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    <<4 November, 2016 – Hong Kong>> In Italy, the November Pork Festival begins its month-long celebration at Sissa in a merry night packed with delicious pork dishes. In Hong Kong, eight of the city’s favorite restaurants and TV Chef Hilda Leung will gather on the evening of 14 November for a similar celebration. Renowned chefs from each restaurant will put their creativity to the test in a competition to find the best pig dish in town, and each will be judged on the criteria of creativity, taste, appearance and texture. With all eyes on the crown, only one dish will ultimately reign supreme.

    At the “Tribute to Pigs” celebration on 14 November, chefs from Catalunya, The Fat Pig by Tom Aikens, La Paloma, Linguini Fini, NOM, Okra, Tak Lung Restaurant and URA along with TV Chef Hilda Leung will be unveiling their exquisite dishes to a VIP panel of F&B’s best and brightest. Judges will include Crave Magazine, Diary of a Growing Boy’s Peter Chang, Little Bao & Second Draft’s May Chow, and further guests of the media. Following a format similar to previous hit competitions (namely Battle of the Balls, Frickin Fried Chicken, Reinventing Salads, and Ultimate Sandwich), the “Tribute To Pigs” will be split up into several rounds, with guests sampling and scoring dishes in a fun, casual setting.

    For those unable to join the celebration on the night, there’s no fear of missing out! The pig dishes will be available at the original restaurants from 16 – 23 November. Additionally, 22 Ships and Rhoda will be joining the competition from 16 – 23 November by crafting their own pig dishes for guests to taste and vote for. The full list of participants and dishes featuring pork is as follows:

    22 Ships
    Pig Head, Apple, Gribiche
    Pig head
    (Available at the restaurant from 16 to 23 November0

    Suckling Pig Tapa
    Suckling Pig From Spain, Lemon Purée, broccoli and Beef Au Jus, Salt And Pepper.

    The Fat Pig by Tom Aikens
    Pork ‘Merguez’ Sausage, Bread and Onions
    Pork and Lamb sausage seasoned with Levantine spices, fried onions and toasted sourdough bread

    TV Chef – Hilda Leung
    Shredded Iberico Pork Pluma with Homemade Liver Pate, Kimchi Jam & Spring Onion Sauce on Baguette Toast
    Shredded roasted Iberico pork pluma, Pork liver pate, Kimchi jam, Green onion sauce, Baguette toast
    Price N/A

    La Paloma
    Cochinillo Con Papas Arrugadas y Mojo Picon
    Marinated and roasted suckling pig sandwich, Canary Island salted potatoes and traditional spicy sauce

    Linguini Fini
    Crispy “Nose to Tail” Terrine, Pigs Ear Bacon and ‘nduja’

    Porchetta sandwich
    Homemade focaccia, Porchetta di Ariccia, celery root mayo, gorgonzola cheese

    Iberico Pork Belly Karaage
    Iberico Pork Belly Karaage with Salted Plum Ketchup

    Meatballs and Pig Skin Spaghetti
    (Available at the restaurant from 16 to 23 November)

    Tak Lung
    琉璃金盞 Stir Fry Local Black Pork in Golden Nest

    Okinawa Pork Knuckle
    Pig trotters, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, pineapple, sea grapes 


    The various pig dishes participating in the “Tribute to Pigs” competition demonstrate the myriad of cultural flavors and techniques used by each restaurant. At 22 Ships, a Tapas Bar that boasts a cozy neighborhood ambiance, Chef Aaron Gillespie pairs the Pig Head with apples and gribiche for a unique dish.

    A restaurant that needs no introduction, Catalunya will delight attendees with a crispy and delicious Suckling Pig Tapa. The suckling pig comes straight from Spain and is served with a lemon purée, broccoli and Beef Au Jus. Seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper, this dish will truly accentuate the pork’s innate flavors.

    The hosts of this event, La Paloma, will serve a dish comprising of a marinated and roasted suckling pig in a tasty sandwich with Canary Island salted potatoes. The restaurant known for its sexy tapas and Spanish flare will add a bit of spice to their pig dish with a traditional spicy sauce.

    As a public figure who wears the many hats of being celebrity chef, TV host, cookbook author, columnist and devoted mom, Hilda Leung is a chef of great capability who puts fine detail and thought into each of the dishes that she prepares. For this competition, she will use the premium Iberico pork pluma cut that is known for its marbled quality and juicy tenderness. The pork will be paired with a homemade liver pate that will draw out the strong flavors present. Served with a kimchi jam and spring onion sauce on baguette toast, the dish will have a perfect balance of flavors.

    Carefully crafted by Chef Nathan Green, Rhoda’s Meatballs and Pig Skin Spaghetti will be available for tasting at the restaurant from 16 – 23 November. Guests are in for a treat with the dish’s superb flavors and perfect pairing.

    Located in the heart of Kowloon, Tak Lung is a restaurant that prides itself on years of serving delicious traditional Chinese cuisine. Their skilled chefs have creatively crafted a dish that is both delectable and beautiful in presentation. The stir-fry local black pork in a golden nest flawlessly embodies the flavors of Chinese cuisine.

    The initial display of eight of the ten pig dishes will take place on Monday, 14 November at La Paloma, 1 Floor, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, which will be open to media and invited parties only. Attendees will be the first to taste the various pig dishes and will have the opportunity to join the exuberant “Tribute to Pigs” celebration. The additional two pig dishes will be introduced and available from 16 to 23 November.

    Each pig dish will be available at the restaurants of origin from 16 – 23 November, giving local Hong Kong diners a chance to sample the dishes and vote for their favorite. The partnering restaurants will also be selling their pig dishes through Deliveroo, the competition’s exclusive delivery partner. 

    Restaurant Details:

    22 Ships
    22 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

    G/F Guardian House 32 Oi Kwan Road, Hong Kong

    The Fat Pig by Tom Aikens
    11/F, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    La Paloma
    1 Floor, 189 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

    Linguini Fini
    Elgin Street, 49 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

    1-5 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

    G/F, 110 Queen’s Rd W, Sai Ying Pun

    345 Des Voeux Rd West, Hong Kong

    Tak Lung
    G/F, 25-29 Hong Keung Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong

    2/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong