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    <<11th October, 2016 – Hong Kong>> Sleeping in during the weekend is a luxury that everyone craves. Upon waking and realizing that you have a reprieve from going to work, Jinjuu encourages you to brunch like a true Korean with their Weekend Soju Brunch. Feast on traditional Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Jap Chae Noodles and Tteokbokki as you indulge and imbibe on glasses of  delightful Soju Spirits. Besides Soju, Jinjuu’s weekend brunch comes with free flow options of premium alcohol like the Roederer Estate Sparkling Wine, Korean Beer and special Jinjuu cocktails.

    Originally known during the Joseon period as “koldongban”, Bibimbap was historically eaten on the eve of the Lunar New Year with a mindset of sharing among neighbors. At Jinjuu’s Weekend Brunch, you don’t have to share or compromise on your choice of flavor because you can craft your own Bibimbap with rice, seasonal vegetables and freshly grilled meat. The chefs at Jinjuu will happily help you prepare a juicy and well-seasoned chicken steak to top off your rice bowl. Using only the freshest vegetables, the restaurant prepares the Bibimbap toppings in traditional Korean style to make your customized mixed bowl a tantalizing treat. With a side of gochujang, your Bibimbap bowl will get the spicy and flavorful kick that it needs.

    The chefs at Jinjuu will also gladly whip up a plate of Jap Chae Noodles for you upon request. Made with a combination of chewy sweet potato noodles, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and omlette, Jinjuu’s stir-fried Jap Chae Noodles are perfectly complimented by their tart and spicy homemade Kimchi. Each plate of noodles is prepared with a recipe perfected by Chef Patron Judy Joo, Executive Chef Andrew Hales,  and Head Chef Sang Hyun Ko.

    From the well-known Korean crispy Fried Chicken to the western option of freshly baked bagels by Schragles, Jinjuu’s brunch buffet will leave guests spoiled for choice. The Fried Chicken comes in a variety of different cuts so guests are truly able to enjoy the varying texture and flavor of the chicken. As a modern compliment to the famous Korean fried chicken, Jinjuu’s buffet also provides delicious Potato Fries. Korean comfort food dishes such as spicy Tteokbokki and Bulgolgi Beef also make an appearance at the buffet area that serves fresh slices of Sashmi. Guests who want to learn more about how to fully appreciate and enjoy Soju can approach one of Jinjuu’s team members for an interactive tasting experience. Special Soju Spirits have been carefully crafted by the restaurant’s bar team and will further enhance your brunch experience.

    Jinjuu’s Weekend Soju Brunch Buffet will be priced at HK$380 + 10% per adult guest and HK$250 +10% per guest aged 4-12. Crafted by Chef Patron Judy Joo, Executive Chef Andrew Hales,   and Head Chef Sang Hyun Ko, the menu includes free flowRoederer Estate Sparkling Wine, House Wines and a selection of cocktails, beer and Soju spirits for HK$250 per person from12pm to 3pm. With an additional HK$50 per person, guests can get free flow of Louis Roederer Brut NV Champagne.

     About Jinjuu

    Jinjuu, meaning “pearl” is Hong Kong’s premier modern Korean restaurant. With a menu encompassing both traditional and contemporary fare, highlights include the selection of “Anju” (bar snacks) such as tacos, Bulgogi Burgers and our mouthwatering Carnitas Fries. Larger plates showcase Ssam sharing platters of succulent Bo Ssam Iberico Pork Belly, Braised USDA Short Rib, and grilled Sea Bass amongst others; and of course the famed Korean Fried Chicken, which no-one should leave without trying. The bar offers a wide selection of Korean beverages, alcoholic and non. Soju take center stage with an innovative cocktail list and fusions based on Korea’s national spirit. Don’t forget to try the famed Kimchi Bloody Mary, or the refreshing White Rice Negroni. On select evenings, the resident DJ’s hit the decks, spinning a mix of smooth house and soulful R&B, transforming Jinjuu into a vibrant late-night venue.

    Address: UG/F, 32 D’aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong
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    Tel: 3755-4868

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