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    <<3rd October, 2016 – Hong Kong>> In a movement to celebrate the strong, influential and artistic women in the culinary industry, Seafood Room will be launching its first “Culinary Queens” series on 12th October 2016. Although the culinary arts can often be seen as a male dominated field, Hong Kong has cultivated some of the finest and brightest female chefs, food critiques, bloggers and television personalities in the world. Seafood Room strives to turn attention towards the efforts, advances and successes of female powerhouses in the industry. During the course of this empowering series, female icons from various industries and walks of life will work closely with Executive Chef James Cornwall and Head Mixologist, Match Chan, to develop an array of seafood dish specials and cocktails that cater to the tastes of the Hong Kong public.

    To kick of this powerful series, Seafood Room’s kitchen was enriched by the presence of Ms. Hilda Leung (see HERE), Founder & Chef at Flavor Works Cooking Studio,TV Chef, Cookbook Author, Columnist and TV host. In collaboration with Chef Cornwall, Hilda crafted a special menu based on some of her favorite seafood items. Her menu will be exclusive available at the Seafood Room during dinner service on 12th October.

    Chef Cornwall and Hilda will be serving the following special dishes:

    Crispy fried King Prawns & egg noodles avocado, berry and mango mash $240

    Pan Fried Atlantic Cod wasabi mayonnaise, pistachio and chocolate crumbs $260

    Kimchi Baked Sea Bream & Clams onion jam, green and red apple salsa $595

    Barbeque & Berry Glazed Lobster Salad crispy noodle fish and blue cheese mousse $320

    Grilled Spiced Salmon spinach wonton cup, lime yoghurt and mango-goji salsa $340

    Sous Vide Abalone with Sake Syrup green onions, ginger mousse, heirloom vegetable crisps $550


    Zesty Orange & Grapefruit Tart cream cheese, mint, caramel $110

    Mocha Truffle Puffs blue chocolate sauce, peanut-butter and  honeycomb crumbs $100

    “In Hong Kong, London & New Zealand, the majority of the kitchen staff are often male. I have worked with female chefs in the past and these experiences have taught me lessons on technique, creativity and work ethic. As a result, I have always wanted to invite interesting and influential female icons to collaborate with me on making Seafood Room an even better experience for our guests. I am proud to say that I finally have the opportunity to do so and with the help of these female influencers, I hope to develop seafood dishes that Hong Kong people will love.” says Executive Chef, James Cornwall

    “I am deeply honored to be a part of this meaningful campaign. I hope to bring light to the impact female chefs like myself have brought to the food industry and to encourage more females to go into this field. Being in the kitchen does not only consist of preparing food but it can also be a space for creativity and an outlet for stress. I am also thrilled to have worked closely with Chef Cornwall on formulating such a special menu that stems from my interest and passion for seafood. Although I have never worked in a professional kitchen before, I have experience in crafting my own cooking style and a palette for distinguishing the flavors that work best with seafood.” says Hilda Leung.

    The second round of the “Female in the Kitchen Series” will take place on 15th November 2016 with Ms. Debbie Wong. Debbie is a Hong Kong native who grew up in Canada and worked as a TV host for the Food Network Series. She was also named Food Hero Winner in 2015.

    Restaurant Details
    Address – 26/F, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Contact Info  – 3708-9668 or info@seafoodroom.hk
    Instagram – @seafoodroomhk
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