Introducing the House’s co-creation journey with local artist Manvsmachine

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    <<9th November, 2021 – Hong Kong>> The House of Krug is pleased to present Les Créations de 2008, two different expressions of nature in 2008 – Krug 2008 is the story of the year, captured by Krug and Krug Grande Cuvée 164 ème Édition is the most generous expression of Champagne, composed around the harvest of 2008.

    At Krug, each Krug Vintage is crafted to celebrate the distinct character of a particular year. Krug 2008, a classic Krug story of harmonious intensity, complementarity and contrast, nicknamed “Classic Beauty” by the House’s Tasting Committee members. True to the unique vision of the House’s founder, Joseph Krug, and drawing an unbroken line that stretches across six generations of the Krug family, Krug 2008 is being presented alongside Krug Grande Cuvée 164 ème Édition. These bottles were intentionally kept in Krug’s cellars, waiting for this very special moment to be re-discovered.


    Since its foundation in 1843, the House of Krug has sought new ways to enrich the tasting experience of its Champagnes. Indeed, Music and sound have the power to reveal a myriad of new dimensions through the sensorial experience that comes with every sip of Krug Champagne. It is in this spirit and with this understanding that the House of Krug has developed a unique endeavour Krug Music Pairings.

    In honour of Les Créations de 2008, the House of Krug collaborated with Manvsmachine (MVM), an experimental electronic jazz trio formed in 2019 to create a unique Krug Echoes journey both onstage and behind the scenes. Their members are producer and sound designer Hirsk (@hirsk_), drummer Blue Kwok (@drmrblue) and pianist Daniel Chu (@thedanielchu). While members of MVM are eloquent in the language of classical and jazz, and take part in the production of pop music, they also have a taste for experimental avant-garde sounds and are keen to break boundaries between genres.

    For this collaboration, the unique Krug journey experienced by guests which took place on 25th and 26th October and the experience explored the concept “what takes place backstage, prepares for the experience onstage”. The journey begins with an off-stage experience, guests discovered Krug’s craftsmanship live from the House, and later delighted in MVM’s onstage musical interpretations of Les Créations de 2008: Krug 2008 & Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition

    This is followed by a phenomenal food experience, featuring a menu that is curated and served by a Hong Kong Krug Ambassade Chef Guillaume Galliot, Caprice, Four Seasons Hong Kong. For more information, please read HERE.


    The year 2008 was one of Champagne’s coolest years in 14 years, and also one of the region’s least sunny in almost half a century. It was a classic northern climate, one that has not been seen much since. Rainfall was normal, the summer was dry, and temperatures were constant throughout the growing season. This absence of extremes resulted in slow and steady grape maturation. Under these circumstances, the fruit was intense, elegant and beautifully structured. Heterogeneity in the vines brought great complexity, with a full spectrum flavours and aromas observed upon harvest.



    For Krug, the year 2008 gave birth to a great classic Krug Champagne balancing structured freshness and diverse flavours. Krug 2008 exhibits both power and elegance with a textured and intense mouthfeel very characteristic of the year’s wines, which uniquely reconciled intensity and quality.

    To tell the story of 2008, a selection of Pinot Noir plots’ wines constitutes more than half of the blend (53%) coming primarily from Krug’s emblematic plots of the Montagne de Reims Sud, including Aÿ, Mareuil, Bouzy and Ambonnay. Meunier plots’ wines (25%) bring tension and citrus, while aromatic Chardonnay plots’ wines (22%) imbue the blend with fruit.

    The extraordinary profile of Krug 2008 comes after 12 years in the cellars, gaining in expression, harmony, and finesse. At first sight, an intense and brilliant golden hue. Krug 2008’s nose is expressive and very complete with round aromas of honey, liquorice, menthol, orange peel and grapefruit. On the palate, notes of quince, candied fruits and citrus, yellow kiwi, star fruit, honey, apple tart, butter cookies, orange peel, peony and fennel, with floral and menthol undertones. It has a long, balanced and precise finish with astounding structure.

    The Krug musical composition of 2008 is powerful and harmonious at the same time, contrasted with pulsating sounds, like a piano score by Tracy Chapman. As all Krug Champagnes, Krug 2008 will continue to gain with the passage of time.


    Krug 2008 will beautifully accompany a variety of delectable dishes from sea to earth, including oyster tartare with a lobster emulsion, tagliatelle with mussels and basil, rabbit terrine with sorrel, or dishes prepared using aromatic herbs such as oregano and thyme. It will also pair nicely with any dessert that contrasts vivacity and roundness, such as a passionfruit lemon meringue.”

    Julie Cavil, Cellar Master, House of Krug.

    Note to Editor

    Krug 2008 is available for purchase by itself or within a special “Les Creations de 2008” set consisting of Krug 2008 and Krug Grande Cuvee 164 eme edition which only 1,600 of this highly limited set exists worldwide.



    Krug has always lived up to its reputation as the first and still unique Champagne House to create only Prestige Champagne every year since its foundation. The House was founded in Reims in 1843, by Joseph Krug, a visionary non-conformist with an uncompromising philosophy. Having understood that the true essence of Champagne is pleasure itself, his dream was to craft the very best Champagne he could offer, every single year, regardless of annual climate variations. Paying close attention to the vineyard’s character, respecting the individuality of each plot and its wine, as well as building an extensive library of reserve wines from many different years allowed Joseph Krug to fulfill his dream. With a very original approach to Champagne making, he decided to go beyond the notion of vintage to create the most generous expression of Champagne, every year. Thus, he founded a House in which all Champagnes are of the same level of distinction, each illustrating a particular expression of nature.