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    <<24th February, 2017 – Hong Kong>> Joining the ranks of Hong Kong’s fine establishments in the heart of Central is Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour. A hidden gem housed within The Landmark, this speakeasy is a must visit for the drink connoisseur who craves for a charming daytime drink or a decadent evening cocktail.

    Inspired by Dr. Robben Fern, an eccentric physician, this Gin Parlour pays tribute to his undying love for the study of botanicals. His passion for nature has led him to open a Gin Parlour where he soothes his patients’ ailments and stress related symptoms with his personal concoctions of fresh local herbs and botanicals paired with Gins. With handpicked ingredients from locally-sourced farms, Dr. Fern pours his creativity into the libations he crafts for his patients. Dr. Fern sources local and organic ingredients whenever possible for his supply pantry and works with local organic farms across the city to bring a fresh experience to his Gin Parlour.

    During the day, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is the perfect venue for a business meeting or a social gathering. Guests can sip on organic tea and coffee options, sustainably sourced from various parts of Australia. Premium tea brands such as Providore Tea and T Totaler Tea are represented at Dr. Fern’s with each cup aiding guests to relax, detox and receive an immunity boost. The rich and smooth brews at Dr. Fern’s are prepared with carefully selected beans from the brand Dimattina Coffee. Available for takeaway, Dr. Fern’s coffee is a great pick-me-up in the morning or to have throughout the day. To the excitement of foodies around Hong Kong, the establishment will introduce its afternoon tea menu in April.

    Transforming into a sultry and luxurious setting during night-time, Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour will serve exquisite cocktails, that are changed daily depending on the organic ingredients sourced. Accompanied by snacks such as Charcuterie and Cheese Plates, Dr. Fern’s is the ideal evening spot for an intimate night out. Music is good for the soul and Doctor Fern takes full advantage of this by enjoying music while completing botanical research. For inspiration, he sits himself in the Gin Parlour’s vinyl DJ booth and brainstorms away.

    Leading the team behind the bar is Gerry Olino, the former Head Bartender of the Island Shangri La’s Lobster Bar. With his creative prowess, Gerry will fully utilize the Gin Parlour’s extensive inventory of over 250 types of Gin to impress guests to no end. Each of the cocktails prepared at Dr. Fern’s will exude a variety of flavours, from Fruity to Spicy and Confectionary to Citrusy. The only bar in Hong Kong to carry the sought after and extremely rare Blind Tiger Gin, Dr. Fern’s does not skim when it comes to providing guests with the ultimate premium experience.

    Beside the seasonal cocktails that will change daily based on ingredients, the bar team has an innovative and original approach to making Gin & Tonic. The process begins with the use of a very tall and slim Collins glass that helps trap carbonation and concentrates the aroma. All of the suggested Gins on the pairing menu are stored in the freezer alongside the G&T glassware for a fresh and frosty drink. Too often, warm Gin & Tonic is poured over copious amounts of ice, producing a drink that is thinned down by water. Ice is added last to the Gin & Tonic to prevent foaming. Following this specific sequence of preparation is vital when it comes to crafting the perfect Gin & Tonic Suggested Gin & Tonic pairings include the Blind Tiger Gin & Fever Tree Tonic garnished with grated lime and rosemary (HK$175) as well as the G’vine Floraison Gin & Fentimans Tonic garnished with green grapes and doctors prescribed botanical (HK$135). Can’t decide what to order? Simply ask for the Doctor’s Prescription!

    Doctor Robben Fern designed his space like a vintage apothecary. He wanted to help his patients get comfortable and be at ease while he concocted remedies for their ailments. The custom wooden drawers and vinyl DJ booth at Dr. Fern’s contribute to the parlour’s goal of exuding a classy yet intimate ambiance, establishing the Gin Parlour as a welcoming and relaxed environment. Each aspect of Dr. Fern’s décor has been painstakingly customized, down to the lighting features and comfortable lighting that puts patients at ease. While sipping on their tonics, patients are soothed by the custom wallpaper at Dr. Fern’s that are adorned with elegant hand-painted elements.

    A part of the Ming Fat House (MFH) family, Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour will join unique F&B concepts like Mrs. Pound and Foxglove in the city. Centered on the busy life of burlesque dancer, Mrs. Pound, the MFH family is interwoven in an intimate way. A woman who could tempt even a monk, Mrs. Pound has rumoured love affairs with Frank Minza of Foxglove and Dr. Fern’s, her primary physician. Smitten by Mrs. Pound, Dr. Fern frequently cures Mrs. Pound’s ailments without charge. Known for their playful speakeasies and quirky restaurants, MFH has brought a breath of fresh air and never-ending novelty to Hong Kong’s culinary scene.

    The tasteful interior of Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour is the perfectly versatile backdrop for a cup of tea during the day or a nightcap to round off your evening – so don’t forget to drop in for your daily checkup.

    Restaurant Details

    Hours of Operation –

    Sun – Thurs // 2:00 pm – 1:00 am

    Fri – Sat // 2:00 pm – 2:00 am

    Address – Shop B31A, First Basement Floor, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

    Contact Number – 2111 9449

    Contact Email – info@drfernshk.com

    Website – http://www.landmark.hk/en/shopping/dr-ferns-gin-parlour

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DrFernsHK

    Instagram – @DrFernsHK

    About Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

    Dr. Fern’s is a cool speakeasy gin parlour showcasing premium gins with expertly made cocktails. Housing Hong Kong’s biggest Gin collection with over 250 Gins from around the world, this sultry hidden gem is located in Landmark, Central.

    About Ming Fat House

    Ming Fat House (MFH) was established in 2014. Our co-founders are Jonathan Bui, Shakib Pasha, and Eric Lam. MFH brings unique F&B concepts to Hong Kong with playful speakeasy’s and quirky restaurants.