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    <<7th January 2021 – Hong Kong>> CHOP CHOP, the traditional Cantonese siu mei restaurant with a modern twist, launches new seasonal winter clay pot rice dishes with Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day twists.


    One of the most classic delicacies Hong Kongers love to indulge in when the temperature drops, clay pot rice is an age-old remedy for combating the chill of winter months. This February, Hong Kong “God of Cookery” Chef Dai Lung presents new flavourful and nourishing interpretations of clay pot rice, available at CHOP CHOP in Fortress Hill for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery via official website, Deliveroo, Openrice and Foodpanda.


    CHOP CHOP Clay Pot Rice: Focus on Quality Ingredients

    At CHOP CHOP, the rice is always of supreme quality, from a variety farmed in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, where longer winters allow just one harvest per year – making it famously precious with clear grains and a delicate fragrance. Chef Dai specially selects locally-produced ‘firstborn eggs’, or ‘smart eggs’, which are laid by young hens. The smaller-than-ordinary eggs yield a higher protein and nutritional value, richer yolks, and transparently clear egg white. Finally, the sauces are made from only natural soy sauce, without the use of MSG nor artificial additives, fermented over two years for a rich and aromatic soybean flavour.


    Clay Pot Rice: New Limited Dishes on Offer From 1st February – 25th February

    At CHOP CHOP, guests will be able to enjoy Chef Dai’s elevated yet authentic bowls of steaming-hot clay pot rice.


    For the coming Chinese New Year of the Ox, Chef Dai celebrates the momentous occasion with a playful take on the classic Chinese Poon Choi (casserole). Served instead like a traditional clay pot rice, the festive Chinese New Year CHOP CHOP Poon Choi Clay Pot Rice (HK$328) will feature auspicious ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, black hairy moss with dried oyster, stuffed courgette with dry scallop, eggs, and deep-fried taro with bean curd sticks. CHOP CHOP’s special Chinese New Year claypot rice is available from 1st February – 25th February.


    For Valentine’s Day, CHOP CHOP cranks up the romance with “Show Me Your Love Clay Pot Rice” (HK$128), a play on the Cantonese pronunciation of “Sweetcorn Sauce and Pork” – which are also the key ingredients of this classic Hong Kong cha chaan teng dish. The second Valentine’s Day claypot rice offering, Abalone Preserved Sausage Clay Pot Rice (HK$198), toys with the X-rated Cantonese association of “abalone” and “sausage” (if you catch our drift). Guests may also choose to substitute Chinese sausage with western Cumberland sausage if they so desire. The final Valentine’s Day claypot rice offering is a simple classic, Preserved Sausage Clay Pot Rice (HK$168) to comfort, warm and nourish on cold days. CHOP CHOP’s special Valentines claypot rice dishes are available from 1st February – 15th February.


    Both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day clay pot rice dishes are made for sharing between two guests.


    About Chef Dai Lung

    Chef Dai Lung, AKA Hong Kong’s ‘God of Cookery’, is nicknamed after the main character in Stephen Chow’s movie, “God of Cookery”. He is a consultant for Zhong Guo Cai Cultural Communication Centre, and President of Hong Kong Golden Food Master Management Company Limited. He is also Honorary Chairman of Disciples Escoffier, GMH Master Chef Association and the World Chinese Association of Healthy Eating, as well as French Martell Cordon Bleu International Cooking Ambassador, honoured as an HKSAR Master Chef with Star Award, Blue Ribbon Award and Top Chef Award from Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Bailliage.


    Chef Dai has created numerous unique and original dishes highly praised by food connoisseurs and ordinary customers alike, earning him the nickname ‘God of Cookery’. He shares recognition among the “four greatest Chinese chefs in Hong Kong” with celebrity chefs Yeung Koon Yat, Chan Dong and Hui Poon Dong.


    CHOP CHOP features options of dine in, take-away, or, as traditional siu mei shops do, chopped meats to-order.



    About CHOP CHOP

    CHOP CHOP is a fun and modern restaurant with a nostalgic yet contemporary ambience, featuring classic Chinese meat delicacies with a modern twist. Chef Dai Lung, dubbed “Hong Kong God of Cookery”, is consultant chef preparing top-quality traditional roasted barbecue meats with the natural and organic ingredients without any artificial additives, MSG or artificial coloring. CHOP CHOP is part of PICCOLO Group, and is a sister restaurant to Bistro Du Vin, specializing in earthy, home-style provincial French cuisine, and Bâtard, comfort food elevated to pair with the world’s finest wines.


    Operation Hours

    11a.m. – 9p.m daily


    Restaurant Contact

    Address: Shop 3, G/F, 18 Wang On Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

    Telephone: (852) 3618 7718

    Website: https://www.chopchophongkong.com

    Social Media: @ChopChopHongkong