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    <<6th October, 2016 – Hong Kong>> Tiger Curry is back with round 2 of Hong Kong’s most epic curry challenge. Prove your curry- eating abilities once and for all by demolishing a plate of The Fire Dancer, Tiger Curry’s baddest new menu addition since Sumo-San. If you love a good challenge and spicy food is your thing, then head over to the Tiger Curry on Pennington Street for a chance to win a free meal on the house and a $150 worth dining voucher for the next visit if you can conquer the whole plate within 8 minutes. And, if that’s not enough, the person who can finish the portion in the shortest time by 7th November will win a round trip ticket to Osaka!

    Since the successful June launch of the Sumo-San challenge in both Harbour City and Pennington Street locations, Tiger Curry has seen 800 participants put their curry-eating skills to the test. In an impressive testament to his love for curry, one person set an all-time record by finishing his plate in just 12 minutes – and that ain’t an easy feat.

    Now, Tiger Curry has upped the game by introducing The Fire Dancer (HK$168) to its menu, a plate that features all of Tiger Curry’s signature proteins including scrambled egg, golden pork nugget, grilled pork sausage, pork katsu, Japanese-style hamburger steak with the added challenge of some seriously hot spice, infusing our signature Osaka Curry with Trinidad Scorpion Chili – a chili ranked with the highest heat units on the Scoville Pepper Scale. To put this into perspective, Trinidad Scorpion can have almost 50 times the spice of tabasco and 580 times that of jalapeno. The heat is on, and if you can finish the plate in less than 8 minutes, you get to eat for free as well as receive a HK$150 worth dining voucher to use on your next visit. From October 7th to November 7th, the fastest challenger to finish the plate will also win a round trip ticket to Osaka. Game’s On!


    Those who think the Fire Dancer Challenge too fierce can also experience the same level of fun with the new Tiger Curry Happy Hour Promotion. Starting from 7th October, fun seekers can get a taste of the very popular drinking game, Titanic, in our secret backyard. The idea is to have each player around the table to take turns pouring sake into the shot glass that floats on top of a glass of beer, and the person who sinks the shot glass must down the entire drink. The promotion is available every Monday to Friday, from 5:00pm to 7:30pm, at just $148, including 3 bottles of Japanese Beer, a bottle of sake and all the equipment you need for the game.

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    Address: Causeway Bay – G/F, 14 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay
    Tel – 2511-1051
    Social Media – Tiger Curry / @tigercurryhk

    About Tiger Curry

    Tiger Curry opened its doors in April 2014 with a fiery bang in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling Causeway Bay neighborhood. Chef Satoru-San and Calvin Ku delved into the Osaka food world to create the signature 26-spice recipe. Soon after making a spicy splash in Causeway Bay, two more outlets were opened in Times Square and Harbour City, expanding the menu offerings to give a playful take on Japanese fare.