Marking the largest-ever single import of winter truffles in Hong Kong’s history

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    <<14th July 2020 – Hong Kong>> Renowned worldwide as a pioneering brand in fine food products, Royal Caviar Club offers exclusive access to the world of fine things and rare pleasure – from premium caviar and champagne to luxury accessories. Marking a historic moment in Hong Kong, Royal Caviar Club will welcome the arrival of 100 kilograms of top-grade Australian winter black truffles at 10am on Thursday, 16th of July. This year’s record-breaking batch of winter truffles will be launched and served at some of the city’s most renowned restaurants, including 1-starred Petrus at Island Shangri-La, 2-starred Ecriture, 3-starred 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, CIAK! in the Kitchen, 1-starred L’Envol, 1-starred 1s , 1-starred Gaddi’s at The Peninsula Hong Kong, and more.


    Australian Winter Truffle: The Black Diamond of Cuisine

    The most revered variety of black truffle in the world, Australian black truffles are harvested between the winter months of June through September. Harvest teams set out at the crack of dawn, led by specially trained truffle-hunting dogs. Once detected underground, truffles are carefully dug up, washed, dried, weighed, then graded according to size and quality before going to market. Truffles considered of the highest quality are graded “extra class”, characterized by their perfectly round and undamaged flesh weighing over 30 grams.

    Royal Caviar Club will launch 100 kilograms of Australia’s finest winter truffles on 16th July at Bernardaud showroom in Hong Kong. A special media event featuring the prized black truffles will commence at 1:30pm, offering the prized first taste.


    About Royal Caviar Club

    Royal Caviar Club (RCC) is Hong Kong’s trusted fine foods distributor, enjoyed by some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. RCC offers an exclusive and unique range of top-quality caviar from around the world, made by traditional methods and using very little salt and zero preservatives. Foodies and connoisseurs may encounter RCC products at restaurants by Le Comptoir, such as 2-Michelin-starred Ecriture and refined izakaya concept Silencio, as well as Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred outlets such as Pierre and Mandarin Grill. Other points of sale include critically acclaimed establishments such as Otto E Mezzo Bombana Macau, ThinkWine, Frantzen’s Kitchen, ZEST by Konishi and Sushi Kuu.



    About Royal Caviar Club

    Hong Kong is a delicious paradise, where the sea meets the land and every type of delicacy can be found. If you find yourself in Hong Kong craving some of the finest Caviar look no further than the Royal Caviar Club. The Royal Caviar HK Club specializes in providing caviar along with the luxury accessories needed to fully enjoy the experience. Even better, The Royal Caviar Club will deliver the caviar to you within the bounds of Hong Kong. The Royal Caviar Club prides itself on the finest selection of caviars it is able to provide.


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