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    <<31st August, 2018 – Hong Kong>> KYTALY, the award-winning Geneva-based Italian restaurant co-owned by legendary pizza chef Franco Pepe, has officially opened its doors in the heart of Hong Kong. Born from the perfect harmony between “Ki”, the Japanese symbol of life’s energy, and “Italy”, the cradle of Mediterranean culture, the two values give identity and character to the concept. KYTALY has risen to the global stage for serving the best pizza in the world outside of Italy.

    Franco Pepe – Legendary Pizza Master & Co-owner

    Possibly the biggest name in pizza, Franco Pepe and his family of legendary bread-makers were the first to revolutionise the art of pizza making, choosing to create original recipes from scratch following the traditions and methods set out in his family. Working closely with his father, Franco Pepe learned everything there was to know from sourcing the freshest local ingredients to constructing the perfect dough and flour by hand over the past 25 years.

    The Pizze at KYTALY Hong Kong

    KYTALY Hong Kong’s menu will feature 19 pizze from classics to Franco Pepe’s signature creations, as well as a range of Italian salads and classic desserts. 99% of the ingredients are sourced from Italy – from the tomato, oregano, basil, garlic and anchovies to the Fior di Latte and yeast. The kitchen is helmed by the talented second generation pizzaiolo Antonio Cecere.

    As a third generation baker, Franco Pepe was brought up with ancient family recipes and techniques that are said to have re-invented the art of pizza-making, breaking from the mould of the popular Neopolitan pizza. At KYTALY, the dough is created in highly limited amounts every day with a secret recipe by Franco Pepe himself, consisting of 70% water which gives way to a surprisingly light and supple pizza. Even the flour used for the dough is created by Franco Pepe, made without preservatives nor additives. Once the pizza has been formed, it will enter the custom-made Moretti Oven created in partnership with Franco Pepe, and bake at 450 degrees Celsius in only 90 seconds.

    Since 2016, Franco Pepe’s take on the classic Margherita, Margherita Sbagliata (Mistaken Margherita), has received the annual award for Best Pizza in the World, based on what is famously the “best mistake” he ever made. The Mozzarella is sourced from Caserta, 100% bufalo. The red and green patterns on top are Riccio tomato sauce and a basil reduction made by blitzing fresh basil leaves, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Another acclaimed Franco Pepe creation is the Alletterata, a pizza topped with handmade Alife onion cream with an interesting backstory. Antonietta Melillo, a farmer who once lost everything, and against all odds, became responsible for the resurgence of fading Alife onions in the entire region. With the knowledge that Franco Pepe sources all of his ingredients locally, Antonietta approached him with her signature onion cream, and from there, a loyal partnership was formed.

    All ingredients for pizza and antipasti served at KYTALY are sourced from Italy, including the highly valuable Tuna Alletterato, fished in the Mediterranean Sea and not easily obtained in common seafood markets. The lean and non-fatty high quality pork is sourced from Caserta in the south of Italy, from the Black Casertano variety of pigs. Of course, the Mozzarella di Bufala is taken from the true source – real Mozzarella from Italian Mediterranean buffalo milk in Campana.

    Hong Kong’s First Campari Bar

    The restaurant will also debut Hong Kong’s first Campari Bar helmed by Bar Manager Marcus Chan, where guests can enjoy a classic Italian cocktail on the gorgeous terrace overlooking Wyndham Street, Central. Choose from a selection of 17 classic cocktails such as Negroni Arabica, with Vermouth, Gin, Campari, infused with Coffee (HK$110) or an Italian favourite, Campari Spritz with Campari, Prosecco and Soda Water (HK$82). Italian and French wines will also be available, starting from just HK$380 per bottle.

    Franco Pepe Awards & Recognitions

    Among the string of global recognitions and accolades received, Franco Pepe currently enjoys the #1 position for Top 50 Best Pizza in Italy 2018 (www.50toppizza.it). His notable pizza creations include the Margherita Sbagliata, which won the award for “The Best Pizza in the World” in 2016. On The Guardian’s experts guide on the best pizzas in the world, Franco Pepe’s establishment received the most nominations from the guide’s 1,077 contributors in 2016. Renowned food lover’s publication, The Phaidon, has also issued a “Where to Eat Pizza” guide written by Daniel Young, and crowned Franco Pepe’s pizzeria as the number one spot.


    Contact KYTALY Hong Kong

    Address – 5/F 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

    Tel – +852 2808 1961

    Website –https://www.kytaly.hk/

    Instagram – @kytalyhk

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kytalyhk/


    Kytaly is a restaurant with a terrace entirely dedicated to Italian gastronomy, for the pleasure of the mouth and the senses. It is first and foremost a pizzeria with an open kitchen, which let you observe the meticulous work of our Chefs in action. The bar offers a range of cocktails specially developed by our team and enjoyed as an aperitif, a late-night drink, or enjoyed with food.