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    <<13th July, 2021 – Hong Kong>> CHAAT at Rosewood Hong Kong, the city’s pioneering modern Indian restaurant helmed by Chef de Cuisine Manav Tuli, a South China Morning Post “Top Tables Rising Star 2021”, will present a new curry-focused lunch every first and second Friday of the month starting from 6th August.  The interactive and educational menu will feature six Indian regional curries from across the sub-continent, each steeped with flavour and a unique history of origin. The expansive lunch, with three paired glasses of wine, is priced at HKD1,098 + 10% service charge per guest and will be available to book for parties of two to a maximum of 11 persons.

    The debut curry exploration lunch menu will be themed on the glories of lamb, of which there is truly no shortage of curry delicacies in India. Diners will be introduced to a selection of Indian appetisers to kick off the feast, including CHAAT’s signature Raj Kachori & Baked Jackfruit Samosas, along with a refreshing welcome cocktail, followed by six curries inspired by the various culinary regions of India.

    These will include Rogan Josh lamb curry, a staple of Kashmiri cuisine and one of the main dishes of the Kashmiri multi-course meal called Wazwan. The dish was originally brought to Kashmir by the Mughals, whose cuisine was inspired by Persian culture. Rogan refers to clarified butter or oil in Persian, while Jos means passion. Fittingly, the dish is deep-red in colour and robustly flavourful, cooked over an intense heat to produce tender meat and exceptional flavors.

    Champaran Mutton Curry, which derives its name from the Champaran district of Bihar, has long been a favourite of curry connoisseurs. It is traditionally cooked in earthen pots or matka, into which the mutton is placed and then sealed with a wheat dough covering to prevent steam escaping. The mutton, intermixed with spices, is then slow-cooked over low heat, with the trapped steam inside making the mutton an exceptionally decadent, melt-in-the-mouth delicacy.

    Kosha Mangsho, a distinctive Bengali-style mutton curry, is typically cooked on special occasions or during festivals. The leisurely preparation requires time and patience, starting with marinating the mutton overnight with spices and Kashmiri red chillis, then slow-cooking and frying in mustard oil, giving this Bengali treat its unique taste.

    Originating from the royal state of Rajasthan, the fiery Laal Maas is made with a combination of chillis and popular Rajasthan spices. According to history, the final Laal Maas recipe was developed following a competition that was won by the House of Mewar. Known as a celebratory dish that brings people together, Laal Maas is loved for its unique red colour obtained from the use of mathania chilli grown in the Mathania village of Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district.

    Malabar Lamb Korma – Aadu Korma – is a favourite of Moplah cuisine from Kerala. According to some scholars, the Mappilas (formerly known as Moplah or Mopla) are the oldest settled native Muslim community in South Asia and gave rise to this delicious and aromatic mutton curry recipe.

    Finally, Salli Boti is a curry that showcases the Persian influence on Indian food. Salli Boti is a famous and well-loved Parsi (western Indian) dish, getting its name from salli, referring to the concoction’s potato sticks and boti, meaning chunks of red-hot (mutton) meat.

    Throughout the curry experience, Chef Manav Tuli will explain the fascinating history and origins behind each distinctive regional dish. The interactive lunch experience will also include Indian rice, plain naan, garlic naan, raita and onion salad to perfectly complement the fire and spice of the curries. At the end of the lunch, guests will be provided a takeaway roll-up menu memento with descriptions of each dish that was enjoyed, as well as gifts of Chef Manav handmade takeaway Indian sweets.

    For enquiries and bookings, please contact CHAAT directly at +852 3891 8732 or visit https://www.chaat.hk/ for more details.




    About CHAAT

    CHAAT is the Hindi term “to lick,” and as such invites guests to transport themselves across the Indian peninsula with an upscale menu for diners to savour every last morsel. At CHAAT, Chef de Cuisine Manav Tuli re-imagines his favourite traditional street snacks from his childhood growing up in central India, which includes his hearty homemade Paneer Cheese and Pav Bhaji. Utilising a trio of authentic tandoor ovens, the colourful menu pays homage to the rich and varied culinary lexicon of India’s central states and Bombay coast, the northern Punjab and Kerala in the south. CHAAT’s convivial atmosphere revives the feeling of India’s much-loved social bazaars, where families, friends and new acquaintances gather over a shared love of food and conversation.


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