Featuring a special tea collaboration with Plantation by teakha

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    <<4th October, 2019 – Hong Kong>> Home to traditional Jiangnan cuisine by Yangzhou-native Executive Chef Wong Kwan Man, JIA Group’s Old Bailey celebrates the culinary traditions of China’s most iconic region. Starting from 14th October and serving everyday, Old Bailey introduces a unique new afternoon tea experience that highlights Jiangnan delicacies and a carefully sourced selection of Chinese teas by local craft tea shop, Plantation by teakha. Tea plays a pivotal role in Jiangnan culture, and with the launch of this new experience, Old Bailey pays tribute to the age-old tradition within a uniquely modern context. 

    New Afternoon Tea Offering

    A veritable feast for the senses, the Savoury and Sweet afternoon tea set is composed of bite-sized portions of Old Bailey’s beloved signature dishes. Savoury selections include the Yangzhou Crystal Pork Terrine, Nanjing Salted Duck, Fresh Local Bean Curd Sheet with sesame oil, finely-minced Malantou with pressed bean curd, Traditional Xiaolongbao with Iberico pork and Mala Xiaolongbao with Szechuan numbing spice-infused soup.

    The sweet balances the savoury, with a palatable spread of traditional Jiangnan-style desserts such as Organic Soymilk Pudding, Jujube Paste Crispy Crepe, the “Rolling Donkey made with glutinous rice roll, red bean paste and toasted peanut, and the Chocolate Snowy Glutinous Riceballs.

    Introducing Old Bailey’s Plantation tea offering

    To complement the cuisine, sip on a selection of seven single-origin Plantation teas sourced from small tea estates in China, Taiwan and even locally in Hong Kong. As its name suggests, the Pre-Qingming Longjing is produced from the first spring shoots prior to the Qingming festival on the 5th of April each year. The special green tea leaves are harvested in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and give off a smooth, nutty flavour.

    Jasmine Pearls are hand-rolled young Chinese green tea leaves from Fujian province. The rolled pearls are scented with fresh jasmine flowers seven times, resulting in the tea’s intoxicating floral aroma.

    The sweet Anji White Tea is a delectable and highly rare green tea that is only produced in springtime. It is named “white tea” because of its delicate, white fur-covered buds.

    Plantation by teakha’s version of Earl Grey, the Red Jade with Bergamot Peel is a bold and citrusy concoction from Nantou, Taiwan, mixed with dried organic Taiwanese bergamot peel instead of bergamot essence. The artisanal Tangerine Pu-Erh from Xinhui, Guangdong features a loose-leaf pu-erh delicately placed into a carved-out tangerine fruit.

    Another coveted tea is the High Mountain Oolong, whose oolong leaves are grown in the high elevations of Alishan at 1,680 meters. The entirely hand-processed tea exudes rich, floral and rounded tasting notes. The final tea offering is Gong Mei, a beautiful white tea from Fuding, Fujian named after the ancient Chinese word for “offering to the great emperor”.

    The afternoon tea set is priced at HK$388+10% for two persons including regular coffee or tea, or HK$468+10% for two persons with specialty tea by Plantation by teakha (as above). Upgrade your afternoon tea experience further with a crisp glass each of Perrier-Jouet champagne, priced at HK$638+10% for two persons.




    About Old Bailey

    Old Bailey is housed in the historic Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts, and celebrates China’s most iconic cultural regions throughout history – Jiangnan – renowned for nurturing influential Chinese artists, poets and writers.

    A spacious outdoor terrace frames the 3,000 square foot restaurant, offering diners an elevated view of the Tai Kwun courtyard. Guests enter via the Artist’s Book Library, a mixed-use event space and lounge that is open to the public and features a curated collection of Asian Art books.

    Housed within the striking JC Contemporary building designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, Old Bailey celebrates regional Jiangnan cuisine, design, art and culture – elements that define JIA Group restaurants and reflect the personal passions of Yenn Wong, the company’s founder and CEO. In the same way the building seamlessly blends colonial architecture with a contemporary design, Old Bailey celebrates cultural traditions in a unique modern context.

    About Plantation by teakha

    Traditional teahouse serving globally sourced teas in authentic crockery & offering tea workshops.


    Contact Information

    Telephone: (852) 2877 8711

    Email: info@oldbailey.hk

    Website: www.oldbailey.hk

    Facebook/Instagram: @oldbaileyhk

    Address: 2/F, JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun, Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong (Enter via Blue Gate)


    Opening Hours:


    Lunch 12nn- 3pm

    Afternoon Tea – Daily from 2pm – 6pm

    Dinner 6pm- 11pm

    Weekend Brunch 12nn – 3pm


    Lounge (All day teas, cocktails, cakes)

    12nn – 11pm

    (Last order 30 minutes before closing)