Celebrated Chef Simon Rogan of 2-Michelin-starred L’Enclume brings the AULIS Experience to Hong Kong

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    <<10th January 2019 – Hong Kong>> Aulis Hong Kong, the brainchild of renowned British chef Simon Rogan, has opened for soft launch in the heart of Causeway Bay. As Simon Rogan’s first international restaurant venture, Aulis is a branch of his revolutionary chef’s table and development kitchen, bringing a taste of two-Michelin-starred L’Enclume to Hong Kong. In February, Simon and his team will open their second Hong Kong venture Roganic – mirroring Simon’s one Michelin starred London restaurant of the same name.

    The 12-seater Aulis comes to Asia after the successful launch of Aulis Cartmel within L’Enclume in the Lake District in 2016. This followed with the opening of Aulis London in 2017 as a standalone development kitchen for Rogan’s London-based team of chefs at Roganic, which opened in January 2018. Roganic achieved a Michelin star only nine months after opening with Head Chef Oli Marlow at the helm.

    With five restaurants already to his name, including 2 Michelin Starred L’Enclume, 1 Michelin Starred Roganic and 1 Michelin Starred Rogan & Co, Chef Simon Rogan’s inaugural international dining destination Aulis Hong Kong offers an up-close and personal experience with the season’s freshest produce in a multifunctional high-tech space.

    The Aulis Hong Kong Experience

    Aulis Hong Kong invites guests to surrender their senses to the creativity of the chefs. Expect the unexpected; an evening of fast-paced dynamism, entertaining theatrics and intimate interactions, as chefs utilize the world’s most advanced kitchen equipment to create highly progressive dishes personalized to the tastes of only 12 guests at a time. The ever-evolving 10 course creative menu (with up to 15 course servings) offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in Rogan’s unique culinary vision first-hand, and is currently priced at HK$1,480+10% per guest, with an additional HK$680 for the wine pairing experience. There is also an option for a non-alcoholic drinks pairing, priced at an additional HK$380+10%.

    With the goal of maintaining long-term relationships with farms in the New Territories, Aulis Hong Kong’s current experience highlights seasonal local ingredients combined with Rogan’s savoir faire. A dish that reflects his dedication to local ingredients is the Grilled Salad, which uses vegetables from local farms grilled over cherry-wood embers, resulting in a beautifully charred and smoky flavour. The salad is elevated further with truffle custard, elderflower vinaigrette and a savory sauce made from Westcombe cheese. Homemade Soda Bread, a traditional bread from Ireland not commonly served in Hong Kong is paired with homemade cultured butter. The pairing libation of choice is Japanese sake from Tsuki no Katsura, one of the oldest breweries in the Fushimi area of Kyoto.

    The Sea Urchin Custard is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, made with two of Hong Kong’s beloved premium ingredients: sea urchin and caviar. Notably, the caviar is specially created under the Simon Rogan brand by renowned caviar house Petrossian. Another exceptional dish from the current menu is Five Flavour Cod Fish, created from a codfish flash-steamed for a minute and a half, then blowtorched. The cod sits on a bed of black garlic purée, with a complex sauce made with seaweed, the bones of the codfish, and an infusion of spices including vanilla, licorice, orange, lime and mint (the five flavours). The dish is finished with a topping of roasted red cabbage glazed in its own juices.

    The Dry-Aged Beef is simply seared and rested, served with an aromatic roasted leek and a roasted onion topped with dots of garlic and onion purée. The flavourful sauce is made from beef bones thickened with beef fat, and the side of melting ragu is made from beef cheeks. The rich red meat dish pairs wonderfully with a glass of 2015 vintage Syrah from Mullineux.

    This season, dessert includes a refreshing British-inspired homemade Stout Ice Cream with chestnut, molasses and burnt milk crisp, with the added touch of a signature Pink Lady Apples Apple Tart to end the Aulis Hong Kong experience.

    Roganic Hong Kong Opening this February 2019

    A modern and buzzing food destination, Hong Kong is the ultimate site for this city-centric take on a farm-to-table restaurant concept. With a focus on fantastic natural wines and fresh, seasonal  ingredients, Roganic Hong Kong is the continued success story of its two-year pop-up in London’s Marylebone as the first international outpost in Asia. Equipped with an award-winning team of chefs, Roganic aims to carry over elements of Simon Rogan’s two-Michelin-starred L’Enclume whilst adapting to the local palate in fun and eccentric ways. Roganic Hong Kong is set to open in late February 2019 as a complementing sister venue to Aulis Hong Kong.

    Stay tuned for more information on Roganic’s opening in Hong Kong in February 2019 in Causeway Bay, a unique and innovative dining experience like no other. 


    Restaurant Information

    Address: Shop 8, UG/F, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

    Email: reservations@aulis.com.hk

    Website: www.roganic.com.hk/aulis

    Tel: +852-2817-8383

    Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/AulisHongKong

    Instagram: @AulisSimonRogan & @AulisHongKong

    Capacity: 12 pax only


    About Aulis Hong Kong

    Aulis provides a truly unique ‘behind the scenes’ experience of the fine dining institutions, L’Enclume and Roganic. Aulis is a multi-functional hi-tech space and creative hub that acts as a development kitchen utilised by chefs to explore new dishes and cooking techniques, but also an exclusive, intimate and interactive private dining room for guests. In Aulis, guests can have the first try of dishes before they arrive onto the menus in a unique preview to the chef’s innovative work. The Aulis experience is completely personalised, depending on the group size and involves a complete surrender to the creativity of the chefs. A surprise many of different plates is created using ingredients from Our Farm, and are dishes not previously served at the individual restaurants. The Aulis experience aims to expand the culinary horizons of guests, with sometimes challenging or out of the box dishes for certain palates, but it remains a truly uncompromising foodie experience. The space is named Aulis as a tribute to Aulis Lehtimaki, a Finnish chef and artist who was a key collaborator in the early days of Simon’s Michelin star restaurant L’Enclume, and the concept also exists in that restaurant.

    Aulis Hong Kong is Simon’s first overseas stand-alone dining destination in Asia with just 12 seats, acting as the creative hub for his Hong Kong team of chefs and offering diners the opportunity to immerse themselves in Rogan’s culinary vision first hand and be challenged to taste original and innovative dishes.