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    <<11th November 2020 – Hong Kong>> Renowned worldwide as a pioneering brand in fine food products, Royal Caviar Club offers exclusive access to the world of fine things and rare pleasure – from premium caviar and champagne to luxury accessories. In celebration of white truffle season, Royal Caviar Club has launched sales of the coveted Italian white truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) from now until January on its website, www.royalcaviarclub.com. Other products can also be purchased in the Royal Caviar Club online market space such as Caviar Party Packages, Lobster & Caviar, Caviar Cake, Caviar Crepe Cake and more.


    Sourcing only the highest quality white truffles harvested near Alba, Italy’s white truffle capital, Royal Caviar Club has earned the trust of reputed restaurant customers such as 8 ½ Otto E Mezzo Bombana, Ecriture, Octavium, Aria, Bo Innovation, L’Envol, Castellana, ZEST by Konishi, TATE Dining Room, and CIAK! In the kitchen.


    Italian White Truffle at Royal Caviar Club

    Unlike black truffles that can be farmed, white truffles must be foraged in the wild with the aid of a truffle hunter (trifulau) and a trained sniffer dog. These rare underground jewels grow in highly specific conditions, with a labor-intensive process for hunting. Each truffle must be sniffed out, then dug out carefully by hand so as not to disrupt the roots – and only in certain months of the year. In flavor and aroma, there is simply nothing quite like the white truffle. With intense aromas reminiscent of garlic, spice, and honey, the rare white truffle is the perfect complement to filled or egg pasta, risotto, roast meat, game, eggs, and cheese.


    Royal Caviar Club offers three sizes of truffles by pre-order only, including SMALL (minimum order 50g) from HK$1,400, MEDIUM (minimum order 50g) from HK$1,700, and LARGE (100g+) from HK$3,780. Truffles are selected under the guidance and expertise of Mr. Antoine Piccolo, aka Mr. Truffle, who, along with Royal Caviar Club, holds over 20 years of valuable experience in the truffle business to ensure only the highest quality products are sold.


    Some of the exceptionally rare large truffles weighing around 800g have already been sold to Michelin-starred restaurants, however one last 800g truffle is now available for sale to the public. For purchase enquiries, please contact Royal Caviar Club directly via email at info@royalcaviarclub.com or Whatsapp at +852 9447 8565.


    White truffle prices change daily, so please refer to the website for the latest updates: https://royalcaviarclub.com/collections/all. Once orders are made, purchases will be delivered straight to your home.




    About Royal Caviar Club

    Hong Kong is a delicious paradise, where the sea meets the land and every type of delicacy can be found. If you find yourself in Hong Kong craving some of the finest Caviar look no further than the Royal Caviar Club. The Royal Caviar HK Club specializes in providing caviar along with the luxury accessories needed to fully enjoy the experience. Even better, The Royal Caviar Club will deliver the caviar to you within the bounds of Hong Kong. The Royal Caviar Club prides itself on the finest selection of caviars it is able to provide.


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