• Unveiling Collaborations Unlike Any Other This October

    October is shaping up to be a month of special collaborations between industry giants. On 26 and 27 October, Chef Vicky Cheng from VEA Restaurant & Lounge will collaborate with the ever-talented Chef Margarita Fores, Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2016. Hosted at VEA Restaurant & Lounge, guests will be indulged with an unforgettable experience of delicious dishes.

    The line up keeps getting better with an upcoming partnership between Haku’s Executive Chef Agustin Balbi and Chef Hideaki Matsuo from the Three Michelin starred Kashiwaya restaurant in Osaka and the Two Michelin starred kaiseki restaurant Kashiwaya here in Hong Kong. On 27 October, get ready for dishes that boast a beautiful union between the unique culinary styles of Chef Agustin and Chef Hideaki.