• Yukinoshita Japanese desserts arrive to Hong Kong this September

    This September, dessert lovers will be able to enjoy a taste of Yukinoshita’s acclaimed signature items, their legendary atsuyaki thick-fried pancakes and Japanese kakigori shaved ice.  

     Renowned for its careful selection of ingredients, Yukinoshita specialises in pancakes with zero to minimal agricultural chemicals. Yukinoshita pancakes resemble thick cakes rather than thin western-style pancakes, and are typically served with various types of fruits, flavours and ingredients. The pancakes use Japanese free-range eggs and non-pasteurized milk, resulting in the batter’s famously smooth and melting texture. 

     The kakigori Japanese shaved ice also has a strong ingredient focus. At Yukinoshita, only select seasonal fruits sourced directly from farmers in Japan are chosen to create the various flavours of syrups and shaved ice, giving way to an unrivalled boldness and freshness in taste not typically found in other commercial shaved ice products.