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    <<Hong Kong – 13th June 2019 >> (夏) Executive Chef Agustin Balbi reveals HAKU’s latest seasonal menu; a refreshing ode to Japan’s hot summer months. Curated from the highest quality seasonal Japanese ingredients hand-picked by Grand Chef Hideaki Matsuo, HAKU’s new menu brings guests on a journey reflective of Chef Balbi’s career as a chef born in Argentina, trained in the USA and Japan, and finally, landing in the cultural melting pot of Hong Kong. While simultaneously respecting age-old Japanese culinary traditions, Chef Balbi fuses his personal and modern touches to a new summer menu crafted from memories of his most cherished experiences.

    HAKU’s Support for Local Farms

    With a dedication to support small local farms, HAKU currently prides itself on a fresh and colourful library of home-grown produce plucked straight out of organic farms in the New Territories. Throughout your dining experience at HAKU, look out for the use of local produce such as nasturtium leaves, nasturtium flowers, violas, fennel flowers, fire feathers, verbena, alyssum, black tomatoes, carrots, green leaves, begonias and more.

    New Summer Menu by Chef Agustin Balbi

    Priced at HK$1,480+10% per guest, HAKU’s new 11-course kaiseki inspired menu with Spanish influences is a tribute to Chef Balbi’s authentic and progressive style of cooking, while respecting the Japanese traditions of Grand Chef Hideaki Matsuo.

    The menu begins with Caviar / Somen, introducing the Japanese summer tradition of slurping cold somen noodles to ward off the heat. At HAKU, guests will enjoy somen with plankton, Spanish extra virgin olive oil, hanaho and a decadent heaping of Kristal caviar. This is followed by an invigorating course of Oyster / Asparagus, composed of juicy Fukuoka oyster, green asparagus, smoked ikura, sauce made from yogurt, ponzu and oyster water, and finished with lime zest to refresh the palate.

    Dashi / Scallop is an umami explosion of konbu seaweed and katsuobushi shaved ‘a la minute’ over daikon (radish) cooked with soy and mirin, an intricate piece of sliced scallop, a thin-cut vegetable layer and a finishing of yuzu zest and daikon. In an effort to reduce imports, Chef Balbi decided to create a new dish that represents the food that grows around us – Vegetables / Miso.  From Hong Kong’s own backyard, Chef Balbi has taken freshly foraged local organic vegetables, edible flowers and herbs to pair perfectly with HAKU’s homemade miso.

    Lobster / Olives is a combination of cauliflower puree, lobster sauce, lobster meat and a finishing of Spanish black olives and savoury shio-konbu (boiled, salted and dried kelp). This is followed by Corvina / Cava, using the sumptuous Corvina fish from Spain. The skin is removed and replaced with pork manitas (feet) that have been cooked overnight, deboned and compressed to resemble fish skin. As the manitas crisps up over the heat, the hot drippings cook the fish underneath, complemented by beach herbs and cava-konbu sauce.

    The anticipated meat course, Wagyu / Garlic features Kumamoto A4 Wagyu, which comes from a cow with incredibly unique tasting notes from consuming grass that grows in a special soil with high mineral content. The melting beef is served with black garlic, shin-tamanegi and a sauce made from Pimiento Colorado pepper and beef bones.

    Inspired by the arroz caldoso his grandmother Lola prepared throughout his childhood, Chef Balbi has crafted Rice / Abalone in fond memory of her. In this version of the dish, Chef Balbi uses kuro awabi (abalone) and the famously firm and glossy Yumepirika rice from Hokkaido. This is a dish that sums up HAKU’s philosophy at its best, through the effortless combination of traditions and premium ingredients within a comforting dish.

    For dessert, guests are treated to sweet and juicy Taiyo no Tamago mango from Miyazaki (Mango / Nata Cocida), served with a Spanish-style panna cotta, kinome, lime and sansho pepper. The final dish, Black Cherry / Sake Ice Cream concludes the meal with fresh Japanese sakuranbo and Spanish cherries compote, crumble, ice cream made of sake, and gel made from the cherry-cooking liquid.

    The HAKU journey concludes with a series of Sweets, which are subject to change according to the seasonality and availability of ingredients.

    HAKU’s new 11-course menu by Chef Agustin Balbi is as below:


    HAKU Summer Menu by Agustin Balbi

    HK$1,480+10% per guest



    Kristal Caviar, cold somen, plankton


    Green asparagus, smoked ikura, citric zest



    Scallop, daikon, vegetables



    Organic local farmed vegetables, flowers and herbs, flavoured with miso



    3 different preparations of sashimi in our style



    Cauliflower purée, lobster sauce, lobster meat, fermented black olives, shio konbu



    Grilled, cava-butter sauce, pork manitas crust, beach greens



    Charcoal grilled, black garlic, shin tamanegi, pimiento sauce



    Caldoso-style, chorizo de la vera, abalone



    Spanish style panna cotta, Miyazaki mango, sansho pepper, kinome



    Natural cherries, compote, sake ice cream, crumble, meringue





    About HAKU

    A giant of traditional Japanese Kaiseki, Chef Hideaki Matsuo has overseen the kitchen at 3-Michelin starred Osaka restaurant Kashiwaya for over two decades. A Relais & Châteaux chef, Chef Matsuo’s haute Japanese cuisine and dedication to the art of Japanese tea seen him become one of his country’s most celebrated culinary figures. Agustin Balbi, Executive Chef of HAKU, was named Best New Chef 2016 by T Dining by Hong Kong Tatler. His diverse international experience is reflected in beautifully prepared contemporary dishes that are heavily inspired by his work in Japan. HAKU represents the culmination of Matsuo’s philosophy and Balbi’s technical prowess, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients flown in daily from Japan prepared in the traditional Japanese way and accented with innovative European twists.

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