Quinary, The Envoy, Ori-gin and VEA Lounge Unveil a Range of Seasonal Cocktails

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    <<28th November, 2018 – Hong Kong>> Housing a collection of some of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed bars such as Quinary, VEA Lounge and Room 309, Tastings Group has established itself as a leader in pioneering the modern cocktail experience led by Executive Mixologist, Antonio Lai. This season, Tasting Group announces the arrival of new fall creations across four of its award-winning venues: Quinary, The Envoy, Ori-gin and VEA Lounge.

    New Fall Cocktails at Quinary, The Envoy, Ori-gin and Vea Lounge

    Quinary: “The Seven Necessities”

    Visitors from all over the world flock to visit Quinary (#15 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars and #40 on World’s 50 Best Bars), the home of multi-sensory mixology. This fall, Head Bartender Samuel Kwok takes inspiration from the “Seven Necessities to begin a day” in Chinese culture to create tipples using one or more of the elements in the ingredients of the seven staples. Namely, the staples are firewood (smoked, torched, toasted), grain (rice wine, glutinous rice, tubers, starches), oil (fat-washed spirits, texturiser), salt (Chinese preserved vegetables, savoury), sauce (plum sauce, bean paste), vinegar(homemade shrubs, sweet vinegar) and tea (classic red tea, matcha).

    Highlights from the new fall/winter seasonal menu include Gum Zhum(金針) (HK$140), a strong and earthy concoction under the “Firewood” category, created with Tanqueray gin re-distilled with blaze mushrooms and dried lily flowers, Campari-softened goji berries and Carpano Classico. Yuk Bing Su (玉冰燒)(HK$130) falls under the “Oil” category, a silky and fragrant cocktail made with mezcal, coriander-slow cooked Chinese rice liqueur, Amaro Montenegro, toasted glutinous rice syrup, citric acid and a sliver of cheese with assorted micro-herbs and spices. From “Tea”, the Foh Maa Yan (火麻仁) (HK$150) features a Michter’s Rye whiskey infused with torched coffee beans, hemp seed syrup, grated Tonka bean, cream, Thai tea foam and “bubble” biscuits with crushed hazelnuts – adding a rich and nutty element to the ultra-smooth cocktail.

    The Envoy: “Winter Garden Soirée”

    This season, The Envoy led by Head Bartender, Hungie Fong, transforms a section of its menu to a festive and enchanting garden soiree full of wintery and earthy floral surprises. Of the many alcoholic and spiritfree cocktails on offer, must-try libations include the Crystal Osmanthus (HK$128), an elegant take on the classic Cantonese Kwai Fah Gou, where perfumed Osmanthus flowers are combined with the faint sweetness of goji berries in a crystal jelly cake. The cocktail is made with Tanqueray London Dry gin, homemade Osmanthus and jujube syrup, Amaro Montenegro, Fernet Branca and lemon peel, served ceremoniously with a crystallised jujube. Mori-Mori (HK$138) is named after the Japanese phrase for “lots of vitality”, and that is the wish of this refreshingly herbaceous and blooming offering. Mori-Mori is an amalgamation of fennel slow-cooked Beefeater gin, St. Germain, Kyoho Murasaki, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, fresh fennel and red grapes. In Italian, “amaro” means bitter, while Amaretto means “a little bitter”. Reflecting on the small amount of Amaretto used in the cocktail, A Little Bitter (HK$138) helps make everything “a little better” – likewise serving as a charming little reminder in life.

    Ori-gin: “Childhood Nostalgia”

    Led by Executive Mixologist, Antonio Lai and Head Barman Edward Chung, this season, Ori-gin presents an embodiment of its light-hearted and unpretentious character. Ready yourself for a trip down memory lane with a kaleidoscope of childhood flavours, from the good ol’ milkshake to the soul-warming chicken soup.

    Old Bones (HK$128) by Edward Chung features nostalgic ingredients such as “Bak Kut Teh”-infused Carpano Classico, Maraschino liqueur, Angostura aromatic bitters and spicy dried fish skewers to complement. Sure to pull on some heartstrings is After School; After 8 (HK$128) by mixologist Gap Hui, made with cinnamon and orange slow-cooked Tanqueray gin, Fernet Branca, honey syrup, absinthe, Espresso, torched cinnamon stick and served with a chocolate ‘cigar’. A quirky take on an old-school classic, My Milkshake… (HK$128) by Russell Huen is a fun and whimsical cocktail that uses milk chocolate re-distilled Tanqueray gin, black sesame redistilled Tanquery gin, homemade clove syrup, white crème de cacao, egg white and Angostura aromatic bitters, finished off with chocolate dipped wafer and rainbow sprinkles.

     VEA Lounge: “Classics Reimagined”

    Led by Antonio Lai, VEA Lounge has opted for a theme that resonates strongly with their philosophy – “Classics Reimagined”. Classics are classics for a reason – they often represent a particular era or have a backstory to tell, and must be delicious and easy to replicate. Riding on the theme from last season, VEA Lounge introduces an evolution of the timeless creations, reimagined with seasonal products.

    Beautiful as it is timeless, Sesame & Sand (HK$128) features a unique combination of sesame oil fat-washed bourbon, oolong and yuzu concentrate and fresh cherry juice. The elegant and comforting Peach Shortbread (HK$128) is a homey concoction of shortbread re-distilled vodka, lemon juice, peach syrup, egg white, Amaretto and Angostura aromatic bitters, and arrives dusted with cinnamon sugar and crushed shortbread. A drink as enticing as its name implies, Burnt Butter (HK$138) is served in a classic Martini glass, created with burnt butter fat-washed Chivas whiskey, re-distilled Kahlua, pistachio oil, lemon juice, pear syrup, egg white and dehydrated cucumber skin powder.


    About Tastings Group:

    We are a homegrown independent group of bars and restaurants in Hong Kong, established since 2008. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength with the addition of Quinary (2012) our flagship multisensory cocktail bar that is a World’s 50 Best Bar; Origin (2013) the city’s first gin-focused cocktail bar set within close proximity of Lan Kwai Fong; The Envoy Bar & Restaurant (2014) is an elegant venue within The Pottinger Hong Kong, offering award-winning cocktails and British cuisine with a Colonial flair; and Michelin-starred VEA Restaurant & Lounge (2015) that overlooks the stunning skyline, featuring inventive Chinese-French fine dining with pairing options available on one floor, and a sultry cocktail lounge with delicious bar food on the other. The latest opening has been Room 309 (2018), a hidden hotel-room-esque bar located in the hidden rooms of The Pottinger Hong Kong. For more information, please visit https://www.tastingsgroup.com/