An experimental cocktail concept for the explorers at heart

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    <<26th August 2019 – Hong Kong>> Hong Kong’s first contemporary tea cocktail bar, Tell Camellia has officially soft opened its doors in the heart of Central. In true speakeasy fashion, Tell Camellia is hidden away within an alley in H Code, speaking to the city’s discerning and adventure-seeking cocktail lovers. Led by industry veterans and co-founders Sandeep Hathiramani and Gagan Gurung, Tell Camellia introduces a unique cocktail drinking experience based on exotic teas sourced from around the world.

    Tell Camellia encapsulates the soul of an explorer in pursuit of a road less traveled. The name is inspired by Camellia Sinensis, a species of evergreen shrub native to East Asia whose leaves are used to produce tea. To find it, one must traverse the hidden paths across the world that lead to the mountainous regions and hidden valleys where Camellia Sinensis thrive. At Tell Camellia, guests are invited to travel through the cocktail menu’s various regions and fully immerse themselves in the world’s most exciting tea cultures.

    Experimental Tea Cocktail Menu at Tell Camellia

    Each story-rich Teatail is named after the origin of tea blend used, boasting highly unconventional ingredients that share the unique food culture and tea-drinking traditions of the region. Australia is inspired by the continent’s rich horticulture industry, along with its famous wildlife and chocolate biscuits. The cocktail is made with the lush and earthy Yalangi Rain Tea, a tea cultivated in the far northern wilderness regions of Queensland where rainfall reaches 400 centimeters per year. Other ingredients include chocolate Tim Tams, clarified strawberry, blue cheese, whiskey and a garnish of koala munches.

    The fizzy, citrusy and aromatic Turkey is inspired by the historic and local ingredients enjoyed across the region. The Rize Tea-based cocktail also contains the Turkish national drink of Raki, or Lion’s Milk, created with re-distilled grapes and aniseed. Enjoy the fruity libation with a garnish of Kimyon leaf, a fragrant spice traditionally used to season savoury dishes.

    Kenya explores the flavour profiles of the country’s diverse agriculture and local delicacies, combining Kenyan Marinyn Tea and homemade banana wine with orange-fleshed sweet potatoes and crunchy cornflakes to make for a well-rounded sip. The slightly vegetal cocktail is finished off with a hint of honey and aged rum.

    Home to the world-famous Ceylon Tea, Sri Lanka is known for its ideal ecosystem for growing high-quality tea. For this cocktail, Ceylon Tea is first rotovaped, and blended with coconut, basmati rice, green algae, rye whisky, and homemade Ape Amma milk wine that is traditionally drank in Sri Lanka during the festive season. With the aim to combine the island nation’s diverse landscapes within a glass, the nutty and full-bodied Sri Lanka is garnished with sea coral tuile inspired by its beautiful oceans.


    Take a whirlwind trip to the land of the rising sun with Japan, a cocktail that celebrates the local delicacies, tea culture and minimalistic style of the Japanese. The umami-filled cocktail is served in a floating wooden cup, and combines re-distilled and evaporated matcha tea, shochu, pumpkin seed, mint, fermented soybeans, and a garnish of rare plankton and seaweed dust.


    T&Tonic, a subsection of the cocktail menu dedicated to herbal and tisane teas that are re-distilled with gin, includes an array of alcohol and non-alcoholic options. The quirky takes on the classic G&T include Mango & Strawberry, Italian Almonds & Truffle, Chocolate & Coconut, and the non-alcoholic T&Tonic of Rosemary & Sweet Lime.


    All Teatails and T&Tonic cocktails are priced at HK$95 each, with an additional 10% service charge. Other beverages such as wines by the glass and bottle, beers and classic cocktails will also be served at Tell Camellia.


    Introducing Co-Founders Sandeep Hathiramani & Gagan Gurung

    Hong Kong native and acclaimed bar specialist, Sandeep Hathiramani is an established figure within the food and beverage community. Having won numerous awards, including but not limited to Asia’s 50 Best Bars, World’s 100 Best Bars, and Best Cocktail Bars of Hong Kong. Sandeep brings both conceptual and financial management to the table, having worked on multiple projects across Hong Kong, Macau, India & China. Currently, he is the co-founder of the newly opened cocktail bar Tell Camellia, along with Gin Festival HK and The Bar Awards HK & Macau.

    Award-winning bartender Gagan Gurung started his career as a chef before earning his reputation behind the bar. His profound knowledge of food and drink flavour profiles and aptitude to experiment with aromatic herbs, spices and exotic fruits has earned him recognition in his profession. Gagan’s accolades include Asia’s 50 Best Bars, Top 25 Bartenders 2017 HK, winning first place in Gin Mare HK 2018 and third place globally.


    About Tell Camellia

    Tell Camellia is a bar that communicates the story of a road less traveled. It embodies a passion to explore and experience the unknown; to travel the hidden paths across the world that lead to the mountainous regions and hidden valleys in search of Camellia Sinensis, the bush plant of Tea. Tell Camellia is a blend of contemporary style and timeless sophistication that shares the rich tea drinking traditions and flavors of tea-producing countries through experimental drinks.


    Tell Camellia – Bar Information

    Tel:  +852 2366 2115

    Email: info@tellcamellia.com

    Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 6pm-1am

    Address: H Code, LG Floor, 45 Pottinger Street, Central

    Instagram: @TellCamellia #TellCamellia

    Facebook: @TellCamellia

    Website: www.tellcamellia.com