s unique culinary vision first-hand, and is currently priced at HK$1,480+10% per guest, with an additional HK$680 + 10% for the wine pairing experience. There is also an option for non-alcoholic drinks pairing, priced at an additional HK$380+10%

    This season, some of the new starting dishes on the menu include Mackerel, Carrot, Marigold, a tartlet made from local baby Spanish mackerel, carrot puree, pickled apple and a garnish of marigold grown in on-site Evogro cabinets; and Crab, Chicken, Sea Herbs, a crispy chicken breast skin topped with English brown crab, mixed with brown crab meat mayonnaise, and a colourful garnish of sea herbs and tagette from a local edible flower supplier in the New Territories.

    Another delightful new addition is the Squid, Dashi, created with fresh local squid, pickled turnips, squid and dashi broth, and a garnish of seaweed. The resulting dish is topped with garlic and chili oil for a distinctly Asian spin. Scallop Pike Perch features a plump Hokkaido scallop that has been barbecued in its shell, served with smoked cod roe sauce and garnished with smoked pike perch roe from Petrossian, Paris. For the meat course, enjoy a stunning cut of Wagyu with black garlic, salted gooseberries, turnip and chamomile.

    This season, dessert includes four British inspired creations. Among the sweets, the new addition is Buttermilk, Cherry, Rosemary, a buttermilk and cherry custard with rosemary caramel, served with a beetroot and homemade Hibiscus kombucha syrup.


    Aulis Hong Kong New Seasonal Tasting Menu

    Mackerel, Carrot, Marigold

    Fermented Pear

    Crab, Chicken, Sea Herbs

    Truffle Pudding

    Mushroom Wholemeal, miso glaze

    Sea Urchin Custard, Our Caviar

    Hong Kong Pea

    Smoked Eel, Beetroot

    Squid, Dashi

    Raw Beef in Coal Oil, Pumpkin, Sunflower

    Grilled Salad with Westcombe Cheese

    Scallop Pike Perch

    Beef, Celeriac, Black Garlic

    Buttermilk, Cherry, Rosemary

    Stout, Molasses, Burnt Milk




    New Seasonal Menu and Dishes at Roganic Hong Kong

    Located alongside Aulis and making up the larger dining room, ROGANIC presents a more affordable city-centric take on farm-to-table dining from London. Equipped with an award-winning team of chefs, Roganic carries over elements of Simon Rogan’s two-Michelin-starred L’Enclume whilst adapting to the local palate in fun and offbeat ways.

    Simon Rogan’s team led by Head Chef Oli Marlow has created a series of innovative dishes that highlight ingredients picked fresh from local farms. Chef Marlow, who led the Roganic flagship in London to one Michelin stardom and its impressive four AA Rosettes rating in 2019, takes on the Hong Kong branch with a vision focused on Asian ingredients.

    New additions to the Roganic menu includes the Sweetcorn Tart, which features a tartlet made from spring roll pastry, smoked cod roe emulsion, sweetcorn that is barbecued and lightly pickled, and a topping of tagette and astina cress. Kombu & Aged Beef is a new take on the beef tartare, featuring kombu cracker, dry-aged sirloin tartare from the UK, Japanese white soy dressing with pickled kohlrabi, and nori crumb and emulsion garnish. A savoury interpretation of the traditional English bread and butter pudding, Berkswell Pudding is served with birch sap syrup and topped with aged Berkswell cheese.

    A delectable combination of flavours, Mackerel, Apple, Horseradish is local baby Spanish mackerel lightly cured in citrus and coriander seeds, dressed with oyster emulsion and pickled apple, and served with roasted mackerel bone broth, fresh apple and horseradish juice. Reflecting the chef’s dedicated towards sustainability, Chicken, Leek, Turnip uses the breast of a Hong Kong breed of chicken called “Three Yellow Chicken”, served alongside terrine and turnip puree. Also new to the menu is the Atlantic Black Cod, served with bio-dynamic cauliflower and black garlic. For dessert, tuck into the Apple Tart accompanied by woodruff ice cream, and the Roganic, the caramelised white chocolate and miso ice cream dessert set within a Roganic logo mould, and served with homemade pear compote.

    Indulge in the 10-course Full Tasting Menu (HK$980) for the full Roganic experience, or the 8-course Short Tasting Menu (HK$680), both with the option of wine pairings. The Set Business Lunch Menu is available on Tuesdays till Sundays, and is priced at HK$280 for three courses.


    Roganic Hong Kong Tasting Menu

    Sweetcorn Tart

    Berkswell Pudding

    Crab with Carrot

    Chicken Skin & Pickles

    Seaweed Custard & Pike Perch

    Kombu & Aged Beef

    Soda Bread & Cultured Butter

    Mackerel, Apple, Horseradish

    Dill Brined Cabbage, Teriyaki, Wasabi

    Codfish, Cauliflower, Smoked Sauce

    Chicken, Leek Turnip

    Aged Beef, Beetroot, Cabbage

    Earl Grey, Beetroot

    Stout, Molasses, Burnt Milk

    Apple Tart, Woodruff ice cream

    Battenberg Cake



    Editor’s Note

    Simon Rogan is proud to announce that L’Enclume has reclaimed the number one spot in Good Food Guide, the annual guidebook to the 50 best restaurants, pubs and cafes across the United Kingdom. The Good Food Guide’s Consultant Editor, Elizabeth Carter said: “There was very strong competition among top scoring restaurants this year, but there was no ignoring the fact that L’Enclume is a really extraordinary restaurant… It dazzles; not with glitter-ball ritz and razzmatazz, but with the understated glow that comes from being indisputably world-class.”



    Restaurant Information

    Address: Shop 8, UG/F, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Email: reservations@aulis.com.hk

    Website: www.roganic.com.hk/aulis    

    Tel: +852-2817-8383

    Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/AulisHongKong

    Instagram: @AulisSimonRogan & @AulisHongKong

    Capacity: 12 pax only


    About Aulis Hong Kong

    Aulis provides a truly unique ‘behind the scenes’ experience of the fine dining institutions, L’Enclume and Roganic. Aulis is a multi-functional hi-tech space and creative hub that acts as a development kitchen utilised by chefs to explore new dishes and cooking techniques, but also an exclusive, intimate and interactive private dining room for guests. In Aulis, guests can have the first try of dishes before they arrive onto the menus in a unique preview to the chef’s innovative work. The Aulis experience is completely personalised, depending on the group size and involves a complete surrender to the creativity of the chefs. A surprise many of different plates is created using ingredients from Our Farm, and are dishes not previously served at the individual restaurants. The Aulis experience aims to expand the culinary horizons of guests, with sometimes challenging or out of the box dishes for certain palates, but it remains a truly uncompromising foodie experience. The space is named Aulis as a tribute to Aulis Lehtimaki, a Finnish chef and artist who was a key collaborator in the early days of Simon’s Michelin star restaurant L’Enclume, and the concept also exists in that restaurant.


    Aulis Hong Kong is Simon’s first overseas stand-alone dining destination in Asia with just 12 seats, acting as the creative hub for his Hong Kong team of chefs and offering diners the opportunity to immerse themselves in Rogan’s culinary vision first hand and be challenged to taste original and innovative dishes.


    Restaurant Information

    Address: Roganic, UG/F 08, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

    Email: reservations@roganic.com.hk

    Tel: +852-2817-8383

    Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/RoganicHongKong

    Instagram: @RoganicHongKong

    Capacity: 48 pax main dining room / 34 pax private dining rooms


    About Roganic Hong Kong:

    Roganic first opened in 2011 in Marylebone as a two-year pop-up, a sister restaurant to L’Enclume. Five years later, Roganic returned to London, bringing elements of L’Enclume, Simon Rogan’s two Michelin star restaurant in the Lake District. The team is comprised of the original Roganic line up, amongst other past and present employees of UMBEL Restaurant Group. Roganic runs alongside Aulis London, a development kitchen and eight-seat chef’s table which opened in Soho on 14th October 2017. Now, Roganic Hong Kong will continue on its success in London and have opened alongside AULIS Hong Kong since mid-February, 2019.