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    <<4th September, 2019 – Hong Kong >> One-Michelin-starred Relais & Châteaux member TATE Dining Room presents a unique new eight-course dégustation journey by award-winning chef Vicky Lau, coupling intricate French cooking techniques with premium Chinese ingredients and nostalgic elements. The refreshed wine pairing offers an exquisite taste of blends from France and China’s notable wine regions, providing a new way to experience Chef Vicky’s memorable and aesthetic Michelin-starred dishes.

    The new Innovative French x Chinese eight-part menu by Chef Vicky Lau is priced at HK$1,680+10% per guest with the option of wine pairing starting at an additional +HK$190 for a glass of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, +HK$480 for three glasses and HK$780 for six glasses.

    New Eight-Course Tasting Menu with Innovative Chinese Elements at TATE Dining Room

    The story begins with a delicate bite-sized treat of crispy tart with Chinese-inspired drunken sweet shrimp, followed by the complex textures of duck parfait and Chinese sausage with mango salsa and rice cracker.

    The conch is a long-revered seafood ingredient in traditional Chinese cooking and medicine, believed to possess various healing properties. The first course, an Ode to Conch is Chef Vicky’s take on the delectable fresh sea conch, prepared with umami-rich seaweed jelly and pumpkin puree.

    Other courses to look forward to include Chef Vicky’s signature Ode to Pâté en Croûte with a Chinese twist of fresh abalone and pork, topped with Chinese Xiaoxing wine jelly and white asparagus perfumed with black garlic puree. The new wine pairing introduces an elegant Matsunotsuka Junmai Ginjo sake from Japan’s Shiga prefecture, a crisp and slightly sweet complement to the umami imparted by the abalone.

    The third course, Ode to Kumquat, features a plump sautéed Hokkaido scallop served with pickled daikon, a traditional French Grenobloise brown butter sauce and a final Chinese touch of Chinese mandarin (kumquat) and dried scallop.

    This brings guests to the fourth chapter, an Ode to Turbot, starring steamed Brittany turbot served with yellow wine sabayon and emulsion, sautéed baby artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke puree, and a bed of sweet and tangy lemon jam.

    The fifth chapter, an Ode to Lobster is a roasted blue lobster caught fresh from Brittany, France, served with carrot red bean curd sauce and topped with compressed pineapple.

    A dish that highlights the finest known producer of French duck in the world, Ode to Challans Duck is a pan-roasted Challans duck breast juxtaposed with figs and red date compote, finished with a savoury duck jus. The hand-reared Challans duck is known for its lean, tender flesh, unique gamey flavour and beautifully crisped skin.

    Ode to Brillat-Savarin presents Chef Vicky’s creative approach to the soft, white-crusted triple-crème dessert cheese from Burgundy, France. It is often called the ice cream equivalent of cheese, due to its brie-style buttery interior paste. AtTATE Dining Room, Brillat-Savarin is served not just with rye bread toast and plum gel, but also with assorted Chinese condiments such as ginger, hawthorn bar, dried plums and bergamot.

    The Ode to Chestnut is a nostalgic Hong Kong style dessert of chestnut sago soufflé, served with Chestnut paste made to soufflé with sago, with Pu-Er Ice-Cream. Following this artistic spectacle, guests will be able to close the sweetest chapter of their meal with a range of delicate mignardises from the newly constructed miniature chest of drawers.

    The final Ode to Chinoiserie showcases a playful assortment of small pastries that draw inspiration from Chef Vicky’s Chinese upbringing. Choose from an elegant selection of Rose Chocolate Fan, Red Date Chocolate Bon Bon, Ginseng Chocolate Bon Bon, Green Tea Sesame Chocolate Bon Bon, Chinese Liquorice Root with Lemon Pate de Fruit, Guava Marshmallow, Mango Kaffir Lime Mini Gateau, Passion Fruit Candied Caramel and Mint Candied Lollipop from the beautiful new custom-built trolley.

    The full details of the new menu available now at TATE Dining Room as below:




    Petits Salé

    Crispy Tart with Drunken Sweet Shrimp

    Rice Cracker with Mango Salsa topped with Duck Parfait Chinese Sausage


    Sour Dough with House Seaweed Butter


    Seaweed Jelly with Pumpkin Puree and Conch




    Made with Abalone, Pork and Chinese Mushrooms accompanied with White Asparagus and Black Garlic


    Brioche with Fermented Tofu Butter




    Warm Sea Scallop accompanied by Aged Kumquat Grenobloise-Style Sauce



    Steamed turbot with yellow wine sauce, baby artichoke with Jerusalem artichoke puree




    Blue Lobster with Carrot Red Bean Curd Sauce and Pineapple



    Pan Roasted Challan Duck Breast with Fig and Red Date Compote, Duck Jus





    (supplement +HK$280 per person)

    Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with Aubergine, ‘Rossini style’ served with Herbal Beef Bouillon



    Accompanied with assorted Chinese condiments



    Tahiti Vanilla Cream, Yogurt Meringue with Guava Sorbet

    and refreshing Kaffir Lime




    Chestnut Sago Souffle with Pu’er Ice Cream




    Rose Chocolate Fan

    Red Date Chocolate Bon Bon

    Ginseng Chocolate Bon Bon

    Green Tea Sesame Chocolate Bon Bon

    Chinese Liquorice Root with Lemon Pate de Fruit

    Guava Marshmallow

    Mango Kaffir Lime Mini Gateau

    Passion fruit Candied Caramel

    Mint Candied Lollipop


    Vicky Lau – Chef-Owner of Tate Dining Room (@ChefVickyLau)

    The undisputed queen of innovative Innovative French Chinese fine dining in Hong Kong, chef Vicky Lau takes pride in her talent for visual artistry from her previous life as a graphic designer. Her innate creativity is evident in the seasonally evolving tasting menus with each course designed by chef Vicky Lau to evoke emotions and stir the imagination with an intriguing play on flavours and textures. Chef Vicky Lau’s culinary skill and artistic talent earned TATE Dining Room’s first MICHELIN star in 2013, successfully maintaining its star in the years that followed.




    About TATE Dining Room


    Established in 2012, TATE Dining Room is a fine dining restaurant serving an eclectic mix of French and Chinese cuisine presented in what they call, Edible Stories – an exploration into culinary expressionism. The talented individuals of TATE’s team create dishes with not only the freshest and the most vibrant ingredients possible, but also the utmost attention on quality, flavor and every intricate detail; serving up wholesome yet tantalizing dishes. Founded by Vicky Lau, chef and owner of TATE who has always been a creative spirit. Having been a creative director for a number of years, she was inspired to tap into an extra dimension to her creative vision – and her lifelong passion for food – and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu to obtain her Grand Diplome.


    Following her stint at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Lau officially made her maverick move from design to embark on her culinary career and was working at one of the most acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong. Having gained invaluable firsthand experience, Chef Lau realized her vision by combining the best of her instincts and talents in design and food into a space where guests are invited to share and experience her passion — at TATE Dining Room & Bar. In 2015, Chef Lau has been named Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef and the restaurant has also been consecutively awarded 1 Michelin star since 2013.


    For more information, please visit www.tate.com.hk


    Restaurant Information

    Address: 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

    Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 7pm – 11pm

    For bookings please call: (852) 2555 2172 or email info@tate.com.hk