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    <<14th October, 2016 – Hong Kong>> Led by French acclaimed chef Akrame Benallal and Head Chef Lise Deveix, Restaurant Akrame has undergone a massive makeover on all fronts — and is ready to make its public debut. The exciting changes bring focus to Akrame as a casual restaurant on the trendy Ship Street, in keeping with recent industry trends shifting towards the casual and gastronomical dining category. With Chef Akrame giving his 100% to the revamp, the interiors and dining experience now resemble that of its flagship in Paris (which is also going to be renovated soon), providing guests with a chic, relaxed and one-of-its-kind Parisian experience in the bustling heart of Wan Chai. 

    New Interiors with a Casual Touch

    Although the revamp brings with it a multitude of changes, the thematic colour of BLACK remains unchanged. Newly added to the dining room are beautiful black wooden chairs with grey cushions, and one special red cushion as a surprise on every visit. The new wooden tables have been re-designed in black with a slick copper trim, and our VIP room has been refurbished with a new black and grey sofa and bench that allow guests to enjoy Chef Akrame’s delicious creations in a more relaxed, interactive and comfortable environment. Located directly across the semi-open kitchen, the VIP room boasts unparalleled views of the chefs at work.

    New Menu with a Strong Seafood Focus

    The restaurant makeover has also inspired Chef Akrame to create a new tasting menu with a strong seafood focus, which includes key ingredients such as mackerel, clam, and snapper; as well as three new meat main courses to choose from, including duck, pigeon and beef. On cooking fish, Chef Akrame comments: “It’s hard to get right, and I love a challenge. Each fish has its own philosophy and personality, and it must be understood in a very singular manner.”

    Again, the colour black holds a special place in Chef Akrame’s heart, as he believes it to be profound, dense, intriguing and full of potential. Black is a signature colour found throughout Restaurant Akrame’s menu, from starters, mains and desserts, including fruit coated in black caramel, dishes created from bamboo coal, and much more.

    Restaurant Akrame’s A la Carte Menu: 

    Vegetal – Veal & Crab Ravioli/ Spinach – HK$188
    Shell – Clam/ Mint/ Cucumber Tagliatelle – HK$168
    Sea – Marinated Mackerel/ Corn – HK$168
    Surprise – Lobster/ Smoked Beef/ Tomato/ Mussel – HK$328
    Sailor – Snapper/ Beetroot/ Rhubarb – HK$268
    Pigeon/ Sweet Potato/ Pine Nut – HK$398
    Beef/ Potato/ Sardine – HK$448
    Lamb / Carrot / Olive – HK$378
    Ossau Iraty/ Beetroot/ Herbs – HK$168
    Herbs/ Maple Syrup/ Brick – HK$148
    Strawberry/ Charcoal – HK$168

    Lemon/ Sorrel – HK$118 

    The format of menus at Restaurant Akrame are as follows
    •      Lunch Menu (3 Courses) – HK$280
    With 2 glasses of wine pairing – HK$148
    With 2 glasses of juice pairing – HK$118
    •      Lunch Menu (4 Courses) – HK$380
    With 4 glasses of wine pairing – HK$298
    With 4 glasses of juice pairing – HK$168
    •      Degustation Menu (6 courses)
    Lunch – HK$580 + 10% service charge
    With 6 glasses of wine pairing – HK$398
    With 6 glasses of juice pairing – HK$248
    Dinner – HK$788 + 10% service charge
    With 6 glasses of wine pairing HK$668
    With 6 glasses of juice pairing – HK$368

    Editor’s Note

    Chef Akrame Benallal will soon be launching 2 new books, Instincts and Carnivore. Instincts shares 55 recipes from Akrame’s universe and is described by his friend and philosopher Jean-Paul Jouary. Readers will discover that chef Akrame, known for « Tradinovation »,  reinterpretes contemporary cuisine‘s codes through nine chapters (black, sensuality, illusion, childhood.)

    Carnivore shares 40 meat recipes from Chef Akrame’s meat bistro, Atelier Vivanda. He reveals everything, from the meat and cooking time to its main side, the potato.

    Chef Akrame is also working on a new French concept in Shanghai. Part of a building complex, the restaurant is well-located and will open in 2017. In Paris, two new restaurants are expected to open by the end of 2016.

    Restaurant Information
    Address: 9B Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-3pm & 6pm-11pm
    Tel: 2528 5068
    Instagram: @akramehongkong #AkramePower

    About Restaurant Akrame Hong Kong

    Restaurant Akrame Hong Kong opened in November 2013 and is Akrame Benallal’s first restaurant outside France.  Seating 30, restaurant Akrame is a much loved Hong Kong culinary landmark serving an a la carte and a tasting menu only, the same as his two-Michelin star restaurant in Paris. The restaurant has quickly become the restaurant of choice for adventurous epicureans, with a clean, contemporary design, cosy atmosphere, personally conceived and a la carte menu with fresh ingredients are selected with the greatest care earning Chef Akrame his first Hong Kong Michelin star within a year of opening in October 2014.