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    <<1st November, 2018 – Hong Kong>> This fall, enjoy the finest culinary delights that the season has to offer by way of two new menus at 1-Michelin-starred ON Dining by Chef Philippe Orrico. The first menu celebrates the advent of the White Truffle, featuring both a chef’s set menu and an a la carte menu of signature white truffle dishes. The second menu is a tribute to the hunting season, featuring dishes created with rare Game Meats and showcasing Chef Philippe’s skilful mastery of game.

    New White Truffle Menu this November

    The holy grail of foodies, White Truffles are back in all their aromatic splendour this fall. Chef Philippe Orrico makes classic use of the truffles with five new specials on the a la carte, including homemade Tagliolini (HK$860) with poached organic egg and brown butter. The vegetarian Egg Ravioli (HK$860) is also a dish not to miss, made with earthy Girolles mushroom and mushroom puree. The tender Japanese Chicken Breast (HK$980) is complimented by tagliolini and umami-rich lobster bisque sauce. All dishes are served with 10g of white truffle shavings. The full White Truffle Specials menu is as below:

    La Truffe Blanche D’ Alba (A La Carte)

    All dishes are Served with 10g of white truffle

    Scallops Carpaccio, Olives oil, Lemon                                                    $890

    Tagliolini, Poached Organic Egg, Brown butter                                 $860

    Traditional Risotto, Jerusalem Artichoke                                             $840

    Egg Ravioli, Girolles Mushroom, Mushrooms Puree(V)                 $860

    Japanese Chicken Breast, Tagliolini, Lobster Bisque Sauce            $980

    For those who wish to experience the full force of the season’s Alba White Truffle, Chef Philippe Orrico has fashioned a special 5-course set menu priced at HK$2,280+10% per person. Expect a decadent feast with white truffle shaved fresh onto every course, including Scallops Carpaccio with olive oil, lemon and shaved Alba white truffle and La Poule Faisanne wild pheasant consommé with Jerusalem artichoke, foie gras ravioli and truffle. Even the dessert, La Glace a la Vanille vanilla ice cream with chestnuts Chantilly, features a generous shaving. The full White Truffle Set Menu is as below:

    White Truffle Set Menu

    Served with 30g of white truffle

    Scallops Carpaccio, Olives oil, Lemon

    Shaved Alba White Truffle


    Egg Ravioli, Girolles Mushrooms, Hazelnuts Butter

    Shaved Alba White Truffle


    La Poule Faisanne

    Wild Pheasant Consommé, Jerusalem Artichoke, Foie Gras Ravioli

    Shaved Alba White Truffle


    Japanese Chicken Breast, Tagliolini, Lobster Bisque Sauce

    Shaved Alba White Truffle


    La Glace a la Vanille

    Vanilla Ice Cream, Chestnuts Chantilly

    Shaved Alba White Truffle


    New Game Menu

    It’s game season at ON Dining, signalling the arrival of wild meats bursting with intriguing flavours and essential Omega-3 fats. With special nutritional qualities that make them ideal for consumption, the wild meat also lacks an accumulation of hormones and antibiotics in the fat found commonly with farm-raised animals. Chef Philippe Orrico is one of Hong Kong’s most acclaimed chefs for his true mastery of game in the kitchen. At ON Dining, guests will be able to tuck into meats rarely seen in restaurants in Hong Kong, from venison and pheasant to wild duck, deer and hare.

    As tradition has it, a French Chef’s culinary skills are only as good as his Hare “a la Royale”. Le Lièvre A la Royale on Chef Philippe’s menu is priced at HK$588, served with spätzle, chestnuts and grapes. First, the hare is marinated for a week, before stuffing with black truffle and a few of the Chef’s secret ingredients. The tricky part about small game is getting the cooking temperature just right, and once it’s roasted to perfection, the dish is finished with a rich and buttery sauce “au sang”. The ever-comforting country-style Le Chevreuil is a traditional terrine of venison, served with redcurrant and saffron chutney and brioche (HK$298), and the flavourful Le Canard Sauvage features roasted wild duck with eggplant, figs, black garlic and Salmis sauce (HK$428).

    The full game menu is as below:

    Le Gibier (Game Menu)

    Le Chevreuil                                                                                                        $298

    Traditional Venison Terrine, Red currant & Saffron Chutney, Brioche

    La Poule Faisanne                                                                                                $328

    Pheasant Consommé, Foie Gras Ravioli, Truffle.

    Le Canard Sauvage                                                                                             $428

    Roasted Wild Duck, Eggplant, Figs, Black Garlic, Salmis Sauce

    La Biche                                                                                                                  $488

    Wild Fallow Deer Tenderloin,

    Cep Mushroom Risotto, Comice Pear, Sauce Grand Veneur

    Le Lièvre A la Royale                                                                                                $588

    Hare” A la Royale”, Spatzle, Chestnuts, Grapes


    Restaurant Information

    ON Dining Kitchen & Lounge

    Address – 29/Floor, 18 On Lan St, Central/

    Tel – 2174 8100

    Website – http://www.ontop.hk/

    Facebook – facebook.com/OnDiningKitchen/

    Instagram – @on_dining/

    About Chef Philippe Orrico

    Born on the French island of Ile de la Reunion, Philippe arrived in Hong Kong in 2006 to open the much-acclaimed Pierre restaurant at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong where he obtained 1 Michelin star. Philippe enjoyed meteoric success under his mentor, Gagnaire, in Paris, London and Hong Kong. Hullett House created a position especially for this young talent, as his reputation preceded him. Philippe Orrico obtained another Star Michelin in 2012 at Saint Georges in Hullet House.

    In December 2014, he continued his culinary adventure by adding 4 long-time friends to the team and rising stars of Hong Kong restaurant scene: Jeremy Evrard, Nicolas Deneux, Giancarlo Mancino and opened ON Dining in Central.  ON Dining obtained a Michelin star in December 2015. In 2016, Philippe was named Foodie Chef of the Year.

    About ON Dining Kitchen and Lounge

    ON Dining Kitchen and Lounge is a Michelin-starred restaurant by Chef Philippe Orrico. The split level restaurant and lounge offers stunning views over Hong Kong’s Central District and offers a menu inspired by the fresh ingredients and bright flavours of Europe and the Mediterranean.