Inspired by the Decadent 13th Century and its Beloved Alfonso X, “The Wise” King Of Castile

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    <<16th July, 2018 – Hong Kong>> An age of indulgence in food and drinking, the 13th century was a time of reverence towards the Wise, King Alfonso X of Castile. During his reign, he recuperated from an illness, which only allowed him to partake in small bite sized portions of food and wine. It was recorded that after recovering, The Wise King issued a decree that no alcoholic beverage should be served unless it was served with food. Thus, the practice of tapas food and a decadent drinking culture was born.

    Known as the golden age of culinary and mixology exploration, the 13th century is the inspiration behind the The Wise King, a bar that will take Hong Kong by storm this mid July. A modern classic bar that seeks to embody the opulence fit for a king, the bar is the perfect destination for socializers, global explorers and drinkers who wish to embark on a beautiful journey with delicious tapas and delightful mixes.

    Cocktails Inspired by the 13th Century at The Wise King

    The menu features an alluring cocktail journey that draws from its heritage to modern drinking customs with unique ingredients explored through contemporary styles and techniques. Exotic and extraordinary ingredients are selectively sourced to create cocktails that are deep in flavor and rich in stories.

    The Wise King’s cocktail menu features classic mixes like the Turrón Sour (HK$118), inspired by the nougat confection with toasted almond. El Sabio (HK$108) carries fruity hints with a spiced peach & pineapple wine reduction and Cava. The Monti-Tipple (HK$108) features Xeco Amontillado sherry, Gin Mare, Café Vermouth and aromatic choco bitters. For barrel aged libations, the Pacharán Manhattan (HK$98) with Woodford Rye whiskey, Blackthorn liqueur and Abott’s bitters, and the Joya (HK$98) with Jodhpur gin, Pomace herbal brandy liqueur, Mancino Rosso and orange bitters are both excellent choices. The bar also offers a selection of non-alcoholic mixes such as the the Quencher (HK$88), the Pickled Beets (HK$88) and also selections of wines, sparkling wine, champagnes and Spanish beers.

    The substantial food selection at The Wise King is artfully curated for sharing. In line with the concept, the bar serves a smattering of tapas suitable for the cocktail bar environment. Tapas such as Scarpetta, Patatas Bravas, Pollo Kebeb and varied Spanish Charcuterie and Cheese selections are available for guests to nibble on while enjoying a cocktail or two.

    The Founders of The Wise King

    A trend of late, many talented bartenders have taken on the additional title of entrepreneur and headed on a solo journey towards setting up their own business. A result of their passion and love for the mixology art, Joe Villanueva and Sandeep Kumar followed the wave and founded The Wise King. Both industry veterans with years of experience at some of the world’s best bars, Joe and Sandeep have worked tirelessly to launch a bar unlike any other.

    Interior and Ambiance at The Wise King

    The interior at The Wise King is sophisticated, intriguing, and tells the captivating story of its heritage. Truly fit for a king, the design is warm and indulgent, yet exudes a laid back cozy atmosphere that gives a nod to old-world dressy lounges while not neglecting the feel of affordable luxury conveyance. The down lit lighting style cocoons the space, making it intimate and balanced with an emphasis on the small tables that cultivate flowing conversations and cater perfectly to group gatherings.

    The Wise King is an establishment that celebrates the exploration of sight, taste and sound through mixology and cuisine. Perfect for guests who crave a getaway from the bustling streets of Hong Kong, the bar is a warm and welcoming space led by a team of industry experts.


    Bar Details – The Wise King
    Address – Basement, 25 Staunton Street, SoHo (Entrance on Tseng Wing Lane next to Pure Fitness SoHo)

    Email : info@thewiseking.com

    Contact Number: 2326-5822

    Website – www.thewiseking.com

    Instagram – @theWiseKingHK

    Opening Hours

    Mon – Thursday & Sunday : 17:00 – 01:00

    Fri – Sat: 17:00 – 02:00

    About The Wise King

    The Wise King, a modern classic bar that takes its cues from the decadent era of the 13th century and celebrates the golden age and rise of tapas food and drinking culture. Inspired by King Alfonso X, the Wise, the bar focuses on exploration through the sensation of sight, taste, and sound with warm and welcoming hospitality from a team of service professionals.