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    <<23rd February 2021 – Hong Kong>> The Tea Academïcs, the first modern specialty tea café by Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle brand The Academïcs Group, introduces new seasonal menu items by Executive Chef Atisha Kumar to welcome the brand-new Year of the Ox.

    The Tea Academïcs is a modern tea café where heritage meets innovation. A sensory experience is curated through artisanal tea products, plant-based cuisine by Chef Atisha, fresh bakery, and tactile interior design — a blissful escape from the bustling commercial centre of Hong Kong, and a chance to connect with nature’s beautiful bounty.

    The Tea Academïcs hand-brews the finest teas from across the globe, creating a unique menu of signature tea lattes using primarily plant-based milk. A welcome accompaniment to the diverse tea beverages on offer, The Tea Academïcs serves a wholesome and health-conscious food menu – plant-based where possible – that pays tribute to the key tea origins.


    New Menu: The Tea Academic’s Nourishing Plant-based Cuisine by Chef Atisha Greer

    From the specialty tea selection to cuisine, every aspect of The Tea Academïcs experience is fully curated with love for our planet. Each dish is inspired by a distinctive tea-producing region, and organic and plant-based where possible.

    From the all-day breakfast menu serving from 8am weekdays and 10am on weekends, new seasonal additions by Chef Atisha include the nourishing and delicious Bircher Muesli (HK$68) with stewed apple compote, coconut yoghurt, almond, and nutmegand Spiced French Toast (HK$78) with blueberries, hibiscus yoghurt and manuka honey. Other signature dishes by Chef Atisha includes Paratha Omelette (HK$88) with halloumi, sauteed onion, organic eggs, coriander and chilli, and Beetroot Coconut Pancake (HK$78) with Greek yoghurt, candied banana, pistachio, and coconut flakes.

    From the mains, which are available from 11am daily, new signature items include wholesome and hearty recipes such as Vegetarian Dumplings in Hot and Sour Soup (HK$108) with handmade dumplings, red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, tea-soaked egg and coriander, Impossible Mince Pie (HK$128) that contains plant-based Impossible meat, mushrooms, swiss chard, lemon and parsnip chips, and finally, the Pumpkin Porridge (HK$108) with roasted squash, crispy shallot, raisin, and sorrels.

    From now until 28th February 2021 on Mondays till Friday at 8am-2pm, guests will receive 10% off any combined order of one item from the All-Day Breakfast menu and one item from the Mains menu. The offer is available for dine-in and takeaway orders only and is not available for delivery orders.

    Another delectable feature of The Tea Academïcs is its bakery, which features a selection of freshly baked pastries and superfood loaves. Afternoon delights include Sweet or Savory Scone (HK$38) with either Earl Grey Tea Jam or Tomato Chutney respectively, Confetti Sliced Cake (HK$42), avo-choc, gluten-free almond, probiotic banana, or carrot cake Loaf Cake (HK$38 each), and Basque Cheesecake (HK$48) in flavours of Earl Grey, Hojicha, and Matcha.


    The Premium Specialty Tea Menu at The Tea Academïcs

    The specialty tea menu at The Tea Academïcs features a selection of handpicked tea leaves from plantations around the world – presenting pure and original flavours straight to your palate with a total of 6 choices currently serving on the menu.

    The curated collection includes strong, creamy, and umami-rich Ceremonial Japanese Usucha (HK$128), ceremonial-grade matcha grounded from green tea leaves; the mild, floral and antioxidant-rich Yunnan White Tea (HK$98) that is produced overnight and dried by moonlight; the heavy fermented Taiwan Red Oolong (HK$98) withered and stirred in black tea fermentation process, brewed from tightly rolled leaves that produce a pale, amber liquor with a sweet and mellow aroma; the light and floral Darjeeling First Flush (HK$78) cultivated amongst some of the finest tea estates near the Himalayas; the exquisite Ceylon rarity Sri Lanka Ceylon Black Tea (HK$78) with a strong, malty, and well-rounded taste; and the sweet and delicate Pink Chamomile (HK$78) with a world of medicinal properties like mild pain relief, promoting better digestion, and soothing inflammation, among many others. The signature Hand Brew Tray collection serves with 2 flush, refill once and is good for 1-2 persons (except the Ceremonial Japanese Usucha) .

    The Tea Academïcs’ signature Tea Lattes created with 100% plant-based soya and almond milk by RUDE HEALTH feature organic, natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. The drinks follow a mixology mantra of being clean, simple, pure, and light.

    Hot Tea Lattes includes 4 signature drinks such as Pu’erh (HK$58), made with fermented dark tea, dried mandarin peel, and cocoa powder and gold foil, giving an aged fragrance and creamy texture. Another hero product is the Tieguanyin (HK$58), an Oolong tea latte made with half-fermented Oolong tea from Fujian, organic plant-based milk, Tieguanyin tea powder, and silver foil. Tieguanyin tea gives off a fresh, crispy flavour and a hint of bitterness whilst Pu’erh presents more intense characteristics while the Tieguanyin Latte is milder on the palate.

    Iced Tea inspired beverages includes 6 types of drinks such as Botanist (HK$68) made with Phoenix Dancong, longan, jujube, and 1st Flush Darjeeling syrup, and Blue (HK$68) created with Oolong tea, butterfly pea, pear, and Osmanthus syrup.



    About The Tea Academïcs

    The Tea Academïcs is a modern tea café where heritage meets innovation. We curate a sensory experience through artisanal tea products, plant-based dining, and tactile interior design — a blissful escape from the bustling commercial center of Hong Kong for you to connect with yourself, each other, and the nature. Here, we hand brew the finest teas from across the globe, create our own signature tea latte using primarily plant-based milk, and serve a wholesome food menu that pays tribute to the tea origins.

    Every detail at The Tea Academïcs, from textual furnishings to thoughtfully selected teaware, echoes the healing power of Mother Nature, offering a clean alternative to enrich your quality of life.

    Contact The Tea Academïcs

    Address: 1/F, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road, Central
    Tel: 3187-7303
    Website: www.the-academicsgroup.com/the-teaacademics
    Facebook: @theteaacademicshk
    Instagram: @theteaacademics