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    <<11th January 2021 – Hong Kong >> For the entire month of January, the flagship branch of Beef & Liberty in California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong, has been taken over by plant-based sister brand Leaves & Liberty.


    “From the start of our existence we have acknowledged the environmental impact of livestock farming. We go to great lengths to mitigate it in our supply chain and reduce it as far as possible in our operations. But the reality is that in order to help save the planet, we all should be eating less meat and more vegetables.” said Justin Kennedy, co-founder of Leaves & Liberty. January was chosen specially for the Leaves & Liberty restaurant debut, as it is the time of year when millions of people around the globe commit to a more sustainable approach to their diet and lifestyle.


    Starting on 11th January till 31st January 2021, in addition to a delectable menu of seasonal plant-based dishes by Chef Neil Tomes, Leaves & Liberty will introduce a special limited-edition burger, The Aftershroom created by sustainable food activist and renowned chef Peggy Chan. For every burger sold, HK$10 will be donated towards The Nature Conservancy.


    Chef Peggy’s 100% vegan burger is priced at HK$118, and features a breaded Lion’s Mane mushroom patty that is slathered with slaw made from kimchi by Shim Young-Soon sourced from Green Common. Homemade ‘veganaise’ balances the sweet and spicy Yangnyeom sauce, while the butter lettuce adds a refreshing crunchy texture. All of this is nestled between two toasted vegan sweet potato buns, making for a curiously light yet intensely flavorful burger packed with health benefits.


    “I wanted to introduce a whole food, plant-based burger that Hong Kongers would love. Many have said that Lion’s Mane mushroom – which resembles a large, white, shaggy lion’s mane – tastes almost poultry-like, similar to the stringy, delicate texture of chicken thighs or lean pork. I decided to combine this meaty superfood sourced from our mushroom suppliers, Luen Kee Ho, with kimchi slaw and Yangnyeom for a punchy and flavorful Korean twist. The burger is unique, and definitely one to choose over a regular Korean Fried Chicken burger!” says Chef Peggy Chan.


    “We are excited to debut Peggy’s burger at Leaves & Liberty, which is sure to spice up the menu with this fresh and savvy take on Veganuary. I look forward to working with and learning from her, as a leading chef and voice in restaurant sustainability that I’ve always admired,” says Chef Neil Tomes.


    About Chef Peggy Chan

    Peggy emerged as one of the region’s most authoritative voices on organic sourcing and sustainable food systems, where she is often invited to develop educational programs for schools, and consults other industries and start-ups on sustainable practices, empowering them to take action. Her goal is to encourage professional chefs to rethink their operational decisions from sourcing, menu development, to waste management.


    In 2012, Peggy Chan opened Grassroots Pantry (GP) in Hong Kong with a mission to raise awareness and share knowledge on the benefits of plant-based cuisine. Her approach is technique-driven, with an added dose of mindfulness, bringing out textures and depth of flavor in vegetables and legumes.


    Seven years later, she evolved GP into Nectar – a high-end dining concept featuring a progressive, seasonal tasting menu that uses locally sourced and often forgotten ingredients. The same year, GP’s first sustainability report was recognized by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ESCAP as a best practice case study on sustainable sourcing and responsible management.


    Her upcoming projects include leading impact-venture Zero Foodprint Asia – an NGO that focuses on mobilizing change on an industry-level; as well as spearheading Chef’s Manifesto in Hong Kong – a global initiative and network that engages chefs as advocates for a better food system for all.



    Leaves & Liberty’s Current Pop-Up Menu

    Highlights of the menu will include starters of Charred Spiced Cauliflower (HK$49) with chilli oil, olive oil, parsley and chives, and crowd-favourite Mac n’ Cheese Bites (HK$52) with elbow pasta, béchamel, Gruyere, parmesan and onion jam. The colorful selection of salads include new additions of Rocket & Candied Bamboo Salad (HK$98) with rocket, candied bamboo, cucumber, red onion, spring onion, mint, peanut and toasted sesame dressing, and Beetroot & Raspberry (HK$118) with marinated beetroot, mixed greens, raspberry, almond crusted vegan cheese, and maple balsamic dressing.


    Signature burgers include the Beetroot (HK$99), back by popular demand, and made with homemade beetroot patty, whipped feta, and a mix of spring greens, Pulled Jackfruit (HK$99), a brand new burger with quinoa patty, jackfruit, BBQ sauce, vegan ginger mayonnaise coleslaw, and onion rings, the new Impossible™ Double Smashed With Cheese (HK$119) featuring two 3oz  Impossible™ patties, vegan cheese, house pickles, vegan Dijon mayonnaise, and butter lettuce, and finally, the ‘Shrumami (HK$99) made with homemade quinoa patty, vegan ginger mayonnaise, mushroom pate, oyster mushroom tempura, and rocket leaves.


    “With COVID-19, 2020 was definitely the year of over-eating and under-exercising, and January is the time to reset the clock once again and get back into good eating and lifestyle habits. Leaves & Liberty offers the perfect diet-friendly dishes that are nourishing, environmentally conscious, and above all, delicious. We cannot wait to welcome guests to enjoy the first real Leaves & Liberty restaurant experience at 3/F California Tower, Lan Kwai Fong,” says Neil Tomes, Group Development Chef of The Greater China Restaurant Company Ltd.


    Leaves & Liberty Lan Kwai Fong will be open from 1st – 31st January for both dine-in and delivery.


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    About Beef & Liberty

    We love hamburgers more than anything else in the world…we know, we’re weird that way. Our love of ‘all things burger related’ inspired us to spend years researching what makes the perfect hamburger – meat-to- bun ratios, patty recipes, grind coarseness, Maillard reactions, and cheese meltability to name but a few. Beef & Liberty is the product of that obsession – those technical details are exactly what we are all about. It’s this passion that’s made us want to share our burger addiction with the good people of Hong Kong.


    Our name originates in 18th century Britain where the leading members of London society gathered in beefsteak clubs to partake of great food, fine booze and entertaining company. The brilliantly named Sublime Society of Beefsteaks was the most famous of all the clubs and its motto was “Let beef and liberty be my reward”. We loved the line so much we took it as our name. Enjoy!


    About Leaves & Liberty
    While our passion for hamburgers is unparalleled, we also care deeply about the environment. Through Leaves & Liberty, we have made it our goal to work towards a greener, healthier and more sustainable menu as well as supporting and sponsoring environmental protection campaigns. Leaves & Liberty is the vegetarian and plant-based sister brand to Beef & Liberty offering a variety of starters, salads and burgers including a range of 100% plant-based Impossible™ burgers all made with the same obsession and love as Beef & Liberty.


    About Chef Neil Tomes, Group Development Chef

    Neil Tomes, re-joined The Greater China Restaurant Company Ltd. (GCRC) in September 2019 as Group Development Chef responsible for Beef & Liberty and its sister brand, Leaves & Liberty. He first joined Beef & Liberty as part of the original opening team back in 2013 and left in 2016 to pursue other projects. Neil has over 20 years of extensive culinary and hospitality experience the last 10 of which he has had the pleasure of being part of the Hong Kong culinary scene.



    3/F California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong


    Telephone – +852 2450 5778

    Websitehttps://leaves-liberty.com.hk https://www.beef-liberty.com/hk/

    Reservations – https://www.beef-liberty.com/reservations/

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