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    <<29th August, 2018 – Hong Kong>> This September, two of Hong Kong’s leading restaurants in its own cuisine will join hands for an East-meets-West collaboration set to shake up the city’s dining scene. GIANDO, home to hearty Italian fare elevated with modern touches by renowned chef Gianni Caprioli, has joined forces with KIN’S KITCHEN, Hong Kong’s favourite cosy eatery for reinvented Cantonese cuisine helmed by chefs Lau Kin-Wai and Lau Chun. From 12th 26th September, guests can indulge their adventurous palate with two limited edition Italian X Chinese menus curated by the chefs, available at both restaurants.

    While Italian cuisine and Chinese cuisine are highly represented in a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, rarely do guests have the chance to enjoy them together – let alone in a collaboration by two of the city’s finest. History reflects a rich relationship between Chinese and Italian cultures, beginning with Italian merchant Marco Polo’s voyages in China and the valuable cultural observations made from his trip. Italian and Chinese cuisines share a surprising number of similarities, such as noodles being the staple food, umami as a central flavour profile and the focus on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. In this exciting collaboration between Giando X Kin’s Kitchen, guests will be able to explore these fascinating culinary similarities and much more.

    Introducing Giando by Gianni Caprioli

    Nestled in Star Street and helmed by chef and restaurateur Gianni Caprioli, Giando delivers a fine modern Italian dining experience that is based on Chef Caprioli’s extensive world travels and colourful life experiences. While the menu incorporates ingredients not always found in traditional Italian kitchens, Giando stays true to its Italian heritage through Caprioli’s strong Italian values and reverence for his native Italy. Giando primarily sources its ingredients from Italy’s best boutique wineries, artisan producers and small family farms. Known for homemade pastas, spectacular risottos, sustainable fresh seafood and delicious range of dolce, Giando is a firm favourite for lovers of authentic Italian cuisine.

    Introducing Kin’s Kitchen by Lau Kin-Wai and Lau Chun

    An art critic-turned-entrepreneur, Lau Kin-Wai opened Kin’s Kitchen back in 2004 among a string of successful Chinese restaurants he still owns and operates in Hong Kong. With bilingual and bicultural Chef Lau Chun at the helm, Kin’s Kitchen is proud to use the finest local ingredients available in the market sourced from local farmers, butchers and other producers to create modern takes on classical Chinese dishes. With a name that emphasises ‘home’, Kin’s Kitchen strives to become a cosy “home away from home” for their guests.

    Italian X Chinese Tasting Menu from 12 – 26 September at Giando with Kin’s Kitchen

    Chef Gianni Caprioli of Giando has prepared a series of newly created Italian X Chinese dishes for this special collaboration, combining his signature Italian cooking techniques with premium Chinese ingredients. Chef Caprioli’s specials include Cantaloupe Melon Soup with spices, Crispy Ham, Pistachio and Sichuan pepper; Golden Fried Sicilian Prawns & Calamari in Asian spices with Celery, Broccoli Garlic Purée and Spice Dip; Stir-fried Tagliolini Noodles with Smoked Roasted Chicken Mushrooms Broth Topped with Black Italian Truffles; Salt-Baked Orbetello Seabass Fillet with Mixed Herbs served Asian, Mediterranean or Cantonese Style; Peach Rice Wine Sorbet; and Bean Curd Skin Roll with Condense Milk, Yogurt & Ginger Foam Lavender Syrup. This special 6-course Tasting menu is available at HK$728 + 10% per guest at Giando.

    Chinese x Italian Tasting Menu from 12 – 26 September at Kin’s Kitchen with Giando

    Chefs Lau Kin-Wai and Lau Chun have created their own takes on Chinese x Italian cuisine, presenting five exclusive dishes for the collaboration. The Stir-fried Burrata with Lobster Tail and Tree Mushroom (also available in a la carte menu at HK$328) combines techniques and ingredients from both cuisines, while the Braised Winter Melon with Clams and Matsutake takes inspiration from the classic Chinese comfort dish. The Fried Rice uses Italian pine nuts and Chinese Ganbajin (also available in a la carte menu at HK$188). No traditional Chinese Dinner is ever complete without a Chinese style Grilled Cod Fish, with Italian Tomato, Chinese Olives topped with Italian Burrata Cheese. For something sweet, guests will enjoy a Polenta Ice-Cream with Toffee Crunch. This special 5-course Tasting Menu is available at HK$638 + 10% per guest, a minimum of one day advance booking is a must.

    A rare chance for guests to enjoy a taste of Italian X Chinese, both menus will be available at Giando and Kin’s Kitchen from 12-26 September only.


    Contact Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar

    Address: Shop 1, G/F, Tower 1, Starcrest, 9 Star Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong

    Tel: +852 2511 8912

    Website: http://www.giandorestaurant.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/giandohk/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giandohk

    About Giando Italian Restaurant and Bar

    Giando is a testament to modern Italian cooking. While the menu incorporates ingredients not always found in traditional Italian kitchens, Giando stays true to its Italian heritage through its strong Italian values and reverence for Italy. Ingredients matter the most at Giando, and are primarily sourced from Italy’s best boutique wineries, artisan producers, and small family farms.

    Contact Kin’s Kitchen

    Address: 5/F, W Square, 314-324 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

    Tel: +852 2571 0913

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinskitchen/

    About Kin’s Kitchen

    Since its opening in 2004, Kin’s Kitchen has been striving to serve the best Chinese cuisine.We believe in the coexistence of traditional cooking and modernist approach. While we treasure the wisdom of our ancestor and insist on cooking classical dishes in the traditional way, we embrace creativity and modern techniques, such as using the sous vide technique. Also, we insist on using the best local ingredients available in the market as well as sourcing them from local farmers, butchers, condiment makers and other producers. Our Brand means ‘Stay home’ in Chinese, we want to create ‘feel like home’ dining experience for you and your family.