Michelin Green Star recipient Roganic Hong Kong joins forces with the most innovative hospitality leaders in Hong Kong to showcase sustainable practices through chef collaborations and exclusive dining events

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    <<13th September 2021 – Hong Kong>> Simon Rogan’s one-MICHELIN-starred and MICHELIN Green Star recipient, Roganic continues its mission to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable practices and development within the hospitality industry. Together with friends from the local F&B industry, Roganic will launch Roganic & Friends of Sustainability, a series of sustainability events and collaborations throughout October including Climate Action Luncheon presented by Roganic x Whey x Ando x Grassroots Initiatives on Sunday, 3rd October, Zero Waste Cocktail Dinner with Rosewood Hong Kong by Darkside on Thursday, 21st October, and a finale dinner Celebration of Local Heroes on Thursday, 28th October to wrap up the month.


    Climate Action Luncheon by Roganic x Whey x Ando x Grassroots Initiatives

    On Sunday, 3rd October, Roganic will host a special charity lunch with all ingredients – fruits, vegetables, and seafood – sourced within 160 kilometers of Hong Kong. Special guest chefs will include chef Agustin Balbi of 1 Michelin-starred restaurant Ando, chef Barry Quek of modern Singaporean restaurant Whey, and acclaimed plant-based chef Peggy Chan, owner of Grassroots Initiatives and leader of non-profit organization Zero Foodprint Asia.


    All proceeds after food cost deductions will go towards Zero Foodprint Asia, which addresses greenhouse gas emissions through investments in carbon farming. Zero Foodprint Asia is an arm of Zero Foodprint licensed and managed by Grassroots Initiatives, designed to help restaurants take action against climate change by way of funding farmers to grow better food while drawing down carbon via regenerative agriculture. Since April 2020, ZFP Global and its restaurant partners have raised over USD600,000 granted across 36 farm projects which is estimate to remove 18,000+ metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere.


    Priced at HK$1,880+10% per guest, the conscious lunch collaboration menu goes a step closer to net-zero carbon cooking. The full menu is as below:


    Roganic x Ando x Whey x Grassroots Initiatives Present:
    Climate Action Luncheon for Zero Foodprint Asia

    HK$1,880 + 10% per guest

    Pea and seaweed tartlet with wasabi

    Yi-o rice cracker with fresh cheese, parsley and lemon

    By Roganic

    Medio mundo

    Spiny lobster, Yuzu kosho, ponzu, salsa verde

    By Ando

    Soda bread

    By Roganic

    Local vegetables cooked over coals, roasted kale, salted egg yolk

    By Roganic

    Braised Yellow Ear Fungus – Yunnan Matsutake. Thick-Cut Mugwort Noodles

    By Grassroots Initiatives

    Prawns, Jackfruit, Pumpkin

    By Whey

    Three Yellow Chicken with sweetcorn and nasturtium

    By Roganic

    Sin Lola

    Grouper, clams, yellow wine caldoso rice.

    By Ando

    Tepache Granite

    Coconut Diplomat Cream, Tree Nut Brittle

    By Grassroots Initiatives

    Marigold ice cream, mulberries, ginger flower.

    By Whey


    About Grassroots Initiatives

    A Hong Kong-based consultancy and training business spearheaded by Peggy Chan, composed of seasoned food industry operators, chefs, sustainability experts, holistic nutritionists, doers and system change leaders dedicated to helping food service companies transition to circular modes of operations. Grassroots Initiatives utilizes education and food media as media to communicate best practices and to help actively raise public awareness.


    Waste Not Want Not: A Cocktail Pairing Dinner with Rosewood Hong Kong’s “ecoCOCKTAILS”

    On Thursday, 21st October, Roganic will be showcasing a tasting menu designed to be paired with Rosewood Hong Kong’s three newly launched “ecoCOCKTAILS” made with revolutionary ecoSPIRITS technology.


    Priced at HK$1,580+10% per person including three ecoCOCKTAILS by Rosewood Hong Kong, Roganic’s dinner menu features enticing new seasonal plates that celebrate local artisans including Yi-O Rice Cracker topped with whipped cod roe, fresh parsley puree, lemon gel, and a dusting of seaweed powder; Local Three Yellow Chicken Wing brined in koji, stuffed with mushroom XO and confit chicken leg, roasted and glazed with marmite reduction, and topped with salted egg and chive; Local Red Sea Bream with leeks and potato cooked over coal, accompanied by potato chips and lovage emulsion, finished with fish broth and sour cream sauce split with lovage oil; and Te Mana Lamb with its 4-5 days marinated loin roasted classically with butter, herbs and garlic, and the salted, confit, and glazed breast garnished with local celtuce, caper jam, black garlic, and pickled garlic chive buds.


    Zero Waste Cocktail Dinner in partnership with Rosewood Hong Kong Dinner Menu

    21st October

    HK$1,580 + 10% per guest


    pea and nori tartlet, fresh cheese, yuzu kosho

    yi-o rice cracker, whipped cod roe, parsley and lemon

    truffle pudding, birch sap, stout and lincolnshire poacher

    scallop, kohlrabi dashi, pickled grape and caviar

    soda bread with brown cultured English butter

    koji brined, stuffed and roasted three yellow chicken wing, mushroom xo, marmite glaze

    pineapple tomato with smoked blue mussel and dill

    red bream, leek and potato cooked over coal, lovage, sour cream

    te mana lamb, celtuce, caper and mint

    tunworth cheese ice cream sandwich


    whipped yoghurt with gooseberry jam, blondie fudge and fig leaf



    What is ecoSPIRITS?
    ecoSPIRITS is the world’s first closed-loop spirits technology that strives to reduce the carbon impact of premium spirits by up to 80% by eliminating single-use glass bottles. In 2020, ecoSPIRITS estimated that more than 40 billion glass bottles of spirits were consumed worldwide, with the vast majority ending up in landfills. ecoSPIRITS is a revolutionary development for the waste-heavy bar and beverage industry. It eliminates glass and cardboard packaging waste, whilst dramatically increasing shipping efficiency for high-end spirits with the use of reusable 4.5L ecoTOTE containers. After being emptied, ecoTOTES are returned, sanitised, fitted with tamper-proof seals and re-distributed back to bars and restaurants.


    Rosewood Hong Kong ecoCOCKTAILS using ecoSPIRITS Technology

    The Eco NEGRONI

    A floral and refreshing interpretation of a classic negroni, the Eco NEGRONI is comprised of low-waste Widges Gin, Mancino Bianco Vermouth and clear bitters made from leftover orange peels donated from all Rosewood bars, mixed with Dandelion and Gentian Roots macerated with low-waste Tried & True Vodka (44%) for five to seven days. Also incorporated is Lemon Dry Buddha Hand Liqueur, home-made from leftover lemons, Buddha Hand leaves, coriander seeds and low-waste Tried & True Vodka (44%.)



    DarkSide’s version of a margarita takes the foundation of the classic cocktail and twists it with a lighter and fruitier approach. Eco ALOES MARGARITA is concocted with an infusion of low-waste Arquitecto 100% blue agave spirit, local honey syrup, clarified lime and lemon stock made with leftover lime and lemon husks, and homemade Aloes Liqueur made with fresh aloe plants sourced from local farmers. The aloes are mixed with melon and cucumber juices collected from the hotel’s kitchens, with the addition of low-waste Tried & True Vodka (44%.)



    For guests who delight in the tangy sweetness of long drinks, this refreshing mocktail uses any and all fresh red berries from Rosewood’s kitchens and bars to mix with locally produced “KUPPA” kombucha and cold brew tea. The rest of the berries are dehydrated to make a thin fruit leather for garnish


    A Celebration of Roganic’s Local Heroes on 28th October

    On Thursday, 28th October, Roganic gives trusted producers, growers, and friends the spotlight they deserve by way of a celebration dinner to conclude the month’s Roganic & Friends of Sustainability series. Priced at HK$1,380+10% per guest, the menu will feature Roganic’s favourite ingredients and produce by trusted local suppliers.


    As part of Roganic’s mission to reduce overall carbon footprint, long-lasting relationships have been forged with local growers to fully understand their operations, ways of farming, and to know what is in season. Some of these growers and suppliers on 28th October include New Age Organic Farm, an accredited Jade Perch and Koi farm that strictly adheres to the principles of organic farming by re-using, re-cycling and reducing wastage; Zen Organic Farm, a 250,000 square foot farm located in the greenest area of Ta Kwu Ling in the northern New Territories, and which operates the largest greenhouse with the mission to grow gourmet, exotic and heritage varieties of vegetables; Peter’s Seafood, a provider of fresh, high-quality local seafood that is free from impurities due to having its own depuration system; Yi O Rice Farm, which boasts 100,000 square feet of land that produces a prized organic rice crop. The full menu is as below:
    A Celebration of Roganic’s Local Heroes on 28th October

    HK$1,380 + 10% per guest


    Welcome Drink

    Seasonal Tart

    Yi-O Rice Cracker

    Truffle Pudding

    Scallop from Peter Seafood, Local Edible Flowers

    Soda Bread and Whipped Cultured Brown Butter

    Stuffed and Roasted Local Three Yellow Chicken Wing

    New Age Farm Offering

    Local Sea Bream from Peter Seafood

    Local Three Yellow Chicken, Sweetcorn

    Ice-Cream Sandwich


    Whipped Local Honey, Yuzu and Yoghurt


    Roganic and Aulis’s Continued Mission for Sustainable Gastronomy

    Awarded the only Michelin Green Star in 2021 in Hong Kong, Roganic and Aulis Hong Kong continues to strive to innovate sustainable dining in Hong Kong, by upholding its key pillars for change.


    • Reduce carbon footprint

    Roganic Hong Kong has consistently stayed true to its dedication towards reducing carbon footprint. For example, using the latest technology from Evogro, micro-greens are grown in-house to be incorporated into dishes as garnish.


    • Zero waste philosophy

    Roganic’s zero-waste philosophy stems from Simon’s “Farm to Fork” ethos, whereby the chefs will always endeavour to use the entirety of each ingredient – be it an animal or mineral – to avoid food waste.


    • Plastic reduction

    In addition to reducing food waste, sustainability has been carefully considered across all operational aspects. The Roganic team have built strong relationships with suppliers to ensure packaging choices are as eco-friendly as possible. Packaging is also under strict guidelines at the restaurant, with eco-friendly and bio-degradable packaging of Roganic’s take-home meals.


    • Recycling scheme

    Roganic ensures that all delivery packaging is recycled where possible. Napkins and towels are used in the restaurant in the place of disposable wet wipes to protect the environment.


    • Water filtration system

    Roganic has fully done away with bottled water, replacing it with Nordaq’s filtered water to save on carbon footprint, use of plastics, and costs.


    • Education of the public

    Roganic regularly hosts educational talks for students and local organizations to promote local awareness. A recent student tour was organized for Girl Scouts “Locavore Badge”, which involved hands on growing and a talk on “The Ethos of Running a Sustainable F&B Business” with sharings from the Roganic team.


    For all bookings of the above mentioned special events, please visit https://www.roganic.com.hk/ for details.


    About Roganic Hong Kong:

    Roganic first opened in 2011 in Marylebone as a two-year pop-up, a sister restaurant to L’Enclume. Five years later, Roganic returned to London, bringing elements of L’Enclume, Simon Rogan’s two Michelin star restaurant in the Lake District. The team is comprised of the original Roganic line up, amongst other past and present employees of UMBEL Restaurant Group. Roganic runs alongside Aulis London, a development kitchen and eight-seat chef’s table which opened in Soho on 14th October 2017. Now, Roganic Hong Kong will continue on its success in London and have opened alongside AULIS Hong Kong since mid-February, 2019.


    Restaurant Information

    Address: Roganic, UG/F 08, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

    Email: reservations@roganic.com.hk

    Tel: +852-2817-8383

    Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/RoganicHongKong

    Instagram: @RoganicHongKong

    Capacity: 50 pax main dining room / 34 pax private dining rooms / 8 kitchen counter seats

    Restaurant Accolades & Awards

    Best New Restaurant – Foodie

    Best New Foreign Restaurant – Time Out Hong Kong

    Best New Restaurant of 2019 – Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

    Best Service – T Dining by Hong Kong Tatler 2019

    Top 20 Restaurants of Hong Kong & Macau – T Dining by Hong Kong Tatler 2019

    Best New Restaurant – T Dining by Hong Kong Tatler 2019

    1 Michelin Star – MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2020

    Best Service – SCMP Top 100 Tables 2020 + SCMP Top 100 Tables 2021

    MICHELIN Green Star – MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong Macau 2021