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    <<10th September 2018 – Hong Kong>> With a total of 7 award-winning shops in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japanese desserts specialist Yukinoshita has soft-opened the doors to its first café in Hong Kong on 10th September, 2018. A tumultuous new arrival on Haven Street, Causeway Bay, dessert lovers of Hong Kong will now be able to enjoy a taste of Yukinoshita’s acclaimed signature items, their legendary Atsuyaki­ thick-fried pancakes (the first of its kind in Hong Kong) and Japanese-style Kakigori shaved ice.

    While Hong Kong prides itself in a large range of Japanese dessert offerings, the arrival of Yukinoshita marks the city’s first luxury pancake and shaved ice experience. Renowned for its careful selection of ingredients, Yukinoshita specialises in pancakes with zero to minimal agricultural chemicals. Yukinoshita pancakes resemble thick cakes rather than thin western-style pancakes, and are only served with fresh fruits, flavours and ingredients sourced direct from Japan. The pancakes use Japanese free-range eggs and pasteurized Japanese milk, resulting in the batter’s famously smooth and melting texture.

    Using eggs from Hiroshima, 5 types of atsuyaki pancakes (up to 4cm in thickness) can be enjoyed in its famous original style or with added flavourings. The “Mandarin Honey” pancake (HK$68) simply features dollops of Mandarin Honey from Ehime Prefecture, and smooth butter from Miyazaki that melts on top. The “Uji-Matcha” pancake (HK$78) is a true crowd-pleaser that uses Kyoto Uji Matcha which gives it a slight bitter taste, and is perfectly balanced with toppings of the sweetness of Hokkaido Azuki beans and Kyoto black beans. For chocolate lovers, the elegant “Dark Chocolate” pancake (HK$78)  created with 72% premium Swiss chocolate boasts a rich yet subdued sweetness. Throughout the year, seasonal specials will also be a highlight on the menu depending on the ripest fruits of any given time.

    The kakigori Japanese shaved ice also has a strong ingredient focus. At Yukinoshita, only select seasonal fruits sourced directly from farmers in Japan are chosen to create the various flavours of syrups and shaved ice, giving way to an unrivalled boldness and freshness in taste not typically found in other commercial shaved ice products.

    Using Japan’s natural “soft water”, a type of surface water that contains low concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions, Yukinoshita’s kakigori spans seven flavour varieties including the rotating seasonal special. Popular kakigori flavours include “Uji-Matcha” (HK$76), “Coffee” made with artisanal Horiguchi coffee (HK$76), “Raw Black Sugar” (HK$76), “Strawberry Milk” (HK$76) made with French strawberries, “Blueberry Milk” (HK$76) made with Icelandic Blueberries and the spicy “Ginger” (HK$68) made with Japanese raw ginger.

    With attention to quality at the heart of Yukinoshita’s philosophy, the Japanese café also offers simple savoury bites to enjoy with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. Guests can choose from an array of snacks such as Thick-Style Egg Sandwiches made from Hiroshima eggs (HK$58), Potato Salad Chicken & Egg Sandwich (HK$68) and a delightfully fluffy French Toast (HK$58). Pair with 4 types of specially curated coffees (all priced at HK$58) including Panama Jansen Coffee Farm Geisha, Costa Rica Tarrazu El Conquistador, Costa Rica Canet Bach and 5 flavours of premium Dilmah Teas.

    Yukinoshita was awarded by Japan’s #1 restaurant review website Tabelog Osaka in the Best Sweets category from 2012 – 2014, Tabelog Kyoto Best Sweets 2014, Tabelog Tokyo Beest Sweets 2013-2014 as well as winning FujiTV MezamashiTV Atsuyaki Pancake’s 1st place prize for the best pancakes in Japan.

    Yukinoshita is now open on 1-5 Haven Street in the heart of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


    About Yukinoshita

    With a total of seven award-winning shops in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo as well as its recent opening in Hong Kong, Yukinoshita specializes in Atsuyaki Thick Japanese-style pancakes and Kakigori shaved ice. Owned by a former pastry chef, Yukinoshita’s products are famed for their attention to detail down to the core ingredients including flour, milk and eggs for the pancakes and seasonal fruits for the kakigori syrup. Set within a chic and stylish space, Yukinoshita is Hong Kong’s first Japanese lifestyle café with a focus on delectable and high-quality Japanese desserts.

    Contact Information

    Address – 1-5 Haven Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Contact Number – +852-3460-3989

    Website: www.yukinosita.net

    Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday, 1pm – 11pm

    Instagram Account – @yukinoshitahk

    Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/YukinoshitaHK/