Introducing a delicious marriage between Donuts & Coffee to Hong Kong

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    <<12th December, 2016 – Hong Kong>> Coffee and donuts are truly a match made in heaven, but they’ve yet to make their mark in Hong Kong as a couple. Despite the city’s diverse range of dessert options, donuts on offer remain lacklustre and coffee a largely separate concept. Cue the entrance of J.CO Donuts & Coffee, bringing with it a delicious culture of pairing premium soft, buttery donuts with quality brewed Italian coffee. Based in Indonesia and already taking Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore by storm, J.CO Donuts & Coffee is now making its Hong Kong debut on Hennessy Road, Wan Chai this mid-December

    J.CO Donuts & Coffee is the brainchild of Johnny Andrean, a reputed beauty salon entrepreneur. Andrean’s exceptional retailer instincts triggered his salon’s rapid growth in Indonesia, and led him to foray into the lifestyle cafe category. Another booming business that commonly saw long lines snaking out of stores, the J.CO chain grew fast. In 2016, the J.CO family has expanded to incorporate more than 250 international outlets, successfully revolutionising the donut & coffee industry in Asia. Now, J.CO has sights set to place in all the hands of Hong Kongers a steaming cup of coffee in one, and a donut in the other.


    The donuts at J.CO are unlike any other, featuring a collection of fluffy donuts made with high-quality ingredients – and not to mention, bearing some downright quirky names. J.CO signatures include the most-wanted donut Al Capone, a white chocolate ring donut encrusted with toasted almonds, best paired with J.CO’s signature cappuccino Hot Jcoccino; Sugar Ice, a classic mum’s donut sprinkled lightly with icing sugar and best paired with the rich Ice Chocolate drink; and the White Desert with its sweet & creamy kaya filling topped with coconut flakes, best paired with the classic and distinctly-flavoured Iced Thai Tea.There’s even a glitzy, celebrity studded line-up of donuts including Avocado DiCaprio, a delightful combination of avocado and chocolate crunch; a strawberry & cream cheesy Berry Spears that’ll make you bust out in “Hit Me Baby One More Time”; Jackie Chunk, a nutty, chocolate rendition that’ll make you go “Hai-yahh!”; and Blueberrymore, a delicious act by the third Charlie’s Angel with blueberry and cream cheese.

    With the festive season fast approaching, J.CO is arriving to Hong Kong bearing gifts. Every weekend starting from 17th December at 3pm, as part of J.CO’s Christmas celebrations, 100 donuts will be given away for free to lucky customers on a first-come-first-served basis. Happy holidays, indeed!


    J.CO Donuts & Coffee takes inspiration from the unrivalled coffee culture in Italy – home to the many varieties of coffee drinks now being reproduced around the world. Just like the Italians, J.CO doesn’t tolerate bad coffee. Using only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans that are medium-roasted to perfection, J.CO’s unique blend is full-bodied with low acidity. There’s a coffee drink for every whim and mood, because the J.COFFEE menu spans Italian roasted classics like hot Americano (HK$28/12oz) and Iced Caffe Latte (HK$32/12oz), to more creative and refreshing J.CO originals such as Hot Tiramisu (HK$35/12oz) made with tiramisu, and the Cappuccino Chip Frappe (HK$36/12oz) with chocolate crumbs, and mocha cream. To lessen the burden of choosing from such a large variety of mouthwatering donuts to pair your coffee with, J.CO offers professional pairing advice to make sure your coffee & donut experience is nothing short of heavenly. Why not savour your Marble Hazel Donut between refreshing sips of the smooth, ice-cold White Chocolate Frappe?

    Donut Pricing:

    Assorted/Regular Donuts
    1 pc – HK$15
    1/2 dozen – HK$88
    1 dozen – HK$148
    2 dozen – HK$258

    24 pcs – HK$98

    Restaurant & Café Key Information
    Address – Shop 1 & Shop 2 G/F, 55 Hennessy Road, Hong Kong
    Tel – 852 6982 8282
    E-mail – hello@jcodonuts.com.hk
    Website – www.jcodonuts.com/hk/

    About J.CO Donuts & Coffee Hong Kong

    J.CO Donuts & Coffee is a lifestyle cafe retailer in Asia with shops in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and now Hong Kong specialising in donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt. Franchise opportunity available worldwide. The company is owned and managed by Johnny Andrean Group.