• The Spirit of Hong Kong

    Embodying the spirit of its namesake in a bottle, the long-awaited Fragrant Harbour Gin from Trade Route has officially launched in Hong Kong. 

    As the first gin distilled from a unique combination of botanicals inspired by its Hong Kong – Chinese origins, each ingredient has been specially chosen to reflect the journey of the city. The botanicals include Juniper Berry, Goji Berry, Chen Pi, Pu-er Tea, Sichuan Peppercorn, Kumquat, Ginger & Coriander, Jasmine and Lemon.

    Hong Kong Gin is the exclusive bottling of Fragrant Harbour Gin, dedicated to and only available in Hong Kong. With a higher ABV (43.8%) that further accentuates the botanicals within the gin, the result is a more pronounced aroma on the nose while also giving it a touch more weight and waxiness on the palate. This exclusive bottling makes a perfect martini and is ideal for gin lovers.