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    <<21st April, 2021 – Hong Kong>> CHAAT, the Rosewood Hong Kong restaurant that presents a bold rendition of India’s street snack culture, unveils a series of new seasonal dishes by Chef de Cuisine Manav Tuli, who was recently crowned Rising Star 2021 by SCMP 100 Top Tables. Available for dinner and weekend lunches, the new spring dishes are served alongside the acclaimed signature à la carte menu in a stylish, sociable setting with sweeping skyline views.

    Equipped with a trio of authentic tandoor ovens, Chef Manav recreates the traditional flavours of Indian street food with modern flair and delectable seasonal ingredients. New spring dishes include Beetroot Kulfi Kebab (HKD108), a traditional savoury street snack from northern India that is typically made with vegetables cooked in spices, wrapped in bread, then deep fried. It is often served on a stick with the shape of the kulfi, thus giving it the name kulfi kebab. At CHAAT, Chef Manav recreates this kebab with beetroot, served with mint and tamarind chutney and sweet yogurt. Nargisi Kofta (HKD298) is a dish that originates from the royal courts of the Mughals and is named as such because when the meatballs with boiled egg centres were cut open, they resembled the narcissus (nargis) flower.


    There are many different stories and debates on the origins of biryani, but the most popular version is that of Mumtaz Mahal (wife of the Emperor Shah Jahan, who built the Taj Mahal), who asked her chefs to create what was the earliest version of the biryani for under-nourished soldiers of the Mughal army. Dum Biryani is typically prepared with meat, spices, onion and yogurt, layered with rice and cooked in sealed pot to trap the aromas of the spices. At CHAAT, Chef Manav prepares the new seasonal dish of Chicken Dum Biryani (HKD268) in a distinctly Hyderabadi style, where flavours are strong and meat is marinated in yogurt and spices before cooking. Dum is applied to the biryani by sealing the pot with a crust made of melon seeds and spiced paratha. Black Truffle Biryani (HKD448) is also an exciting new spring off-menu addition, fusing the delicate flavours of black truffle and wild mushroom with Indian spices in a new twist on traditional biryani.


    CHAAT’s juicy new Lamb Seekh Kebab (HKD198) derives its name from the Turkish word “sheesh,” meaning sword or metal skewer. Turkish soldiers used to cook meat morsels skewered to their swords over fire and this tradition carried through the years, landing on the streets of Delhi with updated flavours and spices. Thus, the version at CHAAT is the much-evolved version of the humble sword kebab of the Turks.


    CHAAT’s smoky new Black Pepper Chicken Tikka (HKD188) is a modern version of Murg (chicken) Malai (cream) kebab. Crushed black pepper adds a spicy edge, in addition to green cardamom and green chillis.  Alaskan King Crab Tandoori (HKD688) is comprised of boneless Alaskan crab legs marinated in turmeric, green chilli, green cardamom and homemade 12-spice garam masala, and cooked in CHAAT’s prized clay oven. The dish is served with caper chilli raita and mint chutney.


    Adraki Gobhi Aloo (HKD128), a type of potato and cauliflower curry, is a staple northern Indian dish interpreted in myriad ways throughout the Indian subcontinent. Ingredients that can be found consistently in this dish include potato, cauliflower, ginger, garlic, turmeric, onion, tomato and fresh coriander. Diners at CHAAT can mop up the Gobhi Aloo with Black Truffle & Chilli Cheese Naan (HKD108), the elevated version of CHAAT’s ever-popular mature cheddar and chilli naan.


    Finally, guests can refresh their palates with a Panna Cotta (HKD80) reinterpreted by Chef Manav, which is a new take on a Bengali delicacy called Rasmalai. “Ras” translates to “juice” and “malai” to “cream,” and Rasmalai is a classic festive Indian dessert made with the key ingredients of milk and saffron. Chef Manav has amplified the malai aspect of the dish, creating a creamier texture and infusing a bright addition of passionfruit.


    Port Wine Selection at CHAAT

    Port wine, a fortified sweet wine native to Portugal, has a special place in India’s colonial history. In the 16th century, Portuguese colonists at Goa introduced Port winemaking and the production of fortified wine, which then spread to the other regions of India. Fortifying wine also helped to preserve wine in barrels during long overseas voyages, and centuries later, has contributed greatly towards southwest India’s booming wine scene.


    CHAAT re-explores this fascinating 500-year-old bonding history between India and Portugal by way of new Port wine offerings, serving now at the restaurant. This includes Graham’s Fine White (HK$90 per glass or HK$120 per cocktail), a sweet and citrusy blend from a 3L barrel that pairs harmoniously with CHAAT’s appetizer options and specific tandoor meats, except beef and lamb. The rich and nutty Graham’s Tawny 20yo (HK$198 per glass) serves as an exquisite digestif, pairing well with desserts at the end of a meal. Another excellent dessert pairing on offer is Graham’s 1994 (HK$298 per glass), a highly unique and monumental vintage with limited production. With an impressive 95 points by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, the vintage port is elegant, readily approachable, sexy and intriguing on the palate.


    CHAAT is now open for dinner on Tuesday to Sunday and for lunch on Saturday and Sunday only. For reservations, please contact hongkong.restaurantreservations@rosewoodhotels.com or view full menu here.




    About CHAAT

    CHAAT is the Hindi term “to lick,” and as such, invites guests to transport themselves across the Indian peninsula with an upscale menu for diners to savour every last morsel. At CHAAT, Chef de Cuisine Manav Tuli re-imagines his favourite traditional street snacks from his childhood growing up in central India, which includes his hearty homemade Paneer Cheese and Pav Bhaji. Utilising a trio of authentic tandoor ovens, the colourful menu pays homage to the rich and varied culinary lexicon of India’s central states and Bombay coast, the northern Punjab and Kerala in the south. CHAAT’s convivial atmosphere revives the feeling of India’s much-loved social bazaars, where families, friends and new acquaintances gather over a shared love of food and conversation.


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