Inspired by the Decadent Thirteenth-Century Spain and its Beloved King Alfonso X, The Wise

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    <<25th January 2019 – Hong Kong>> Inspired by the reign of King Alfonso X in thirteenth century Spain, The Wise King is a modern yet classic bar that seeks to embody the opulence fit for a king. The perfect destination for tapas and delightful cocktails by master bartenders and co-founders Joe Villanueva and Sandeep Kumar, The Wise King has established itself as a cosy local hub for socialisers, global explorers and drinkers. To kick off the New Year, The Wise King has unveiled a new and #REVIVED cocktail menu created with authentic Spanish flavours.

    Cocktails Inspired by Thirteenth Century Spain

    The new menu features an alluring cocktail journey where exotic Spanish ingredients are selectively sourced to create cocktails that are deep in flavor and rich in stories and tradition.

    The Wise King’s #Revived cocktail menu includes mixes such as #BlissNegroni, (HK$128) which captures the bliss of indulgence during thirteenth century Spain under King Alfonso’s rule, a drink named after the same molecular compound (“bliss”) found in chocolate, truffles, and cannabis. Made with black truffle, Nutella, gin, peated Mancino Rosso and Amari, #BlissNegroni will have drinkers experiencing pure euphoria when consumed. The #JamónOldFashioned (HK$118) is a harmonious blend of Jamón Iberico bourbon, cantaloupe syrup and walnut bitters, and a garnish of premium dry-cured Spanish ham.

    Sherry is a traditional Spanish drink made from white grapes grown in Andalusia, Spain, and is commonly enjoyed as a pre-meal aperitif. Head Bartender Joe Villanueva has demonstrated the versatility of this popular wine in cocktails at The Wise King, including #BrinedRickey(HK$118). The #BrinedRickey is a gin-based concoction of salty brined strawberry soda with fresh basil leaves, refreshing citrus and a sherry vinaigrette. Another is the #OllaDeBarro (HK$128), a cocktail aged through porous clay pots that remove impurities and sugars from liquids they contain. The resulting light and smooth drink is infused with bittered herbal Orujo, gin, Americano Bianco, PX Sherry and chocolate bitters.

    The substantial food selection at The Wise King is curated for sharing. In line with the concept, the bar serves a smattering of dishes suitable for the cocktail bar environment. Dishes such as Scarpetta, Patatas Bravas, Pollo Kebab and varied cold cuts and cheese selections are available for guests to nibble on while enjoying a cocktail.



    Bar Details – The Wise King
    Address – Basement, 25 Staunton Street, SoHo (Entrance on Tseng Wing Lane next to Pure Fitness SoHo)
    Tel – 2326 5822

    Email – info@thewiseking.com

    Website – www.thewiseking.com

    Instagram – @theWiseKingHK

    Opening Hours

    Mon – Thursday & Sunday: 17:00 – 01:00

    Fri – Sat: 17:00 – 02:00


    About The Wise King

    The Wise King, a modern classic bar that takes its cues from the decadent era of the 13th century and celebrates the golden age and rise of tapas food and drinking culture. Inspired by King Alfonso X, the Wise, the bar focuses on exploration through the sensation of sight, taste, and sound with warm and welcoming hospitality from a team of service professionals.