Rustic yet refined Spanish fare at the quaint neighbourhood tapas bar 

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    << 23rd June, 2020 – Hong Kong>> JIA Group’s neighbourhood tapas bar 22 Ships is now back on Ship Street with a fresh look. Honouring the city’s constant hunt for authentic and honest Spanish flavours, the revamped tapas bar will take a new culinary direction under the helm of Chef Antonio Oviedo, offering delectable tapas staying true to the timeless tradition, all served in a convivial yet relaxed setting.

    “22 Ships is a buzzy neighbourhood tapas bar favoured by many for years,” said Yenn Wong, Founder and CEO of JIA Group. “The new 22 Ships will keep its casual and easy-going ethos, with new synergy of Spanish classics, comforting flavours, relaxing ambience and warm hospitality — a place that people would keep returning to.”


    Introducing Chef Antonio Oviedo

    A Madrid native, Chef Antonio Oviedo knows bona-fide Spanish tapas by heart. He has worked under some of Spain’s finest chefs including Santi Santamaria and the Roca Brothers. At 22 Ships, he is determined to continue the social sharing custom loved by all, delighting guests with a large array of traditional tapas originating from different parts of Spain, all created with fresh and sustainable ingredients in a modern way.

    “Madrid has a long tradition of welcoming people from all different regions of Spain. The tapas scene is vibrant and unique there as the bar owners are from a diverse background. I would like to reflect this vibrant bar culture and the richness of Spanish culinary tradition at 22 Ships with a multi-regional menu and wine list,” said Chef Antonio on the new culinary direction. “While Hong Kongers are no stranger to tapas, there are still many classics from Spain awaiting people to explore. The new 22 Ships would bring these lesser-known authentic flavours to town, with a relaxed vibe where lots of fun and uncomplicated comforts ensured.”


    Introducing the All New 22 Ships Food Menu

    Presented in a simple yet bold manner, the new 22 Ships menu includes a range of multiregional tapas, together with quality Chacinas (cold cuts) and Quesos (cheeses). Indulge in Boletus Croquetas with Iberico Ham (HK$48/pc*), a traditional yet refined croqueta with creamy Boletus mushroom filling; Iberico Salchichon Tartare with Avocado Sorbet (HK$160*), for which the salchichon gives a nice texture and umami; Rusa and Sea Urchin On Toast (HK$180*) which combines potato salad with sea urchin – the two favourites of Spaniards, and Sardines in Ajoblanco Almond soup with Grapes (HK$128*), Chef Antonio’s modern interpretation on the popular garlic cold soup.

    Meat lovers can happily share the Roasted Suckling Pig (HK$388*), which was prepared following a traditional recipe and slow-cooked for 24 hours before roasting, resulting in juicy and tender meat that falls off the bone easily. Another highlight is the Chicken Pepitoria with Ibérico Ham, Saffron and Almonds (HK$298*), a modern take on the comforting, generations-old Spanish family dish.

    All ingredients used at the new 22 Ships are of the highest possible quality and sourced directly from small-scale producers in Spain where possible. Examples of such ingredients includes the rare Arbequina Olive Oil from Castillo de Canena in Andalusia, whose olive-producing history dates back to 1780. They are known particularly for their commitment towards sustainable development, seen by the generation of photovoltaic energy on-site to mitigate soil erosion and to preserve autochthonous vegetation. Other delectable premium Spanish ingredients on offer include the deep-sea Carabinero, renowned for their jumbo size and striking colour; Payoyo artisanal cheese of the Sierra de Grazalema, made with the milk of the native cattle species: the payoya goat and merina sheep from Grazalema; and Marcona Almonds, a shorter, rounder, softer and sweeter variety of almond than the common California variety.


    Introducing the new Beverage Program at 22 Ships

    To go with the new food direction, 22 Ships’ wine list brings in an array of Spanish grape varieties from different regions. The 20+ choices of wines, of which 90% are vino español, would be available by the glass, by carafe and by bottle, allowing diners to explore old and new favourites with no fuss. Sherry lovers, fear not as the tapas bar will continue to offer its signature selection of sherries, with a house sherry served from a barrel. In addition to the wines, there will be a menu of classic Spanish street-social style drinks refreshed with culinary style ingredients. Guests can enjoy their choice of brandy, sherry or vermouth paired with home-made sodas including strawberry & tarragon or tomato & lemon balm. Also on the menu are red and white sangrias topped with tangy citrus foam, together with a signature house Negroni, where the classic ingredients meet sherry, chocolate and a dash of wine vinegar.


    The New Look of 22 Ships

    The interior of 22 Ships is remodelled to echo the return of traditional yet modern Spanish tapas, while keeping the same easy-going neighbourhood charm. The buzzy open kitchen counter, now with a pale pink marble top, continues to take the central stage and create a social environment where diners have the opportunity to converse with the chefs. The façade cum al fresco communal table is re-decorated with wooden frames and panels to add a warm, homely touch. Peachy pink and dark green colours are introduced to warm up the whole space further; menus and daily specials are hand written on the boards opposite to the open kitchen, the same way as most of the tapas bars do in Spain.

    The new 22 Ships will continue its “no reservation, no service charge” policy. Open Tuesday to Sunday, guests can come for tapas and drinks on the spur of the moment.


    About 22 Ships

    Named for its address on the quaint Ship Street in Wan Chai, 22 Ships is a “no reservations, no service charge” tapas bar which offers rustic yet refined Spanish fare in a buzzy, relaxed setting. Revamped in 2020, the tapas bar now features a range of traditional yet modern multi-regional tapas created by chef Antonio Oviedo, together with a dynamic drink menu focusing on Spanish wines, sangrias and classic street-social style drinks.

    Restaurant Contact Details
    Address: 22 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Website: www.22ships.hk
    Social media: @22shipshkg
    Opening hours
    Tuesday – Sunday: 6pm – 11pm
    Closed on Mondays