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    <<24th July, 2018 – Hong Kong>> Embracing the unique art of kaiseki, a culinary art form that places the highest emphasis on the seasonality of natural ingredients,Kashiwaya Hong Kong is the brainchild of Grand Chef Hideaki Matsuo and led on the ground by his protégé, Head Chef Atsushi Takahashi. On the evening of 16 August, Kashiwaya Hong Kong will debut a special collaboration menu with the world’s leading ethical caviar house, Kaviari, distributed by Gourmet-en-Provence in Hong Kong & Macau.

    Amid global concerns surrounding overfishing and sturgeon extinction, Kaviari is the first caviar house to lead the pro-sustainability movement towards farm-raised caviar. With a long history of building its brand on the finest wild Iranian caviar, Kaviari draws on 40 years of experience to find and select premier farm-raised caviar at the source. Earning the trust of the world’s top Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants, Kaviari is renowned for its meticulously house-aged and finely selected caviar.

    Collaboration Between Kashiwaya X Kaviari

    Head Chef Atsushi Takahashi has worked closely with his teacher, Grand Chef Matsuo, to craft a special menu featuring Kaviari’s coveted product. The caviar comes from Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon for the Oscietre caviar and from Acipenser Schrenki & Huso Dauricus sturgeon for the Kristal caviar, an ancestral fish found mainly in the waters of the Caspian Sea and which became a protected species due to overfishing. Kaviari was one of the first houses to adopt the eco-responsible farming approach as taught by the Iranian masters to preserve this endangered species of sturgeon. Fresh Japanese ingredients to complement the unique character of the caviar are hand-picked for quality by the Grand Chef Matsuo-san himself. Priced at HK$2,500+10% per guest, this special 11-course menu showcases traditional kaiseki with a modern twist featuring old techniques, premium ingredients and innovative presentations.

    Sample dinner menu is as below:


    Kuruma Prawn with Caviar Fried and Grilled Shiitake Mushroom, Winged Bean,

    Shrimp Jelly, Citrus Sudachi, Perilla Flower

    Using Caviar Kristal – Origin – China

    Kae: – 3 Kinds of Canapes

    Aged Billfish with Pine Nuts Mike and Caviar – Using Caviar Kristal – Origin – China

    Crab Meat with Salted Sea Urchin and Caviar – Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China

    Avocado with Slow Cook Egg and Caviar – Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China



    Cooked White Steam Taro Root with Salt Grilled Japanese Seabass, Black Eyed Pea, Red Plum, Yuzu



    3 kinds of Selected Sashimi

                  Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China



    Soba with Caviar, Perilla Flower and Leek – Using Caviar Kristal – Origin – China

    Monaka Sushi (Caviar, Perilla Flower, Slice Okra) – Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China


    Pick Conger Caviar with Yuzu – Using Caviar Kristal – Origin – China

    Kinki Caviar with Scallion – Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China

    Jack Mackerel Caviar with Giant Radish – Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China

    Picked Lotus Roots and Edamame



    Tomato and Lemon


    Scallop with Fresh Bean Curd Sheet, Broad Bean, White Fungus, Caviar, Gold Foil, Ice Plant

                 Using Caviar Oscietre – Origin – Europe / China



    Steamed Japanese Rice with Caviar and Grilled Sea Urchin, Wasabi, Mitsuba Leaf

    Using Caviar Kristal – Origin – China



    Homemade Japanese Sweet



    Assorted Japanese Fruits

    The exclusive Kashiwaya X Kaviari menu will be available from 20th – 25th August to the public. Advanced reservations are necessary.


    Restaurant Information

    Address: 8/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong

    For reservation, please call +852 2520 5218 or email info@kashiwaya.hk

    Website: jp-kashiwaya.com/hongkong

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kashiwayahk

    Instagram: @kashiwayahk

    About Kashiwaya

    Kashiwaya Hong Kong is the only overseas branch of the famous Michelin three-starred restaurant Kashiwaya in Osaka. Kashiwaya Hong Kong received two stars from Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2017.


    Established in 1977, the restaurant was first opened by Hideaki Matsuo’s father, Tadanori Matsuo. Hideaki Matsuo, the current owner, returned in 1992 and assumed the role as Head Chef of Kashiwaya after training in Tokyo. During his training, Hideaki Matsuo was inspired to develop his own philosophy of creating dishes. By taking over the family business, he was able to fully express his own personal philosophy of food and art.

    Passionate about retaining traditional, high quality kaiseki experience, while balancing food, atmosphere and service, Kashiwaya has remained as one of the most reputable and long standing restaurants in Osaka. The restaurant received two stars from Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka 2010 and three stars since Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka Kobe 2011 for seven consecutive years.

    Hong Kong Inspirations:

    In 2014, Hideaki Matsuo decided to branch outside of Japan to share this unique culinary experience to other parts of the world. Hong Kong was the natural choice. Local Hong Kong people enjoy different gourmet experience and appreciate the fine art of many types of cuisines, especially Japanese food. Hideaki Matsuo believes that local people are sophisticated customers and there are no truly kaiseki type of restaurants in Hong Kong.

    After much planning and preparation, Kashiwaya (柏屋) in Central was open in 2015. Located on On Lan Street, Hideaki Matsuo spent an enormous amount of effort recreating the feel of his Osaka restaurant. To fully appreciate the layout of the restaurant, each customer must first enter through a set of unlocked elevators. This ensures that each customer will walk through and experience the carefully selected artwork and design prepared.

    Kashiwaya Hong Kong was designed by Professor Yoshioka Sachio, the world famous fifth-generation master textile dyer and historian. The washi papers on the wall are dyed by Professor Yoshioka Sachio. The painting at the front door, clay pot vase and matcha bowls are made by Shiro Tsujimura, renowned Japanese potter and artist who has his work exhibited in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and The British Museum in London. The special pattern paintings in the dining hall are from Karacho, a famous papermaking factory who has very long history in Japan. Even the wall on the corridor is decorated with washi wallpaper in a unique pattern that was solely owned by the Sugino family in Kyoto that dates over six hundred years of history. All these settings allow the customers to be immersed in a vibe of Japanese art and culture.

    To ensure the quality and consistency of the food, Hideaki Matsuo has entrusted his student, Atsushi Takahashi, with over twenty years working experience at Kashiwaya, to be the Head Chef in Hong Kong. Integrating Hong Kong local’s love for true kaiseki experience, Matsuo and Takahashi carefully designs the seasonal menu by importing the freshest ingredients directly from Japan.

    Since opening in Nov 2015, Kashiwaya Hong Kong has already built a loyal customer base. Hideaki Matsuo’s dream has come to fruition. In 2016, Kashiwaya Hong Kong received two stars from Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2017.

    About Gourmet-en-Provence

    Gourmet-en-Provence founded in 2009, is the exclusive distributor of Kaviari in Hong Kong and Macau.

    Gourmet-en-Provence retail online shop: http://www.plantinkaviari.hk/en/