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    <<18th November 2020 – Hong Kong>> Located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, 1-Michelin starred Duddell’s by JIA Group serves authentic Cantonese cuisine within a beautiful art space. Executive Chef Li Man-Lung introduces new seasonal dishes to the set lunch, a la carte menu, and dim sum menus, bringing a hearty taste of autumn and winter to Duddell’s.


    New Autumn and Winter a la Carte Dishes at Duddell’s Hong Kong

    Drawing inspiration from a variety of Chinese regional cuisines, Chef Li Man-Lung blends old and new techniques to produce the latest additions to Duddell’s menus, with up to 30 new dishes.


    New a la Carte dishes from the selection of chef’s recommendations include the Pan-fried Hokkaido Scallop with Homemade Crab Roe Sauce (HK$228/person), which is created from thick and fresh Hokkaido scallops that are first dried and powdered with fresh crab meat. The oil from the crab shell mixes with the crab’s rich sauces, creating a beautiful crab roe sauce – pan-fried together with the scallops until golden-brown. The pairing between succulent scallop and aromatic crab roe ultimately brings out the umami-rich flavours of this dish. Crispy Suckling Duck (HK$368/piece) is a classic Cantonese dish that uses the “Pipa Duck” processing method. The duck is first marinated with an in-house blend of spices, then air-dried, smoked, grilled, and finished with a pour of scalding hot oil that imitates the traditional cooking process of crispy chicken. This creates a golden-red hue on the duck, with crispy skin and succulent meat.


    Another new poultry dish not to miss is the 2-way Ancient Salt Baked Chicken (HK$1,088/piece), which must be ordered 24 hours in advance. The unique Guangdong Hakka dish uses local yellow chicken that is marinated with sand ginger, then cooked in a clay pot with salt for 45 minutes. This cooking process retains the crispy skin of the chicken and gives the meat a smooth, silky texture. For the second course, the chicken oils and giblets are cooked together with the rice to create a fragrant and tangy casserole. Braised Pearl Rice in Ishinabe with South African Dried Abalone (HK$248/person) features Japanese abalone that has been farmed in South Africa. At Duddell’s, this abalone is braised into a tong sum state – soft and chewy, with a strong fragrance. The pearl barley is simmered together with the abalone sauce during the braising process, giving the dish a sublime umami flavour.


    Braised Imperial Bird’s Nest in Casserole (HK$688/person) is another new Chaozou-inspired dish, created by boiling the lean pork, chicken, ham and dried scallop for 8 hours. This results in a traditional Chaozhou broth that brims with flavours of ham and seafood. Braised Fish Maw (HK$428/person) is first stuffed with fresh homemade shrimp paste, then paired with thick chicken jus for a delectable pairing.


    All-time signature favourites at Duddell’s Hong Kong include the Double Boiled Fish Maw with Coquito Nuts and Chicken (HK$428 per guest), a version of the Cantonese soup that is popular for its nutritional and body-warming qualities during colder months. Chef Li creates the soup with coquito nuts from east Africa—a fruit that looks like a miniature coconut with similar flavours, together with premium red date and black chicken. Served in a coconut, this delightful double-boiled soup is not only delicious on the palate, but also beneficial for health and beauty. Another crowd-favourite is the Poached Miyazaki A4 Wagyu Beef in Hot and Sour Clear Broth (HK$628), loved for its unique flavour and tender texture of the beef. The beef is only slightly poached with Chef Li’s special hot and sour broth that is both acidic and spicy.


    To view the full updated a la Carte lunch and dinner menu, please click HERE.


    New Week-Day Set Lunch Menus

    On the Executive Lunch Set (from HK$398 per person), the newest dish addition is the Steamed Rice with Pork Patty and Octopus, a traditional homestyle Hong Kong recipe that infuses dried octopus with minced pork patty and soy sauce, layered on top of steamed rice.


    The Business Lunch Set (HK$688 per person inc. a glass of wine) features three new dishes, including Abalone Seafood Broth with Conpoy, Poached Vegetables with salted and preserved egg, and Braised E-Fu Noodles with fresh crab meat and scallions.


    Finally, the Premier Lunch Set (HK$988 per person inc. a glass of wine), includes the new dishes of Double Boiled Abalone soup with chicken, yam, wolfberry and conch, Pan-fried Tiger Prawn with Chef Li’s hot and sour sauce, and highly elevated Fried Jasmine Rice with Miyazaki A4 wagyu and morels.


    New Additional Dim Sum Dishes

    The refreshed Dim Sum menu sees the addition of over 25 new dishes, introducing re-imagined flavours whilst retaining age-old techniques. New dishes include the elevated Soup Dumpling (HK$98) with fish maw and whole conpoy, Shrimp Spring Roll (HK$158) with cheese and bacon, Pork and Shrimp Dumpling (HK$68) with scallop and caviar, Crispy Taro Puff (HK$88) with South African dried abalone, and Sakura Shrimp Wrinkle Rice Roll (HK$78) with conpoy.


    New noodle and rice dishes include the Braised Pearl Rice in Ishinabe (HK$248), Pan-fried Vermicelli (HK$268) with spareribs and fermented black bean, and Fried Rice Noodles (HK$268) with Angus beef and homemade XO sauce.


    About Executive Chef Li Man-Lung

    Li Man-Lung joined Duddell’s Hong Kong as the Executive Chef in the summer of 2019, bringing over 14 years of experience in fine Cantonese and Michelin-starred kitchens throughout Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to this, Chef Li honed his skills at world-class establishments such as 1 Michelin starred Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton Macau in 2018 and 2 Michelin starred Tin Lung Heen at The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong.


    Driven by a time-honoured culinary philosophy, the young and passionate Chef Li creates authentic Cantonese dishes with a modern spin, using only the best seasonal ingredients sourced locally where possible. His solid cooking techniques, deep understanding of ingredients, passion for sustainability and excellent kitchen management skills create the foundation of the award-winning dishes at Duddell’s Hong Kong.




    About Duddell’s

    Duddell’s is a social and cultural destination for people who have an active appreciation for the arts. Located on the historic Duddell Street in the heart of central, Duddell’s boasts chic and relaxed interiors from designer Isle Crawford, that are as noteworthy as the exhibitions on the walls. Duddell’s was designed to feel like guests have been welcomed into the home of a great art collector – one that also happens to have an in-house Michelin starred culinary team. Open to all enthusiasts, Duddell’s features a year round art program of world class exhibitions, discussions and more. Now five years old, Duddell’s has firmly cemented its position as a true Hong Kong brand – one that consistently receives  media coverage in leading international titles such as Traveller, The New York Times, Financial Times and Forbes .


    About JIA Group

    JIA Group is a Hong Kong based hospitality firm that is internationally praised and recognized for executing spaces and experiences rooted in style and substance. Founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Yenn Wong, JIA Group has established a reputation internationally as an award-winning trendsetter in the hospitality industry. The current portfolio includes 13 venues in Hong Kong, full list of the restaurants and bars could be found on JIA’s website here. JIA Group is listed on the GEM board on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


    Operation Hours

    Level 3 – Restaurant

    Monday to Saturday

    Lunch: 12nn-3pm (last order 2.30pm)

    Dinner: 6pm-11pm (last order 10.30pm)


    Lunch: 12nn-3pm (last order 2.30pm)

    Dinner: 6pm-10pm (last order 9.30pm)


    Level 4 –Salon

    Monday to Thursday

    All day dim-sum & snacks: 12nn-12am (last food order 11pm)

    Bar: 12nn-12am (last order 11.30pm)

    Friday and Saturday

    All day dim-sum & snacks: 12nn-1am (last food order 11.30pm)

    Bar: 12nn-1am (last order 12.30am)


    All day dim-sum & snacks: 12nn-11pm (last food order 9.30pm)

    Bar: 12nn-1am (last order 12.30am)

    Saturday and Sunday Brunch

    12nn-3pm (last order 2.45pm)


    Restaurant Contact

    Address: Duddell’s, Level 3, Shanghai Tang Mansion, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong.

    Telephone: +852 2525 9191

    Email: info@duddells.co

    Website: www.duddells.co

    Social Media: @duddellshk @lung_li_ @jiagroup