Introducing a new take on Cantonese dishes and new Dim Sum offerings

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     <<20th November 2019 – Hong Kong>> Located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, JIA Group’s 1 Michelin starred Duddell’s serves authentic Cantonese cuisine within a beautiful art space. In a masterful showcase of new Executive Chef Li Man-Lung and Dim Sum Chef Lau Chi-Man’s combined expertise and innovation, Duddell’s unveils a new a la carte menu focused on seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

    Introducing Executive Chef Li Man-Lung

    Li Man-Lung joined Duddell’s Hong Kong as the Executive Chef in the summer of 2019, bringing over 14 years of experience in fine Cantonese and Michelin-starred kitchens throughout Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to this, Chef Li honed his skills at world-class establishments such as 1 Michelin starred Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton Macau in 2018 and 2 Michelin starred Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.

    I hope to introduce a new dimension to the kind of food that we are all familiar with; to inject a new level of energy, modernity and finesse to the cuisine at Duddell’s Hong Kong while harnessing all that I’ve learned through my experiences.” – Chef Li Man-Lung.

    Driven by a time-honoured culinary philosophy, the young and passionate Chef Li creates authentic Cantonese dishes with a modern spin, using only the best seasonal ingredients sourced locally where possible. His solid cooking techniques, deep understanding of ingredients, passion for sustainability and excellent kitchen management skills create the foundation of the award-winning dishes at Duddell’s Hong Kong.

    New Dish Highlights of Duddell’s New Menu

    Chef Li Man-Lung is proud to present new signature dishes inspired by his previous experiences and culinary travels around the world – authentic Cantonese dishes instilled with modern flair.

    Fresh crab claw steamed with Huodiao wine and egg white (HK$388 per guest) showcases Chef Li’s exquisite technique, featuring fresh and tender mud crab claw steamed with 15-year-old Huadiao wine and egg white. The crab claw can also be enjoyed in the delectable Hong Kong typhoon shelter style, sautéed with garlic and chilli. Nutritious and packed with healing properties, the fragrant Double boiled fish maw, coquito nuts, chicken is made using the non-traditional East African coconut, fish maw, coquito nuts and chicken broth.

    Yet another traditional Cantonese delicacy, the Roast goose (HK$988 for Whole / HK$568 for Half / HK$288 for Standard) is re-invented in Chef Li’s signature style. At Duddell’s, only the 90-days-old female geese are selected and sourced from farms in Foshan. The young and tender goose is slaughtered, plucked of its feathers and delivered directly to the Duddell’s kitchen, ensuring freshness. Once in the kitchen, Chef Li marinates the goose with his special stir-fried seasoning of hoisin, chu hou paste, sesame sauce, ginger, scallions and dried tangerine peel, then glazed, air-dried for hours and roasted on-site. The preparation is meticulously timed so that the goose is freshly roasted and at its best possible flavour for lunch and dinner, and is served with homemade plum sauce made with a dash of Chinese rose wine.

    Chef Li Man Lung’s recent exploration of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province gave way to the creation of his favourite Poached Miyazaki A4 Wagyu Beef, Hot & Sour Broth (HK$688), made with poached US Angus beef slices swimming in hot and sour broth. From the lower reaches of the Huai and Yangtze rivers, Chef Li finds inspiration in Huaiyang cuisine for Braised Pork Meatball, Whole Conpoy, Supreme Abalone Sauce (HK$198), a traditional dish created using bamboo pith and a savoury abalone sauce. Clay pot of sizzling South African abalone, housemade dried shrimp sauce (HK$588) features South African abalone stewed in a Cantonese clay pot with complementing homemade dried shrimp sauce and mushrooms. The Pan-fried Miyazaki A4 Wagyu beef, cinnamon sea salt (HK$928) is thinly sliced, topped with crispy fried garlic, seasoned with homemade cinnamon salt and volcanic salt, and served with fresh asparagus.

    Fans of X.O sauce will also be pleased to know that Chef Li is now serving his homemade condiments in the restaurant every day. The X.O sauce is created using premium ingredients such as Hokkaido dried scallop (conpoy) cooked briefly to retain its chewy texture, umami-filled Shandong sun-dried shrimp, the finest middle cut of Jinhua ham, shallot, garlic, shrimp roe and fresh red chillis. The X.O Sauce giftbox is also available for take-away purchases (HK$398) .

    Introducing Dim Sum Master Chef Lau Chi-Man

    Lau Chi-Man’s career spans 40 years of mastering the delicate art of traditional Cantonese dim sum. His current work as the lauded Head Dim Sum Chef at Duddell’s is inspired by his various world travels, research and a passion for keeping the legacy alive in new and innovative ways.

    In 1987, Chef Lau realised his love for the craft at Maxim’s Jade Garden, the Cantonese restaurant that pioneered Hong Kong’s unique yum cha culture. He spent his formative years training under dim sum master chefs and applied his knowledge as the Dim Sum Supervisor in kitchens across Hong Kong, Shenzhen Macau, Sendai and Tokyo. Noted stints in Hong Kong include prestigious member’s club, The China Club, and most recent role as Sous Chef at 1 Michelin starred Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.

    Chef Lau’s new signature dim sum items serving on the menu now include Garoupa Spicy Termite Mushroom Dumpling (HK$108 for 2 pcs), a delightfully aesthetic and lively goldfish-shaped dumpling presented to appear as if it is swimming on the plate. The dumpling is flavoured with mild spiciness to bring out the rich sweetness of the seafood filling. Other dim sum highlights include Crispy Taro Puff with Scallop, Crab Meat and Red Vinasse (HK$78 per pc), Chef Lau’s new signature 12-fold Shrimp Dumplings (HK$88) and Truffle Fried Pork Dumplings (HK$68) that can be served with regular pork or with plant-based OmniPork.

    Under the newly joined forces of Chef Li and Chef Lau, a refreshed and elevated Cantonese fine dining experience awaits guests at Duddell’s.



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