Introducing a modern take on Hong Kong street food by Culinary Director Joe LEE and Head Chef Max LEE, with a bar program curated by award-winning mixologist Audrey Eschemann 

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    <<3rd January, 2017 – Hong Kong>> With three successful restaurant openings already under its belt in No. 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, ZS Hospitality Group strikes yet again with its fourth and final concept, LEE Lo Mei. Led by Director of Culinary & Operations Joe Lee and Head Chef Max Lee, Lee Lo Mei pays homage to centuries-old Hong Kong style street food traditions, with dishes re-invented with a fresh, modern twist. Just like its name, LEE Lo Mei promises bold and indecently delicious flavours – and is ready to serve Hong Kongers a unique slice of home.

    Leading the 1/F of LEE Lo Mei are the LEE’s, Director of Culinary & Operations Joe Lee and Head Chef Max Lee. The menu, which is available on both the G/F bar and 1/F, is a fun take on nostalgic Hong Kong street food commonly served in local Cha Chang Tengs. The menu spans 4 key sections, including Hong Kong-style small plates, big plates including local canteen style dishes + cast iron grill-cooked dishes, Claypot Rice, and “Lee’s Dessert Surprise” — all household favourites of local Hong Kongers.

    Signature dishes that are sure to bring up happy childhood memories around the dining table include Spicy Shelter Crab (steamed hand-picked fresh crab meat & roe, dried-shrimp, garlic chilli crumbs – HK$108), Steamed Cheung Fun (rice noodle steamed with sous-vide chicken, foie gras, black truffle and mushroom consommé – HK$138), “Ho Fun” in Swiss Sauce (A4 Wagyu Beef, Flat Rice Noodles, Swiss Soy Sauce, Sesame & Turnip – HK$258), Claypot Rice Bowl (Pork Head Meat Terrine Sausage, Sweet Soy Sauce, baked with Fragrant Rice – HK$228), Baked Chicken in Sea Salt (Yellow Spring Chicken, Whole Abalone & Sticky Rice stuffed in Lotus Leaf – HK$268), and Shrimp Roe Noodles (thick-cut raw sea scallops, air-dried beef – HK$178). While boasting nostalgic flavours, each dish has been meticulously re-created and elevated to reach the high culinary standards held by Chefs Joe Lee and Max Lee.

    The beverage program on G/F of LEE Lo Mei is curated by award-winning mixologist Audrey Eschemann, who recently won first place in the Marie Brizard Masters Competition against other top contenders in Hong Kong. Helmed by Bartender, Eddie Sung and his team, guests can enjoy 6 specially-curated cocktails dedicated to Hong Kong at the bar from 5pm onwards. Drinks include the N*8 Elixir (pisco infused with Chrysanthemum Flower/Honey/Egg White/Lemon Juice/ Ginger/Lemongrass – HK$128), Brittle Fashioned (peanut butter rum, shaoxing wine reduction, chocolate bitter – HK$128), and Bloody Victoria (Bols genever gin/Lemon juice /Tomato Juice/Shaoxing Wine infused Kaffir Lime Leaves and Chili/Anchovies Spice Salt – HK$128).

    The G/F and 1/F interiors are once again the work of Hernan Zanghellini of Zanghellini & Holt Associates. Reflecting the restaurant’s concept, the intriguing design takes Hong Kongers on a trip down memory lane while at the same time providing that modern, urban Hong Kong look and feel. The 1/F is a 1,800 sq. ft. restaurant that accommodates 55 guests, whilst the G/F bar enjoys a 1,000 sq. ft. space that can accommodate up to 40 guests.

    LEE Lo Mei has now opened for drinks on G/F 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong. The 1/F restaurant is open for dinner service only

    Restaurant Information:

    Opening hours:

    Ground Floor Bar
    Monday – Thursday: 300pm – 0000am (Drinks)
    FridaySaturday: 300pm – 0100am (Drinks)
    Sunday – Closed

    1st Floor Restaurant
    MondaySaturday: 600pm – 1100pm
    Sunday – Closed

    Address: G/F – 1/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
    Tel: 2896 1838
    Email: dine@leelomei.com
    Website: leelomei.hk
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leelomeihk/
    Instagram: @leelomei_hk 

    About Lee Lo Mei

    Bearing a name sure to make any Hong Konger stop in their tracks, LEE Lo Mei is the hottest new dining destination by ZS Hospitality Group, now open on G/F-1/F 8 Lyndhurst Terrace this December. At the helm of the restaurant are locally-born chefs, Director of Culinary & Operations Joe LEE and Executive Chef Max LEE, whose shared common Hong Kong surname inspired the title. A play on a popular Cantonese phrase, “LEE Lo Mei” also takes on a second, less profane meaning when translated directly into English: “LEE’s Delicious Food”. Hong Kong is truly a city like no other, thriving on modernity while abounding in tradition. Step into the G/F and savour the bar’s signature creations, shaken and stirred by an all-star team of local-born bartenders. On both the G/F and 1/F, guests can enjoy a menu created by Joe LEE and skilfully executed by Chef Max LEE, featuring premium quality dishes that elevate and redefine Hong Kong street food as we know it.

    About ZS Hospitality Group

    In awe of the Kitchen God, we are committed to culinary excellence, complemented by the most pleasant and fulfilling dining experience.

    ZS stands for “Zao Shen”, a legendary figure in Chinese folklore and F&B culture.“Zao Shen” is Kitchen God in Chinese. According to legend, “Zao Shen” is also one of the household gods, responsible for monitoring the virtue and behaviour of each family, bringing warmth, health, prosperity and happiness to mankind.

    “Zao” means “stove”. Named after the Kitchen God, we strive to do our best in pursuing fine food and impeccable service. Believing that good food is truly a blessing, we hope to bring a superb dining experience to each of our customers.

    As the Chinese say, cherish your food humbly and thankfully. We promise to do the best we could to promote sustainability. We grow and develop with the community. Through meaningful partnerships with other institutions and non-profit making organisations, plus leveraging on all appropriate resources, network and social media platform, we hope to encourage our business partners and customers to step up in protecting the earth and shaping a better living world.

    Established in 2014, ZS Hospitality Group currently owns 6 restaurants, namely “Home” (vegetarian), “Moi Moi” (Vietnamese), “Ee Da Le” (Italian), “My Thai Thai” (Thai), “Mamasita’s Cantina” (Mexican and Cuban), and “Lee Lo Mei” (fusion). With the exception of “Home” and “Moi Moi”, the other 4 restaurants are located at ZS Club (No 8, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong).