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    << 17th December 2020 – Hong Kong>> The Tea Academïcs, the first modern specialty tea café by Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle brand The Academïcs Group, opened its doors last month at 1/F, LHT Tower at 31 Queen’s Road, Central. Launching amid the current global health pandemic, The Tea Academïcs hopes to do its part to help fight the spread of the virus in our community. After water, tea is the most highly consumed beverage in the world – and numerous studies suggest that tea plays a large role in maintaining good health. A cup (or two!) of tea a day can go a long way in boosting your immune system, fighting inflammation, and warding off more serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease.


    The Healing Power of a Cup of Tea

    Tea has long been regarded throughout history as a powerful antioxidant with natural immunity-building properties. For example, chamomile tea contains the flavonoid apigenin, which relaxes the body and promotes healthy sleep patterns – necessary for building an effective immune system. The Tea Academïcs suggests the sweet and delicate Pink Chamomile, Blush (HK$78), which has additional medicinal properties like mild pain relief, promoting better digestion, soothing inflammation, and more.

    Research has proven in the past that “Catechins”,  a type of natural phenolic compound and antioxidant found abundantly in tea, are able to attach to the raised protein on the Influenza virus and cause the virus to lose its infectivity. While still in the early stages of testing, experiments are being held in the same hopes that these “Catechins” have the same effect on the novel coronavirus.

    Not only is green tea rich in catechins, it is also found to have antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. From the specialty tea menu at The Tea Academïcs, a signature green tea is the strong, creamy, and umami-rich Ceremonial Japanese Usucha, The Capital (HK$128), which uses ceremonial-grade matcha grounded from green tea leaves.

    Some black teas on offer at The Tea Academïcs include the light and floral Darjeeling First Flush, Himalaya Black (HK$78) that is cultivated amongst some of the finest tea estates near the Himalayas, the exquisite Ceylon rarity Sri Lanka Ceylon Black Tea, Silver Kandy (HK$78) with a strong, malty, and well-rounded taste, and the heavily fermented Taiwan Red Oolong, Ali Ruby (HK$98), which is withered and stirred in the black tea production process, and brewed from tightly-rolled leaves that produce a pale, amber liquor with a sweet and mellow aroma.

    According to the most recent and highly promising findings by Nara Medical University, teas may potentially have the ability to render Covid-19 innocuous. Black teas proved more effective, with the teas reducing Covid-19’s infectivity to 99% in one minute and 99.9% in just ten minutes.

    While tea shouldn’t be considered a cure-all, there is simply no downside to drinking a cup of tea. A great alternative to drinking coffee, tea is rich in health-boosting substances and make for a soothing daily ritual – as they say, good for the heart and for the soul.


    Introducing Premium Specialty Tea Menu at The Tea Academïcs

    The Tea Academïcs’ signature Tea Lattes are created with 100% plant-based soya and almond milk by RUDE HEALTH and feature organic, natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. The drinks follow a mixology mantra of being clean, simple, pure, and light.

    Hot Tea Lattes includes 4 signature drinks such as Pu’erh (HK$58), made with a unique concoction of fermented dark tea, dried mandarin peel, and cocoa powder, and Tieguanyin (HK$58), an Oolong tea latte. With very little oxidation, Tieguanyin Oolong is closer in character to green tea. Fresh, flowery, and delicate aromas lend unique accents to this barista-favourite latte.

    Iced Tea inspired beverages includes 6 types of drinks such as Botanist (HK$68) made with Phoenix Dancong, longan, jujube, and 1st Flush Darjeeling syrup, and Blue (HK$68) created with Oolong tea, butterfly pea, pear, and Osmanthus syrup.


    About The Tea Academïcs

    The Tea Academïcs is a modern tea café where heritage meets innovation. We curate a sensory experience through artisanal tea products, plant-based dining, and tactile interior design — a blissful escape from the bustling commercial center of Hong Kong for you to connect with yourself, each other, and the nature. Here, we hand brew the finest teas from across the globe, create our own signature tea latte using primarily plant-based milk, and serve a wholesome food menu that pays tribute to the tea origins.

    Every detail at The Tea Academïcs, from textual furnishings to thoughtfully selected teaware, echoes the healing power of Mother Nature, offering a clean alternative to enrich your quality of life.

    Contact The Tea Academïcs

    Address: 1/F, LHT Tower, 31 Queen’s Road, Central
    Tel: 3187-7303
    Website: www.the-academicsgroup.com/the-teaacademics
    Facebook: @theteaacademicshk
    Instagram: @theteaacademics