Introducing a New Shift Towards Sustainability and new Restaurant Sommelier & Manager, Wallace Lo

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    <<Hong Kong – 22nd October, 2018 >> Now marking a year filled with critical appraisals and haute collaborations, HAKU has led the charge for innovative Japanese cuisine in Hong Kong. The unique concept of HAKU is inspired by Chef Hideaki Matsuo of 3-Michelin-starred Osaka restaurant Kashiwaya, and is led on the ground by Japanese-trained Argentinian native Executive Chef Agustin Balbi. As the seasons transition to bring forth yet another bounty of new and exciting flavours, HAKU’s latest autumn menu not only pays respect to the Ingredient, but now more than ever, the Earth.

    With sustainability now at the core of its philosophy, HAKU has undergone a valuable shift in its menu-creation and sourcing methods. For example, the signature Tuna / Kristal Caviar / Polmard Beef has been extracted from the new menu to be replaced by a new dish to highlight the importance of restaurants to take small actions to address larger global issues (in this case, overfishing of endangered species). HAKU is now also fermenting its own in-house miso, paying homage to this ancient and traditional element of Japanese cuisine.

    The new autumn menu also pays homage to Japan’s autumn harvest, inspired by the deep admiration held by the Japanese for the moon and its central role in the lives of rice field workers back when lunar phases governed the pace of life. Delectable jewels of fall include the Japanese mushroom, sanma fish, satsumaimomikan and sweet chestnuts, which can be seen throughout the new menu at HAKU reinterpreted in chef Balbi’s innovative signature style.


    New Sustainable Autumn Menu by Chef Agustin Balbi

    With the arrival of fall in Japan comes the beauty of momiji leaves and the abundance of comforting fall flavours. Chef Agustin Balbi has prepared a sustainability-focused menu that pays its deepest respect to Japanese autumn ingredients such as the Sanma, known in English as the Pacific Saury, which is at its most in-demand fatty peak this season. Enjoy it raw and fresh as part of the Sashimi Moriawase, with only a hint of ponzu ginger to complement.

    Japan’s highly sought after Seasonal Mushrooms, on the other hand, are paired perfectly with Japanese egg yolk and the exceptional texture of Koshi Ibuki rice from Niigata. Satsuma-imo is the nutrient-rich sweet Japanese potato that, for someone growing up in Japan, brings to mind tempting aromas of baking satsumaimo wafting over from tiny street food carts on cold autumn and winter nights. For this menu, Chef Balbi focuses on the unique sweetness of the potato to create a dessert that combines the flavours of satsuma-imo, honey-miso and Japanese whisky.

    The 8-course tasting menu is priced at HK$1,480+10% per guest, with the option of adding on a seasonal wine-pairing for +HK$800 by the in-house group sommelier Wallace Lo.

    HAKU Autumn Menu


    +HK$800 for seasonal wine pairing

    10% service charge applies

    Welcome Snacks

    4 types


    Welcome Aperitif



    Sashimi Moriawase

    Red Prawns / Sudachi Olive Oil

    Ha Gatsuo / Akegarashi

    Ika / Smoked Soy Kinome

    Sanma / Ponzu Ginger

    Yann Durieux ‘Love and Pif’ Bourgogne-Aligote 2015, France

    Joyo Junmai 65 Gohyakumangoku, Kyoto


    Hokkaido Uni / Brioche / Hanaho

    Roxanich ‘Milva’ Chardonnay 2010, Croatia


    Ise Ebi / Cauliflower / Kristal Caviar

    Carl Von Schubert, Maximin Grunhauser Abtsberg Kabinett Riesling 2016, Germany


    Tai / Soy Beans / Chorizo / Konbu

    Tenuta Selvadolce ‘Rosso Se…’ 2012, Italy


    Nozaki Beef / Jerusalem Artichoke / Moromi Miso

    Marco de Bartoli Vecchi Samperi Ventennale Masala Secco NV, Italy

    Ktima Kir-yannni Rmnista Naousa Xinamavro 2015, Greece


    Seasonal Mushrooms / Yolk / Koshi Ibuki Rice

    Mii no Kotobuk ‘Biden’ Junmai Yamahai Nigori Sake, Itoshima


    Mikan Textures / Meringue / Sorbet

    Jean-Rene Germanier amigne de Vetroz ‘Mitis’ Grain Noble Reserve 2014, Swizerland


    Satsuma-imo / Honey-miso / Japanese Whisky

    Campbells Rutherglen Muscat NV, Australia




    Introducing Wallace Lo, New Group Sommelier & Restaurant Manager

    Voted one of 25 Top Sommeliers in Hong Kong by Drinks World Asia Magazine from 2015-2016, and serving regularly on the tasting panels of both Cru Magazine and Wine Luxe Magazine, Wallace Lo recently joined HAKU as the new Group Sommelier & Restaurant Manager. At HAKU, Wallace has introduced a new wine pairing program that maximizes the impact of each dish on the palate, by assessing characteristics of the dish from flavour profiles to even the temperature. The pairings are dominated by quality small producers from around the world and special projects by producers, which decreases the chance for guests to have a preconceived notion of the wine by its label – allowing for that extra surprise factor. Wallace has introduced a fresh and innovative perspective on omakase pairings, choosing to stray from tradition to provide a truly unique gastronomic experience at HAKU.


    About HAKU

    A giant of modern Japanese cuisine, Chef Hideaki Matsuo has overseen the kitchen at 3-Michelin starred Osaka restaurant Kashiwaya for over two decades. A Relais & Châteaux chef, Chef Matsuo’s haute Japanese cuisine and dedication to the art of Japanese tea seen him become one of his country’s most celebrated culinary figures. Agustin Balbi, Executive Chef of HAKU, was named Best New Chef 2016 by Hong Kong Tatler. His diverse international experience is reflected in beautifully prepared contemporary dishes that are heavily inspired by his work in Japan. HAKU represents the culmination of Matsuo’s philosophy and Balbi’s technical prowess, through shareable Japanese cuisine within a casual chic ambiance and a Kappo-style kitchen. Also known as the “theatre”, the Kappo concept promotes conversation flow between chefs and guests. The freshest and highest quality ingredients flown in daily from Japan will be prepared in the traditional Japanese way and accented with innovative European twists.

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