The city’s first izakaya-inspired gastropub, as imagined by Arturo Sims  

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    <<2nd September, 2021 – Hong Kong>> Inspired by the Tokusatsu Japanese live action series of the 1960’s that saw giant Kaiju monsters facing off at immense heights against Kyodai heroes, MUSUBI HIRO is the towering new hero that brings a modern twist on old-school Japanese fare. Packing punches full of flavor and imagination, MUSUBI HIRO presents an epic yet down-to-earth menu of made-to-order musubi creations and re-imagined izakaya-style snacks, along with plenty of sake, cocktails and craft beer on tap.

    Street Art & Musubi at MUSUBI HIRO

    Starting from September and every month onwards, Musubi Hiro will host a local artist to take over the venue, create a mural and perform a solo exhibition. To kick start this program, Musubi Hiro will host the locally based French urban street Artist The French Girl (Caroline Tronel). From 1st-30th September, The French Girl will showcase her latest wall mural artwork and installations, in addition to exclusive art pieces on various materials that are available for purchase. Guests can enjoy the exhibition alongside mouthwatering limited-time French-style Snack and Musubi creations.


    Exclusive food items during the month-long The French Girl takeover includes Foie Gras Musubi (HK$168) created with foie gras poêlé, raspberry demi glace and apple & onion confit with mirin, soy sauce and pickled apples for an unexpected Japanese twist, and a snack of Tempura Camembert (HK$98) served with onion, pear and sake chutney and mini baguette.


    About The French Girl

    Growing up in Paris and being surrounded by street art, THE FRENCH GIRL (Caroline Tronel), was first intrigued by SPACE INVADER & ANDRE’s cute characters spreading good vibes around the city. She then developed creativity in another direction and graduated from the French Perfume School ISIPCA. Based in Hong-Kong for the past 5 years, THE FRENCH GIRL met the street artist CEET in December 2019. Generous and genuine artist painting chickens all over the region, CEET invited THE FRENCH GIRL for a visit of his street art residency based in Shenzhen called JARDIN ORANGE. This visit reactivated her long-time fascination for street art. Convinced that colors are livening up lives, THE FRENCH GIRL shares positive and energizing messages through her art.


    “After 13 years working in the corporate world in sales and marketing positions for the luxury and the beauty industries, COVID made me realize that creativity was deeply missing in my everyday work- life. On February 28th 2021, I took the decision to quit my job to dedicate full-time to my passion: MAKING ART.” – The French Girl


    A symbol of the millennial generation that is seeking for creativity and freedom, THE FRENCH GIRL is today an independent full-time artist.

    Signature Bites at Musubi Hiro

    Signature MUSUBI creations include the Classic Musubi (HK$68), which features spam marinated in special sauce packed between layers of top-quality Japanese koshihikari rice seasoned with sushi vinegar, homemade furikake, and wrapped with premium Japanese nori; Super Mega Musubi (HK$108) – surely not for the faint-hearted, this monster-musubi is encased in a crispy outer coating of a popular mystery ingredient; Torched Eel Musubi (HK$118), a classic and delightful pairing of local eel and rice drizzled with sweet sauce; OMG Sea Urchin Musubi (HK$208) piled high with an “OMG”-inducing amount of Japanese sea urchin; and Wagyu & Truffle Musubi (HK$158), a pairing made in heaven between soft, fatty wagyu and earthy seasonal black truffle.


    Signature SNACKS include Chicken Wings & Shishito Peppers (HK$78), featuring juicy chicken wings followed by palate-cleansing bites of bitter shishito; Hiro Panipuri Pops (HK$28 each), a crunchy and addicting panipuri shell filled with savory minced meat with secret mix of spices; Crab in a Bag (HK$58), a refreshing snack of cold minced crab; and Truffle Egg Potato Salad (HK$68), a Japanese-style potato salad infused with aromatic truffle.


    Musubi Hiro is now open for dine-in 7 days per week from 11am-12 midnight. For more details, visit www.musubihiro.com or @musubihiro on Instagram.




    About Musubi Hiro

    An izakaya-inspired gastropub that pays homage to Japan’s tokusatsu culture, Musubi Hiro serves up a storm of unique musubi recipes along with a curated selection of cocktails, sake and craft beer. Since the 1960’s, Japanese Kaiju monsters and Kyodai heroes have travelled the world – transforming and blending Japanese culture globally. Musubi Hiro’s inspiration is derived from the expansion of Japanese culinary culture to the world, with an eccentric setting that stays true to its vision. The lively atmosphere of an izakaya is set with the combination of Japanese hip hop, the loud personalities of our chefs, clinking glasses, and a booming chorus of “Welcome, Hiro!” to mark every hungry monster’s arrival. Musubi Hiro is the city’s ultimate destination for delicious food at affordable prices. Feeling hungry? Eat a Musubi!


    Restaurant Contact – Musubi Hero

    Address: G/F 37 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong

    Tel: +852-5597-6911

    Opening Hours: Daily 11:00-00:00am
    Website: www.musubihiro.com

    Email: contact@musubihiro.com / events@musubihiro.com