Executive Chef Manav Tuli brings India’s colourful and authentic roadside food culture to Victoria Dockside with a Special Wine and Cocktail Program curated by Arcadius Rybak and Nicolas Deneux

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    <<22nd May 2020 – Hong Kong>> CHAAT brings a bold rendition of India’s street snack culture to a refined setting boasting sweeping skyline views. Now open on Level Five of Rosewood Hong Kong, CHAAT joins tapas-inspired restaurant Bayfare Social and American charcoal-grilled meat specialist HENRY within the city’s hottest gastronomic social hub and luxury retail hotspot K11 MUSEA.

    CHAAT is the Hindi term “to lick”, and as such, invites guests to transport themselves across the Indian peninsula with an upscale menu that will cause you to savour every last morsel. At CHAAT, Chef de Cuisine Manav Tuli re-imagines his favourite traditional street snacks from his childhood growing up in central India, which includes his hearty homemade Paneer Cheese and Pav Bhaji. Utilizing a trio of authentic tandoor ovens, the colourful menu pays homage to the rich and varied culinary lexicon of India’s central states and Bombay coast, the northern Punjab and Kerala in the south. CHAAT’s convivial atmosphere revives the feeling of India’s much-loved social bazaars, where families, friends and new acquaintances gather over a shared love of food and conversation.


    Introducing Chef de Cuisine, Manav Tuli

    Chef Manav Tuli draws from a wealth of experience over the past 18 years in some of the finest kitchens of London and India to create a menu of bold, inspiring renditions of much-loved Indian favourites. Manav began his culinary career in the southwestern coastal state of Kerala, where he gained a firm foundational knowledge of southern Indian culture and its cuisine. He then embarked upon an exciting opportunity at luxury hotel group Oberoi in the princely state of Rajasthan, where he refined his technique and learned to adapt to a new style of Indian cuisine given the region’s dry and arid climate. After a short stint in The Oberoi Mumbai, Manav ventured out into the world to discover international cuisines, starting in the resort island of Mauritius and finally landing in the gastronomic capital of London. Manav worked his way up the culinary ladder, first joining Chutney Mary Chelsea in 2011 as Sous Chef, before opening Chutney Mary St. James as Head Chef in 2015. In 2019, Chef Manav had the chance to reopen the highly acclaimed Tamarind, one of London’s first Indian restaurants to receive the coveted Michelin Star. Chef Manav’s passion for sharing the flavourful dishes of his homeland comes through in each and every bite of his cooking.


    The Menu at CHAAT

    Equipped with a trio of authentic Tandoor ovens, Chef Manav re-creates the traditional street snacks of India that he grew up enjoying. Savour a menu of delicately handcrafted dishes from every corner of India amid an atmosphere as vibrant as the food. Beginning with small plates, guests are introduced to a colourful array of appetisers such as Raj Kachori (HK$88) crispy lentils with sweet and tangy chutney, and Chef Manav’s family recipe for Pav Bhaji (HK$98) made with crushed vegetables and milk bun.


    Slow-cooked favourites include Chef Manav’s special Palak Paneer (HK$148) prepared meticulously from scratch, with spinach, fresh paneer cheese and garlic, and a modern take on the classic Lamb Dum Biryani (HK$228), made with aged Basmati rice, saffron and assorted spices.


    Sizzling plates from the Tandoor ovens include Black Pepper Chicken Tikka (HK$158) served with beetroot chutney and a gorgeous char, and Lamb Seekh Kebab (HK$178) seasoned with garlic, coriander, and mint chutney. Another highlight is the Lobster Tikka (HK$858), made to share with Kashmiri red chilli, clove, cinnamon, and Himalayan cardamom.


    Complement mains with delectable vegetarian sides of Dal Makhani (HK$88) slow-cooked black lentil, and Achari Aldo (HK$78) potato with mustard seeds and pickling spice, as well as grain options of Mature Cheddar & Chilli Naan (HK$78), Bone Marrow Kulcha (HK$78) and Spice Infused Aged Basmati Rice (HK$48). Conclude a hearty meal at CHAAT with Indian-inspired desserts such as Tandoor Roasted Pineapple (HK$80) with coconut and cinnamon and Nimbu Lemon Tart (HK$80) with homemade saffron-lemon ice cream.


    The Beverage Program at CHAAT

    CHAAT’s beverage list highlights refreshing cocktails, Indian spirits, lassis and artisanal soft drinks. Additionally, CHAAT’s wine list features an extensive selection of Portuguese and rare Indian wines specially curated by Director of Wines, Nicolas Deneux.


    Led by Director of Bars Arcadius Rybak, CHAAT’s cocktail list takes inspiration from India’s rich colonial history starting from the late 1400’s to mid-1900’s. “Colonies Cocktails” comprises of cocktails named after wealthy European settlers and traders that once established rule throughout the Indian subcontinent, such as the signature Holland (HK$120) infused with Geneva gin, raspberry, rose, lemon and egg white, and Britain (HK$120) made with Scotland’s native scotch whisky, plum, and liquorice. For non – alcohol drinkers, indulge in specially crafted mocktails such as “Chaat” Nimbu Pani (HK$70), a cooling spiced drink for summer that is often referred to as the “Indian Lemonade”.


    Lassi is a popular traditional drink from India, blended with yogurt, spices, salt and sometimes fruits. At CHAAT, enjoy a selection of Lassi made with love, such as the Coconut Lassi (HK$80) with yogurt, coconut milk and green cardamom, or the Mango Lassi (HK$80) made with fresh and succulent Alfonso mango.


    The Design of CHAAT

    CHAAT’s gilded bronze accents reference traditional Indian brass bowls and cutlery. The focal point inside the restaurant is a custom-made wall mural by the Hyderabadi contemporary artist Kandi Narsimlu. His naive, giant figures on colourful, scenic backdrops tell a vibrant narrative of bustling Indian street life, where the ritual of roadside chaat forms part of the cultural fabric of towns and cities that transcends social strata to unite people around the shared pleasure of eating.


    Offering a refined and dynamic space with unparalleled harbour views, CHAAT and its dedicated team look forward to welcoming guests for a taste of authentic Indian flavours in Victoria Dockside, Rosewood Hong Kong.


    Restaurant Contact – CHAAT

    Address: Level Five, Rosewood Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

    Contact Number: +852-5239-9220

    Email: Hongkong.chaat@rosewoodhotels.com

    Website: www.chaat.hk

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHAAT-114061496658608

    Instagram: @chaathongkong


    About CHAAT

    CHAAT celebrates the bold, authentic flavours and social gathering traditions of India’s street snacks, accompanied by cocktails and wines influenced by long-ago spice traders, bringing India’s colourful roadside food culture to Victoria Dockside. At CHAAT, Chef Manav re-imagines the traditional street snacks of his childhood in India in a refined setting boasting sweeping skyline views on Level Five of Rosewood Hong Kong.