Royal Caviar Club’s first pop-up store will operate daily from 10am-8pm at Lane Crawford Pacific Place with new and exclusive offers

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    <<9th February 2021 – Hong Kong>> Renowned worldwide as a pioneering brand in fine food products, Royal Caviar Club offers exclusive access to the world of fine things and rare pleasure – from premium caviar and champagne to luxury accessories. Royal Caviar Club announces the launch of its first ever pop-up store, located at Lane Crawford in Pacific Place from now until Sunday, 7th March 2021. The pop-up store is open daily from 10am-8pm and will offer customers the chance to view and interact with Royal Caviar Club’s hero products like never before. The pop-up will also feature exclusive items and offers that are not currently available on the website, including a range of Besserat de Bellefon champagnes.


    Selection of Caviar at Royal Caviar Club’s Pop-Up Store

    Caviar and fine food enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Royal Caviar Club’s full range of caviar products will be available for purchase at the new pop-up store. Some classic caviar selections on offer include 30g-500g options of soft and delicate Superior Sturgeon Caviar with a uniquely fresh and creamy flavour, and the firm and crisp Royal Cristal Caviarwith its elegant, buttery and a long-lasting aftertaste, among others.


    Some rare caviar selections include Premium Baerii Rare with a silky-soft texture and melting umami-rich grains, the stunning golden-hued Royal Cristal Gold with unrivalled balance and a touch of sweetness, and Royal Beluga Caviar with its subtle flavours of the sea and rich aftertaste, among other picks. Accompany caviar purchases with special accessories such as Mother of Pearl Spoon, Caviar Tin Opener & Velvet Bag Set, or Aurum 23.75K Edible Gold Flakes Gift Set.


    Caviar gift sets begin at HK$3,000 that includes a 50g tin each of Royal Cristal Caviar and Imperial Ossetra Caviar, complete with a Mother of Pearl spoon set. The most luxurious gift set designed for the modern sophisticate, the Caviar Trio Gift Set includes 1x 50g tin of Royal Cristal Caviar, 1x 50g tin of Imperial Ossetra Caviar, and 1x 50g tin of Premium Baerii Caviar, presented together within an immaculate velvet-lined wooden box.


    Customers who purchase 2 tins of caviar or more will receive a complimentary unique gift box, exclusive to the Royal Caviar pop-up store.


    Exclusive Selection of Besserat de Bellefon Champagnes at Royal Caviar Club’s Pop-Up Store

    Founded by Edouard Besserat in 1843, Besserat de Bellefon is a charming House based in Epernay that produces a rare selection of Champagnes that are made at only 4.5 atmospheres of pressure across the range rather than the standard 6. The Champagnes are created primarily for pairing with food and are highly recommended to enjoy with Royal Caviar Club’s selection of fine caviar.


    Now available to purchase exclusively at the Royal Caviar Club pop-up store in Lane Crawford, some of the Besserat de Bellefon selections by the bottle include Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs NV (HK$710), Beserat de Bellefon Rose Brut NV (HK$610), and the premium selections of Besserat de Bellefon 1843 NV (HK$3,130) and Besserat de Bellefon Brigitte Bardot NV (HK$3,130).


    For the latest Royal Caviar Club news and for online purchases of caviar and other luxury food products, please visit www.royalcaviarclub.com.



    About Royal Caviar Club

    Hong Kong is a delicious paradise, where the sea meets the land and every type of delicacy can be found. If you find yourself in Hong Kong craving some of the finest Caviar look no further than the Royal Caviar Club. The Royal Caviar HK Club specializes in providing caviar along with the luxury accessories needed to fully enjoy the experience. Even better, The Royal Caviar Club will deliver the caviar to you within the bounds of Hong Kong. The Royal Caviar Club prides itself on the finest selection of caviars it is able to provide.


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