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    <5th May, 2017 – Hong Kong>> A local gem within the Central district, dragon-i has made a reputation for itself as being a versatile venue that transforms from the trendiest dining spot to the hottest club in town. An establishment frequented by Hong Kong’s most glamorous crowds, dragon-i astounds time and again with its premium ingredients and excellent service.

    In line with dragon-i’s exquisite taste, there is no drink quite as luxurious as a glass of Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial. An innovative champagne crafted to be enjoyed on ice, this bubbly treat is perfect for sharing with friends and family. A style of champagne that exudes a vibrant fruitiness and sophisticated maturity, the Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial is an experience in and of itself. At dragon-i, the restaurant takes the premium experience one step further by treating guests to an exceptionally indulgent combination of champagne, oysters and caviar.

    To the delight of connoisseurs around Hong Kong, dragon-i will launch its much-anticipated Oyster & Caviar Happy Hour from 17th May onwards. Recurring each week from Wednesday till Friday at 5 till 9pm, guests will be spoiled with free-flow Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial paired with all-you-can-eat fresh oysters and decadent caviar. Priced at only HK$328 + 10% service charge per guest, dragon-i’s new Happy Hour is truly a deal unlike any other, and dare we say the best in town!

    During the course of dragon-i’s oyster and caviar extravaganza, guests will be treated to a variety of premium and fresh options. An excellent specimen that exemplifies a salty, mild and crispy flavour is the Tasmania Oyster from Southern Tasmania near Cove Kettering, Australia. For guests who prefer oysters with a less salty, milder and more mineral taste, the Irish Rock Oyster will be a tantalising experience. Paired with Arenkha Caviar from Spain that exudes a smoky and salty flavour, happy hour lovers will only be left wanting more.

    An establishment that values quality, dragon-i never fails to impress guests with an unforgettable experience. Join the team at dragon-i for an unparalleled Happy Hour experience.

    Restaurant Details

    Address – UG/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong
    Number – 3110-1222
    Email – info@dragon-i.com.hk
    Website – www.dragon-i.com.hk
    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dragonihongkong
    Instagram – @dragonihk

    About dragon-i

    dragon-i is Asia’s definitive vision of lounge, dining and partying with an electric and eclectic ambiance. The pinnacle of quality dining and trendy entertainment, dragon-i embodies the perfect blend of the Chinese and Japanese cultures. Established in November 2002, dragon-i is frequently graced by Hong Kong’s chic and cosmopolitan crowd. Regarded as the place to see and be seen, dragon-i’s sensual and decadent interior welcomes the global glitterati with eclectic beats, a premium party experience and tantalising dining specialities that includes a wide array of high quality Chinese and Japanese dining options, and their famous all-you-can eat dim sum buffet. Known for its ability to shift from the trendiest dining spot in Central to the hottest club in town, dragon-i is the perfect place for lunch, dinner and an indulgent night out.