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    <<21st November, 2016, Hong Kong>> Beef & Liberty is known for their tasty hamburgers and creative salads. As the perfect place for a causal get-together with friends, the restaurant provides the perfect dining experience. Little known, however, is a facet of Beef & Liberty that will soon be highlighted: the nightlife and what happens after dinner is complete. Guests will find that Beef & Liberty is the best and most lively place to party late into the night on a weekend. The party never stops at Beef & Liberty with their immaculate blend of hand-picked artisanal spirits, big personalities and eclectic beats.

    Head Bartender Pawel Mikusek and the Bar

    The team at Beef & Liberty has been enhanced with the expertise and creativity of the award-winning Bar Manager, Pawel Mikusek. From signature cocktails to creative innovation found in new drinks, Pawel constantly surprises and delights guests at Beef & Liberty. One of his special cocktails is the Frozen Nuclear Banana Daiquiri made with overproof Jamaican rum, Green Chartreuse, lime juice, falernum and fresh banana. Enjoy the fruity, delicious cocktail for HK$120 as a compliment to your meal or as a treat to get the evening festivities started. New for November, Pawel has just launched his signature Shandies – four long and refreshing drinks blending homemade syrups, tonics and spice blends with craft beer. Designed to be refreshing, low alcohol and perfectly palatable, the Ginger Honey and the Hangover Banger are both priced at HK$80. The former drink is a mixture of honey, ginger syrup, lemon juice and Moonzen Jade Emperor IPA while the latter creatively combines Tapatio and Cholula hot sauces, maggi, lemon juice and Estrella Damm lager.

    Beats & Liberty

    Guests who dine at Beef & Liberty every Friday and Saturday are in for a treat as the restaurant hosts its weekly DJ nights from 9.30pm till 1am. Join the party with cocktails made by Pawel’s team of powerhouse bartenders and amazing tunes spun by a live DJ. The exciting line-up of DJ’s for November include Bang Bang, Gruv & Furry Grove, X-Large & Blood Dunza, DJ Fabsabs and Fei Po & Mr. Ho. The team at Beef & Liberty can’t wait to see you at their weekly Beats & Liberty celebration to join them for beats and bourbon.

    Bar vs. Beats

    Each month, Bar Manager Pawel Mikusek will invite bartenders from well-known establishments around Hong Kong to collaborate with him for an unforgettable night of cocktails and music where the DJs spin tunes in collaboration with the bartenders with the music dictated by the bartenders. A theme will be followed each month at Beef & Liberty’s exciting Bar vs. Beats party and guests are encouraged to get involved. The string of monthly events will start with a bang on 29 November from 10pm till closing as the dynamic Beckaly Franks from The Pontiac brings along her DJ pal, Evan Slagle. The party continues on 19 December with two special guests. For a slight hint on who they are, think 2 Bacardi Legacy Finalists + a special household DJ from respective bars around Hong Kong. The theme of 19 December’s bash will be “Choose Your Side,” an effort to join the hype around the sensational premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A play on the battle between the dark and light sides of the force will be explored with a contrast between dark vs. light cocktails and light vs. heavy tunes. Stay tuned to Beef & Liberty’s social media pages for more information on each Bar vs. Beats bash.

    About Beef & Liberty

    We love hamburgers more than anything else in the world…we know, we’re weird that way. Our love of ‘all things burger related’ inspired us to spend years researching what makes the perfect hamburger – meat-to- bun ratios, patty recipes, grind coarseness, Maillard reactions, and cheese meltability to name but a few. Beef & Liberty is the product of that obsession – those technical details are exactly what we are all about. It’s this passion that’s made us want to share our burger addiction with the good people of Hong Kong.

    Our name originates in 18th century Britain where the leading members of London society gathered in beefsteak clubs to partake of great food, fine booze and entertaining company. The brilliantly named Sublime Society of Beefsteaks was the most famous of all the clubs and its motto was “Let beef and liberty be my reward”. We loved the line so much we took it as our name. Enjoy!